My Case Against Her!

I’ll bring my case, against you here,
I’ll tell the judge, the wrong you did,
I’ll state it loud, for all to hear,
I’ll stand upright, your fate dismayed.

You thought am weak, when once we dined,
You stole my heart, and bleed me dry,
You faked you love, to me it seems,
You won’t escape, they’ll charge you here.

I called my witnesses, with tales to tell,
The judge drew near, with hears so clear,
You screamed “objection,” to his “sustained,”
I smile and proceeded, my case so won.

With confidence high, I rest my case,
The judge nods on, the jury is mine,
You rise on feet, weakened by defeat,
Your words don’t come, your shame displayed.

But then it happened, a shock so sudden,
You stood so still, with eyes so filled,
The tears flowed down, the jury undone,
My gain is lost, the judge now tossed.

“Objections” ring out, my patience now rushed,
Your timing is perfect, your act so simple,
They comfort your wounds, my jury now yours,
I hasten to recover, the charges now fading.

You settle your case, with questions unanswered,
Yours eyes all red, the judge so blind,
You wink at me, the pain sinks deep,
The jury is rumbled, your acting is flawless.

“All stand” he shouts, for Judgment arrives,
Sweet butterflies within me, my fate awaits,
The decision is spoken, with tears I am broken,
You won again, my veins in pain.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

To Prove A Point!

Take your time, and tell it right,
Wait a while, and let them come,
Pour a drink, and calm your nerves,
Take your seat, and let’s begin.

Do not shake, let fate reward,
Your mind today, from yesters’ pain,
Clear your throat, laid down words,
Raise your eyes, look straight ahead.

Give them all, no pain withheld,
Shed your tears, let truth prevail,
Make them freeze, with ears alert,
Tell them things, they won’t believe.

Take their mic, lay claim tonight,
Show them shame, their minds uptight,
Let them judge, your views untold,
See them shift, with veins cold.

Sing your song, with hurtful tones,
Dance with feet, trapped by chains,
Wear your rags, proud as rain,
Still they watch, shocked as dames.

Now I end, this your fame,
Time is up, minutes to count,
Eyes now red, lips turned blue,
Vanity in sanity, poetry in motion.

By Julius Fa
© 2011