Through The Clouds.

I took a seat, beside your feet,
No words to say, just time to stare,
The view is this, our hearts repair,
I found in you, the strength to care.

I sort to hold, the joy you felt,
The clouds unfold, the sun appears,
The wind is raw, the sight is bare,
I look with eyes, alive with hope.

This beauty unreal, to say the least,
It shows a world, beyond our own,
So full of light, night dare not come,
I sense within, the tears of peace.

The rays of light, brings forth your tears,
You grew too quick, you missed your teens,
The world rushed on, you matched its pace,
You did not see, such sights above.

And so you cried, deep in your heart,
You hold regret, so tight it hurts,
I took your hands, deep in my own,
I said a prayer, your smile unfolds.

So lets not miss, this sight again,
Lets slow the pace, this world to see,
Run no race, just live to feel,
Let love repair, your heart of care.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

“Is It Over?” I Asked That Day…

I tried your ways, and walked away,
I found your hard, to please that day,
I gave my all, to see you smile,
I fought your pride, your wrath my gain.

It’s hard at times, to be with you,
You don’t believe, the words I say,
I try to make, our paths one way,
You give no love, just walk your way.

Was it me, that caused you pain?
You walk ahead, my hands feel cold,
You talk through me, when close we stay,
I can’t believe, you’re here with me.

I know your bright, my heart said so,
I know that love, lives deep in you,
I know so much, but not enough,
I know it’s over, your moods say so.

So let me walk, away this day,
Our time has ended, our paths now split,
Your joy restored, my lungs now breathe,
You stop and cry, I know not why?

By Julius Fa
© 201

A Love To Remember.

It took a while, to win love’s hands,
To get her here, these stakes so high,
I rolled the dice, a wish to make,
To show I care, I found a way.

I cannot tell, the trials and toils,
The sleepless nights, the long drawn days,
The blistering cold, the summer’s heat,
I’ve done it all, or so i thought.

For love is wild, at heart it seems,
It as not rules, or books to read,
It flies on wings, within our hearts,
I can’t explain, the joy it brings.

For long and far, our hearts were bound,
Around the world, I chased you down,
You fought my battles, your tears I wiped,
I found my place, with you beside.

But life got hard, our ways complex,
We missed the arrows, that cupid narrowed,
Our minds without, much sense with love,
We slipped and tripped, unfazed by fear.

But still I held, you within,
My path was lost, when not round,
I felt alone, when far your flown,
I sort you grace, your love to hold.

So here and now, this peace we seal,
The beach is fresh, the site impress,
With hands held tight, we fade away,
For love now home, in this my soul.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

The Path We Took..

It too a while, to see you here,
I walked around, with clouds up there,
No thought I held, just fate instead,
With words so few, I’ll meet you there.

He waits I know, my prince and kin,
I’m late but keen, his kiss to have,
His face I picture, with smiles inside,
Our fate glistens, with hope and love.

This day I’ve wished, since last we spoke,
I lost my ways, her love the same,
With pain inside, I walked away,
I love her still, with heart and soul.

What shall I meet, on sands so wide?
Will love re-light, his good old ways,
He lost a kin, his pain so deep,
I sort to heal, he pushed me away.

I love this place, its beauty unreal,
The sea is still, the waves so quiet,
I pray our ways, unite as one,
I wait with haste, my Grace to come.

Arrive at last, with time behind,
I walk the beach, His fame to find,
In distance the pier, this vision sublimed,
I see his far, my walk begins.

She’s here I feel, in white laced dress,
I walk towards, this gift that’s mine,
Her hair blows lightly, the wind rewinds,
Our eyes lock deeply, our smiles appear.

No words spoke freely, just a kiss to greet,
These star struck lovers, there seat awaits,
This place our reunion, upon my lap she seats,
I hold her tightly, this Grace of my heart.

By Julius Fa
© 2011