A Good Friend!

I wished him well, this friend of mine,
He packed his bags, the past behind,
With head now bold, no fear to hold,
He shook my hand, his path to mold.

For ten long years, we walked in two,
We shared life’s joys, with bitterness too,
We fought life’s hell, to find our place,
With hope in front, and yesterday’s sorrows behind.

I told him things, long held inside,
I showed him Grace, that love of mine,
We dined at nine, with laughter in kind,
The wine flowed on, our friendship so strong.

The years passed by, our teens now gone,
With a wife awaiting, your hands for taking,
You found true love, my happiness in doves,
With a kiss you sealed, your future now found.

I walk these streets, with time still rushed,
My courage to meet, my moment I’ve missed,
Your place now sound, with love around,
My Grace to bind, my future unkind.

With tears I cry, in sadness and want,
A friend I’ve lost, my past undone,
A face too dull, tomorrow to burn,
I wish him well, this friend I miss.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

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