The Golden Woods.

I dreamt a dream, upon this day,
My eyes so full, with joy and rain,
I wished away, the rush outside,
I sort to be, in fields this May.

I closed my eyes, this dream to come,
I felt outside, my hands now warm,
I walked in front, my eyes still shut,
I felt the light, its heat still burns.

I lift my lid, my eyes now shines,
My feet now set, on leaves of brown,
A hint of gold, this place so raw,
The air so fresh, the birds sing on,

I look around, with joy inside.
I walk in two, to rush unwise,
No fear of lost, for Grace will find,
My laughter is heard, within these woods.

I see the light, through these trees,
The sun to set, it’s beauty unsaid,
For nature is wild, its beauty surrounds,
I hasten my pace, for time now fades.

The closer I get, the further it sinks,
The light now weak, its rays gone bleak,
A noise is heard, when winds blows on,
My dreams now fades, my wish fulfilled.

I stop and stand, my view compress,
I know I must, a task to rush,
I savor the view, it’s memory now stilled,
I bow my head, my eyes slide close.

A thrust I felt, when now I rise,
My dreams is flown, my world now bricks,
The air is damp, this city so full,
I linger in thought, in the woods I sort.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

I’ll Run From You!

I’ll run from here, no time to waste,
I’ll run so fast, no bags to take,
I’ll run all night, free air to breathe,
I’ll run till dawn, right through these trees.

You won’t believe, the fun I had,
The walk of life, a walk in pain,
It’s mixed with joy, when love is found,
I’ll toast for hope, when faith is sound.

Away from here, my sea of trials,
I learned to walk, but walked too long,
My pace will quicken, my strength is now,
My flight to come, my heart to run.

I’ll run from life, when all goes down,
I’ll run without, my tears or pounds,
I’ll run to show, the world am here,
I’ll run and run, till fear compounds.

You look with eyes, that judge me still,
You throw aside, my love inside,
You dared not save, me here this day,
You lived the norm, you life so numb.

So I’ll run from you, our space expands,
I’ll run in two, with heart and mind,
I’ll run from hate, into love’s hands,
I’ll run to Grace, that love once mine.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

Fishing For Time

It please me so, to sit and wait,
A hat to wear, my rod to bear,
The bait is hooked, the trap is set,
Now all to do, is wait and stare.

Upon this pier, its woods so old,
My seat is hard, my thoughts mislay,
The heat is scorching, my skin now tans,
My shirt is soaked, with sweat around.

I feel so tense, my mind of wonder,
I can’t sit still, my gut is rumbled,
My throat feels dry, a drink is needed,
The rum hits home, my mood elated.

The sun dips low, in skies above me,
The stars now show, my bait before me,
No fish to take, my dinner evades me,
My wish now spoken, in words of prayer.

So still I wait, no time be regretted,
A path was chosen, for me I’m hoping,
To live life well, no need for rushing,
The bait sinks deep, the trap is taken.

By Julius Fa
© 2011