The Camel Ride!

Here the sand is yellow and the air is hot,
The dessert speaks and the people listen,
The wind blows and the hours past,
The heat burns and the waters boil.

Frozen minds and calmer hands,
Wondering dreams and floating souls,
Cloudless skies and soaring birds,
Camels chewing and riders exploring.

Laughter grow and people smile,
Afternoon tea and soup for lunch,
Hairs covered and tails waving,
Warmer hugs and happier lives.

I am a man lost in this paradise surround,
Spinning round and pyramids hanging,
Stars shining and night beaming,
Sun glowing and orange peeling,
Take time out and ride the camels tonight…..

By Julius Fa
© 2010

Standing Still, this leap to take!

A simple leap, a request is made,
Of faith in love, the task is set,
Look not down, the way is long,
Learn to see, the wings inside.

The board is short, my weight to bare,
The wind so light, it’s filled with tales,
Of sorrow and loss, men’s quest of old,
To change the rules, my time to prove.

We walk around, with eyes turned dim,
We dare not show, the love so bright,
We fill the air, with lifeless excuses,
And turn away, the ones we love.

I played the game, and lost my doll,
My heart felt shame, her mind walked out,
I should have begged, but pride set in,
She packed and left, my world so clean.

And to this place, my leap to make,
The world below, my love to give,
My girl looks up, this fool she loved,
But was I right, to make her wait.

I look around and see the skies,
The world so tall, my view from here,
The ants below, look up and stow,
The angels above, kneel down to pray.

My jacket is heavy, my legs are weary,
My shoulders submerge, below the weight of my sin,
"I love you my grace," this plead from my heart,
The wings from within, now bold for the leap.

So ready yourselves and turn up your voices,
Tell her your feelings and show her you care,
Beg her forgiveness and grant her your heart,
So long my readers, for I took this leap of faith and won…..

By Julius Fa
© 2010

My Walk With Grace…

The time was early, the walk was long,
The air was pleasant, my mind was clear,
The freshness was blissful, the sounds so sweet,
The birds sang tastefully and my walk begun.

It took a while to sense her here,
I looked around and felt her breathe,
I closed my eyes and sensed her heart,
I spread my hands and held her close.

The winds was light, to cool my fears,
The flowers a delight, with colors of joy,
The green was right, to guide our steps,
I whispered her name, to make her smile.

He calls my name, his tone so right,
To make me smile, he knows my heart,
He walks around with hands held out,
I walk beside and take my place.

He shy away, when things gets tough,
He lacks the pride, to run away,
He loves me deep, his eyes foretold,
I know his strength and weakness still.

My heart you know, sweet Grace my love,
The woods are soft, the trees our guests,
They wave at us, their branches revealed,
Together unite, their wishes tonight.

We’ve seen the world and traveled its plains,
The oceans of life, our witness with grains,
The sands of time, the shores we laid,
Our time is now, our angels declare.

He’s handsome and smart, no shadow of doubt,
I have seen his face and lowered his masks,
Our hands held high, the union we shared,
To tear us apart, your in for a fight.

She’s stronger than me, no truth to hide,
Her beauty so stunning, it melts my shield,
This walk we are taking, is history in the making,
So stay here with me and let nature surround us.

He wishes and prays, our union to bond,
But patient must guide him, let hurry depart,
Time must show him, what battles await,
For here in my arms, let him find comfort and rest.

The sun shines down, its rays fill my space,
The void I feel, her departure revealed,
Will meet again, my heart sings her praise,
This walk though the forest of life, my joyful treasures for today.

By Julius Fa
© 2010

Her Request Of Me….

You know my name, I won’t make you stay,
You have taught me to wait and tested me with fame,
You have loved we within and showed me your heart,
You have proven your meekness in the stories you share.

You have chased me to the four corners, at world’s end we met,
Seeking light where darkness reigned, sinking fear when my hands you held,
Playing cards where danger laid, knowing well my nature will save you,
Pushing time and cursing death, showing hope the faith you have.

I have seen the braveness in your eyes and touched the softness of your lips,
I have felt the safety of your arms around the frailty of my soul,
Happiness I’ve found at your side and laughter at your smiling spirit,
Uncertainty still clouds my judgement, yet longing to free you my future joy.

I loved the dance we shared under the stars of night,
The warmth in your arms, whilst walking the streets of Rome,
The gentleness of your voice, whispering the secrets of love in my ears,
The blushes I had, watching you make a fool of yourself to see me smile.

I cherished the conversations we had month ago when all wasn’t well,
You tried to hide and I pulled you out, you tried to run and I tripped you up,
You locked up your heart and allowed the world to cage your love,
I fought the enemies you feared and angels tended the wounds your bore.

You have risked too much for me and even now to battle my attention you seek,
Let the skies above witness the joy your bring and let the birds sing lullaby of peace,
Do not turn and hide away, for my soul shall seek you and my spirit shall miss you,
And so my humble prince of heart, call my name and your Grace shall appear……

By Julius Fa
© 2010

Wondering Wildly…

The time is now the mood is set,
The air is clear the smell so fresh,
To tell of tales and stir my hair,
You look around and face your fears.

We share a smile, today at last,
The jokes on me and all drew near,
They laugh and laugh, the sound so dear,
The joy unfold and the deer leaps high.

To get this poem your mind to see,
The words laid bare and the true untold,
To read and feel the clock of time,
Can you deal the pain behind.

You look and cross your face in nuts,
Your chin to tight you can’t arrive,
You clench your fist to hit these words,
I set the bar so high and fly.

To end this quest my mission foretold,
To spin the words around your toe,
You frown and dip the nose you wear,
My face all red to please the guests….

By Julius Fa
© 2010