The Beauty Of Scotland.

The walk took long, but boy it’s worth it,
We toiled up hills and sailed downwind,
We saw birds fly and wished we’re one,
We felt so weak, but still moved on.

A sight was promised, a dare was made,
To see light shine, through trees that day,
No time to pack, lets leave today,
And so we marched, all of the way.

You think me mad, this truth can say,
I wish you well, your dreams have fade,
To be alive, don’t fake your stake,
A life lived once, your move to make.

And on we go, with laughter alight,
With friends close by, no guards held high,
I’m blessed with love, this journey a gift,
I look above, God’s smile shines forth.

So we sat, on grounds of rocks,
No comfort in sitting, just joy in eating,
Our patience rewarded, when this we saw,
The sun through trees, in this land of Scots.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

Goodbye Old Summer!

The end is near, without a care,
I’ll say goodbye and shed no tears,
The stars can wait, for us tonight,
We take our place, the show awaits.

For three whole months, the days were long,
The sun so hot, your skin confirms,
The spring so old, when summer awakes,
With faces buzzing and barbeque sizzling.

I love you more, this time of year,
You shine so bright, with flowers in your hair,
We laugh and dance, without a dare,
Our love so strong, when grace appears.

To hold your hands, I smiled with joy,
To hold your heart, I felt complete,
To show my love, a kiss we shared,
Upon my knees, a request is made.

We watched tonight, the skies alight,
The dark now bright, the beauty amazes,
The noisy bangs, send hearts leaping,
The sight is perfect, for summer is ending.

The show cracks on, with grasps of few,
The crowd cheers on, when fireworks are undone,
An ending declared, for winter’s aware,
“Goodbye old summer,” said Grace with a smile.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

The Lost Fool & The Wandering elephant.

He wore a cape, to hide his strength,
A mask in two, his face to seal,
Bright yellow gloves, to show his gift,
And matching boots, to fade away.

He had no name, this hero insane,
He played for fame, in areas of vain,
He mixed with dangers, in view of strangers,
He sought a fight, in the wild at night.

To prove his power, a stick he gathered,
No weapon to hold, his mind was bold,
To crush his foes, a look he unfold,
To shield himself, his stick was gold.

But blind was he, to the elephant’s tusk,
The night was dark, his feet was cold,
He walked in silence, the elephant behind him,
He turned too late, a smack was his fate.

The story is told, of a hero out cold,
His walk was blind, the elephant was kind,
The light beamed fought, a shock to his plans,
A bruised ego his prize, a wandering elephant surprised.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

A Moment In Love.

We walk the beach, our hands unite,
The gentle sand, our minds ascend,
No noise around, just waves to ride,
A sense of calm, no rush is found.

The night takes shape, the sun now sets,
We see the colors of nature’s stories,
A mix of pink, with hints of orange,
I draw you close, a kiss to share.

The mood is peaceful, our love unending,
I feel alive, within your arms,
I say those words, you smile in kind,
I float on air, this land my fair.

So on we walked, my grace of heart,
I’ll still be here, when this sun sets,
A moment we captured, a gift of love,
This beach our joy, now night to own.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

The New Divide!

No turning back, once at this fence,
This new divide, a world apart,
A line was drawn, a pact was formed,
To please the rich, they kept us out.

We watched in tears, they laughed with joy,
We lacked all things, they lacked to share,
We starved in two, they eat for four,
A world unfair, the shame was ours.

The drought intense, they fought us back,
They build new cages, to keep us packed,
We planned with haste, a day to take,
The spoils they left, a life to save.

So to this fence, they made their case,
The north still rich, the south impaired,
A fence they built, to keep us there,
A day will come, to us they’ll run.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

You In The Mirror!

I love the way, you make me feel,
You take me up and hold on tight,
My face renewed, my skin so fresh,
The light is good, always with you.

The view is clear, for all to see,
My eye shine on, with gold inside,
My joy complete, my tears no more,
My hair is wild, my mood of joy.

I feel alive, within your depth,
The self I see, is full of hope,
Life seems paused, age won’t keep,
Happy with love, yet shyness looks back,

I turn around, myself to hold,
I look at you, you look at me,
I can’t believe, it’s me I see,
I feel so good, you smile at me.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

An Ending to Write!

I’ll wear this face, with tears aside,
A wish to grant, an end to write,
With eyes sour, and ears raw,
I’ll keep the faith, to see it last.

The road is long, my hood is short,
The hills are steep, the mountains peak,
With fear up high, and love down low,
I got it wrong, this mask must fall.

With rushing feet and passing breathe,
I run so fast, I float on air,
I hear your voice, but did not turn,
This life so deep, your grace so far.

I hear your scream, within your heart,
You seek me out, my love to hold,
A gift is born, my sanity restored,
You never gave up, for grace arrives.

I have that end, to fill this space,
It’s called true love, your faces beam,
I fought it hard, this mask to break,
I’ll show my face, If you’ll show me yours.

By Julius Fa
© 2011