To Care Or Not?

I told the world to leave me here,
It took my name and kicked me out,
I tried in vain a word to say,
The world is cruel and shut me out.

I told a lie to set things right,
The world couldn’t bear to hear me out,
I start to cry to slow things down,
The world laughed on and did not stop.

I showed my wounds and hoped they’ll prove,
The world stood still and grant me time,
I laid my case and plead my stay,
The world looked up and spun around.

I thought I’d won the case that day,
The world now showed the harm we’ve done,
I cried real tears for the pain we’ve caused,
The world sat down and lend its hand.

We live each day for us it seems,
This world around, we spoil on demand,
We curse the ground with litter and selfishness,
We choke the skies with smoke and bitterness.

The world sits down with the cut we command,
The wounds so deep, we cheer our greed,
We show no care for the world we destroy,
The world not bitter and fights with a plan.

So back to me and this sunset I await,
The world didn’t grant my request within time,
I lived life blind, only thinking of my needs,
But punished the world without caring for its plan.

By Julius Fa
© 2010

Beyond Walls!

There is life, outside these walls,
One that is free and undefined,
It doesn’t hold upon pride and want,
But seeks to lose fear and dismay.

It is a life filled with dreams,
Each one shaping your thoughtless ways,
It carries hope on a wing, longing to fly beyond your walls,
And brings out feelings mixed with healing.

Such a life would burden its victims,
Untold freedom and random spaces,
Simple outcomes in complex plans,
Love unfolds, only to be denied.

There is life outside these walls,
So roll the dice and play your hand,
Take a chance and seal your fate,
Time will tell, your answer tonight.

By Julius Fa
© 2010

A Sheltered Existence!

I learned to run, before I’d walked,
To pace around, before am found,
To wallow in sorrow, before I swim,
To hide my face, from society’s demands.

I lowered my eyes, to follow the norm,
To shelter my heart, from breakage and rot,
To follow the path, my parents prepared,
To enslave my life, to the beat of their care.

I worked so hard, to get so far,
I passed those tests, but still no rest,
My youth now done, with friends all gone,
My award now got, a degree in what?

The years pushed on, with life so dull,
I made new friends and travelled both ends,
To break this chain and climb these waves,
To feel new emotions and build new skills.

A simple life, was all they wished,
A weakened smile, was all I gave,
To obey without question, their request of me,
A loner’s tale, their pressures unveiled.

So I prayed, my life away,
I learned to see, the beauty within,
To muster the courage, with decades to change,
To bury the obedient son, whilst the surfer awakes.

I took a pen and wrote in rhymes,
I learned to express, feelings in tears,
To change my ways, I silenced my voice,
I sort a mask, to hide my past.

To learn to love, I listened to doves,
I learned to ride, in rain all night,
Within my heart, a light now shines,
With wings spread wide, my flight now high.

I soar these skies, with hope all wise,
To meet life’s ills and still hold the will,
To live life well, these waves so swell,
A chapter to write, for grace was right.

So to return, when two become one,
A surfer now lands, a son now returned,
A lifeless ordinary arrives, a humble servant awaits,
A love filled life decrees, that Grace changed my life with time.

By Julius Fa
© 2010

Think Of Me!

Think of me, watching still,
Time to kill, your candle to light,
Fame to forsake, your love to make,
I think of you, so sweet and fair.

Think of me, angel of dance,
Spinning round, looking within,
Beauty so bright, honor so clear,
Dance with me now, a request so brave.

Think of me, my lady tonight,
I wish a wish, your hands to take,
I seek not fame, just you to tame,
My world your steps, my heart your name.

Think of me, my prayer to share,
I knee this night, before your feet,
I close my eyes, with tears of fear,
I unveil my love and await my fate.

Think of me, my guests await,
I rise and leave, no tales to tell,
My fate can’t stand, her answer by nine,
I wipe these tears, my heart can’t bear.

I took this chance, my place to stand,
I asked her hand, with mind unfound,
She looked within, my heart and cried,
She turned around, and left by nine.

So tell this world, I’ve lost my way,
My path got dark, my legs now stay,
I laid my head, on grounds of clay,
To rest and heal, my heart so torn.

A day will come, my feet to stand,
But till that dawn, my heart still burns,
No fault of her’s, my love undone,
I ask one wish, you think of me still….

By Julius Fa
© 2010

Grace Arrives, My Love Alive.

I found a way, to show I care,
I looked within, to hold your heart,
I kissed your lips, whilst dancing near,
I choice my fate, to be with you.

You up and left, my love to prove,
You tour the skies and flew so far,
I crossed the land and sailed the seas,
We met in places, were beauty was raw.

We shared our likes and laughed at life,
You taught me things, I thought I knew,
I showed you joy, you held my heart,
We talked and walked, the sunsets our romance.

We shared the days, until the dawn,
You feared I’ll leave, you run away,
I stood my ground, your tail to chase,
Till we meet again, my heart won’t rest.

I got in fights, around this world,
You saved the day, your will so strong,
I sensed in you, your love of me,
You sensed in me, my loveless mind.

But still you won’t, stay at my side,
You learned to fly, I learned to wait,
You sort my face, I sort to hide,
You told the world, my name that day.

I chase you fast, through lands of old,
I told the few, your name by chance,
They smiled and waited, our tales to tell,
My guests now enlightened, our quest’s almost over.

At night I looked, into the skies,
The stars so bright, they shine all night,
You look up too and know am near,
You sleep so sweet, in peace with me.

And to this day, I walked this beach,
The sands of time, I mark with prints,
I take my seat, this sun to rise,
The oceans so soft, the waves die down.

The clouds move in, the sun now blocked,
The wind blew strong, my grace soon come,
Your scent i smell, your warm I feel,
You walk so light, I close my eyes.

You hold me tight, with hands so soft,
I opened my eyes and hold you too,
The birds above, sing with delight,
The stars of night, now angels by day.

We sit and watch, the sun awake,
I kiss your hands, you smile within,
I told you tales, of times long gone,
This is no end, for love is just beginning…..

By Julius Fa
© 2010

The Old Man’s Tale!

I have a tale, to share this night,
Of this old man, who walked by sight,
He rose and walked, with shin held high,
He wore his pride and marched on by.

He owned the streets, this he thought,
He rode the buses and demanded his seat,
He pushed aside, the crowds around,
He showed them all, he is the boss.

As time went by, his temper wore thin,
He grew so bitter, when life got tougher,
He showed his cane, when strangers said "hi",
He walked now slow, but still was bold.

He cursed the young, for lack of sense,
He struck his sons, for showing they cared,
He showed his fist, when help came by,
He hated the world, for making him old.

He had regrets, for a life cut short,
He felt betrayed, by time and love,
He would now pray, for faith he’d shorn,
He dared not ask, for help above.

And so today, he took his seat,
He chased away, the crowd that stayed,
The park his rest, from noise and stress,
He closed his eyes and did not wake.

The crowd around, walked by with haste,
A few looked on, but did not say,
The wind blew strong and night drew near,
The park now closed, to crowds that day.

It was at nine, they found him there,
The guard took fright and saw a man,
He did not move, when called by Sam,
His hair moved slowly, by wind not man.

The scene now filled, with cops and vans,
His pockets are searched, for a name or kin,
Sweet Howard they discovered, his name too late,
They laid him flat, upon death’s bed.

So there’s the tale, I thought to share,
It’s filled with tears, and sadness it seems
But hope it shows us, the beauty within,
To live by kindness, humbled and free.

So lower your anger, its bitterness and pride,
Release your fears, to the angels above,
Start believing in the beauty of love,
For you are worth it, your neighbors are too.

By Julius Fa
© 2010

A Fool’s Tale, To Sale Love!

He was a fool, this truth I’ll prove,
He played with words, in search of fame,
He drew a crowd, to sell his game,
He wore intelligent, whilst faking wisdom.

He wrote a book, of love by sight,
They stand and cheered, this fool their saint,
He told them riddles, to solve their puzzles,
They marveled at his beauty, afraid to question logic.

So they practiced, his ways by night,
To love and fill, their hearts of holes,
They paid him well and read his books,
He laughed in silence and planned his flight.

He sold them hope, when hope was gone,
They felt so good, they did not know,
This fool was smart, his tricks so old,
But still they listened, for love their conquest.

"To find true love, give me your wage."
His line that day, this fool once said,
They did and paid with eyes long blind,
He smiled in joy, I kneed to pray.

The days ticked by and love didn’t come,
The crowd dismayed, their fate undone,
They burned his books and sort him out,
This fool was gone, his flight was sound.

He caused more pain, without love’s gain,
He showed them what, they longed to have,
He played their hearts and feed they sand,
Now sad they cried, in fear of life.

I said it once, I’ll prove he’s a fool,
But sensed in you, you thought I’d lied,
How wrong you are, how sad I felt,
The fool was smart, and fooled you all,

For he sold you love and made you smile……..

By Julius Fa
© 2010

To Catch A Thief!

A plan is made, the trap is laid,
To catch a thief, his hands to break,
No time to waste, just room to pray,
To find the strength, this road to take.

They sit and wait, with space around,
The path so thin, they could not wade,
With minds set low, their hearts raced on,
This night to wait, this thief to raid.

The time hits six, the sun to set,
They would not let, this thief to play,
With eyes so fixed, upon this road,
He can’t escape, the fate they’ll bring.

The rain pours down, their heads get wet,
They start to sneeze, this cold they’ll catch,
Their feet in mud, the road not washed,
They turn in doubt, they fear they’ve lost.

The air now dense, the clouds close in,
They looks around, with faces turned white,
They hear a sound, of ghosts long died,
They run in haste, in fear of death.

They rush in twos, along this path,
They bumped into, the man they passed,
With eyes gone blind, from fear of fog,
They could not see, the thief they passed.

The thief in shock, of such a crowd,
This path so small, he stepped aside,
They rushed on by, his head laid low,
They did not stop, his heart beats fast.

He broke a sweat, this thief they wanted,
He looked behind, in fear and laughter,
For luck was kind, to end this matter,
So on he when, this thief to rob them…..

By Julius Fa
© 2010

Her Love To Feel…Part 2.

I wish him well, but can’t accept,
His plead of me, to him this day,
My heart so full, of love now knelt,
To save his fate, I wished him well.

He crossed the seas and looks so brave,
My prince of heart, my joy of life,
I feel so lost, my mind now bent,
He is so sweet, he is so me.

With a kiss, I gave, my heart away,
But turned around and walked away,
My world is you, my prince of may,
But time long told, of us this way.

I love the strength you wear each day,
The smile you bear, the face you care,
The world so rough, but you are soft,
You are my all and so much more.

I walk so slow, with you behind,
My arms now cross, with you still near,
I look above, these stars to hear,
They sing you praise and fill me up.

Sweet guests tonight, this choice I’ll make,
My prince to make, a king by dawn,
I feel so blessed, he loves me whole,
I’ll love you always, my answer told…

By Julius Fa
© 2010

To Love And Feel…Part 1

It was a moment, that felt so right,
I crossed the oceans, to hold your hands,
I sensed our time, this place to own,
We shared a smile, I made you mine.

For eternity it seems, my life felt void,
To search these skies, for love now found,
With haste to free, this heart of love,
I sort your face and kissed your lips.

We danced this night, with stars so bright,
The air so fresh, the waves so blessed,
Our skins so soft, our souls now close,
I found my place, with you around.

With skies now blue, we look so good,
With eyes so full, of trust now told,
I touch your cheeks, you fill my hole,
My mind so wild, my spirit reborn.

I found my queen, on steps so clean,
With hands now bound, my path now sealed,
With joy unreal and clouds so filled,
I love you grace and knee before thy feet…..

By Julius Fa
© 2010