Whose for the game tonight….

Deal your cards and make you play, tell the world I cannot stay,
Shuffle the decks and muster your bluff, all eyes on me, royal to flush,
I dared the world this card game to steak, a life so simple and world so full,
So ready your eyes and take your sits, the game begins my place to make.

Spread the cards and play the games, wiggle your tails and straighten your hair,
Jacks too high and queen so deep, take the bait and lose your way,
The house banks chips and courage cease, world is winning, my fate be leaving,
Games roll out and my chips rain in, this game is foul and my bluff is called.

Smoke filled air and angels bare, skin so hot I cannot dare,
Spinning cards and losing strict, must believe my win will come,
Dancing hands and sweating palms, all so ready, this hand to declare,
Falling chips and high-stake pot, now my chance this world to show.

World so hot, it cannot lose, victory in time and my last chips to demand,
Dealer deals and house shouts "Fold", world takes stock, this game he wins,
All games square the score so far, now the time to risk it all,
Freshen the decks and gather the pot, the world and me last game to begin.

Toss the card and watch them roll, shield the edges no secrets to behold,
Place your bets, all in I am bold, world smiles on and matches my load,
Two cards back and fresh eyes I request, world holds on, no changes to his flocks,
Beaten heart and shorter breathe, must believe a Ace will unfold.

Now un-turned one card before me lay, world calls in my play, all cards to reveal,
My four of a kind, so plain to be seen, I watch in a hurry, as the world laid his flurry,
A four, a six, a nine and a jack, all hearts in a trophy, and to seal off my coffin,
The world lays the red ace of hearts on its back, my heart sinks in despair.

And so now my humble audience, my life hangs in emotion, my cards now to be had,
I straighten my back, and lay open my Trojans, the world looks in dismay,
A ten, the humble jack, the king and her queen, all colors of black, the spade to be exact,
The world lingers in disgust and a crack breaks down its back, one card left to show, all eyes glues to know,
I muster the courage a prayer in disguise, I slip up the card, the black Ace of spade shows its face.

The audience scream with excitement, the world leaves in embarrassment,
My heart beats uncontrolled, tears moisten my eyes, fear took its flight, this game now a delight,
Let all now know, this games took its toil, the world not so easy and life not so simple,
The dealer looks up and told, a Royal Flush now I hold…..

By Julius Fa
© 2010

A Letter of old…

My Dearest Grace,

I do hope this letter finds you well and keeps you warm. I am a broken man without your love and gentle kindness, I am often lost and wander around this lonely place and city I once called home. I have searched the streets of my childhood and many memories have floored my mind and sadden my heart. Yet in this place I once was the child of youth, now time as quicken my pace and ridden my back hard against this vivid world.

All I have to lessen the burdens and pains of this lonely life, is my thoughts of you and the time we spent together at your vineyard. How I love the evening sunsets we shared and the morning walks we bared. I have cherished every waking moment I spent at your side walking the narrow paths between the buzzing vines. The sweet smell of the wild grapes have heighten my sense and I so miss the tender grip of your soft hand around mine. I have enjoyed the saintly songs sang by the morning robin as they fly about this beautiful place, truly here my heart belongs. Shall I not call it home, for without you I am a half man, incomplete and unfulfilled. Empty of that which matters most to my wholeness andto make my life worth living.

You are the fruit of my heart and the love of my eyes, i have seen much of the world around and the modern ladies of new. Yet, none compare to your stunning beauty and elegant grace. It seems that with you hope as a new purpose and peace a stolen rest, your are a beckon of light in this dark world of mine. You are my right to every wrong and queen to all my kingdoms; my chariot and pearl, let no man divide us and let not time enslave us.

I will return to you my Grace, because I have seen no other angel upon this earth, but you. I will forsake my work and settle at your side, for there my heart beat quietly and doctors wonder at my survival. I will declare to all people that I am in Love with you Grace, and will happily walk where you may, when you may and to every place you may. Let not the wind of change separate us, nor the seed of age crush our eternal spirit. Know now my beloved, I am yours and yours to keep always I hope.

I pray this letter finds you, and finds you well, and finds your wishing and thinking of me. And if your look above at the stars of heaven, grant me the room to shine like them and bring tears of joy to your wounded heart. Until we meet then my wonderful Grace, Godspeed and let angel’s protect you and carry you safely to my waiting arms.

Yours forever,
Mr. J Fa

By Julius Fa
© 2010

A friendly face!

A friendly face can make you smile, when things seem rough and hard to file,
A friendly face heal your wounds, just smiling back can lift your mood,
A friendly face can slow your heart, when life’s stresses seem so fast,
A friendly face is hard to miss, amongst the slum faces this world will give.

A friendly face can cheer your mind, looking deeply upon your face,
A friendly face was once a sight, now many miss it and sit and cry,
A friendly face is such a gift, so do not deny it and waste away,
A friendly face is all I give, the many seconds we stare and wait.

A friendly face this peom in time, so sit and laugh and learn to smile,
A friendly face this world once loved, but burdened faces the story now told,
A friendly face now will return, but grasp to hold it and become it,
A friendly face I grant you now, so lighten your face and brighten your smile.

By Julius Fa
© 2010