Waiting For You.


I’ll meet you there, when dawn draws near,
The time you’ll know, the place our own,
With ocean view, the heat will grow,
Relax your mind, and pause your time.

I rushed this day, this meet to make,
The job was dull, my gain was null,
I wished one thing, this view partake,
I watched the clock, till 4 o’clock.

You called not long, our greet is on,
With traffic so sad, the air so bad,
I smoke the fumes, around this town,
My thoughts transfixed, my words don’t mix.

After a while, our place is found,
My feet so free, on sands so rare,
I stake my place, and wait with haste,
For you to arrive, and share this space.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

Chance encounter what do you see..

Here I stand, behind the coffee machine looking towards the door,
She’ll soon arrive, 8:30am her spot, then my morning can begin,
Look at my eyes, hungry for that vision of innocense,
You may not think it to look at me, but I am a wimp, the worst kind.
The kind that waits and waits for a chance encounter with the woman I love.My eyes tell of past glories, but love was never found there,
My pupils fixed with hope, and yet within these eyes lies untold emotions,
“Keep you eyes on the door,” my mind shouts out, no one listening just me,

This one goes out to the one I love, everytime she enters a room,
I hide and watch from afar, fear grips me, am powerless to move,
She is a thing of beauty, long silky black hair, eyes so deep and tender,
She is an eloquent speaker and full of confidence and style.

Just once her eyes have looked upon this sorry self of mine,
My eyes fell heavy trying to stay afloat within her light crytal clear blue eyes,
She smiled at me that day, and this a thousand times I replayed in my head,
So stunned was I that speech left me and just like that, an angel walked out my life,
Not that she was ever in it in the first place, dumb luck huh my readers.

To tell you of her, you must picture perfection and look within,
when I see her, my heart pounds and my stomach turns, is this love? I do not know,
She drives me crazy and smells so sweet like jasmines on a summer’s day.
Her figure so smooth, and her grace so kind, why can’t I approach her then.

She’s the woman husbands want to meet,
Dreamers dreamt they’ve met,
Single guys can’t even step up to the plate to ask her out,
Players ran out of luck, wishing they had a better game plan,

She’s so smart that men tumble upon her intelligence, thinking they were smarter,
She’s the center of attention, yet no reward does she seeks,
She is herself in all things, that strong, enchanting inner spirit, so loving and real.
She is all things graceful, she is my dream woman.

Here she comes towards me again, eyes down, hands sweating,
Feet numb and ears burning, damn this shyness in me,
Dare I look up into those eyes and melt away this fear,
My love I would gladly give this angel approaching, not today boys, luck not on my side either.

Just another day of chance, and here’s me waiting for that encounter with an angel……

By Julius Fa
© 2011



We wished him well, on his way,
The world to learn, his name to make,
With help around, his time is now,
He packed his bags, and on he went.

Around each bend, he’ll turn and mend,
The choice he makes, the roads he takes,
Some paths will end, new hopes will rise,
We can’t allow, his life to doubt.

He’ll fail at times, but must get up,
The sea is rough, this world is tough,
Some curse his name, we’ll praise his game,
He will succeed, where once we failed.

So to the world, we gave this son,
To live and breathe, we taught him still,
He brings us hope, without a scope,
A bright young man, his ways like some.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

Support Her.


She stood on grounds, dressed by sand,
To be alone, and find herself,
For eight long years, her marriage rose,
But broke this May, without her sound.

She’s cried all out, and fought with doubt,
Her two great kids, her joy and gift,
With teeth now gripped, with fear in splits,
Her home now torn, her horn is born.

She gave her life, to watch him rise,
Whilst at his side, to be surprised,
She found true love, or so she thought,
But he walked out, now love is lost.

She gave so much, but not enough,
She blamed herself, she got it wrong,
This prince of men, she loved so dear,
Just ripped her heart, without a care.

And so we stand, with open ears,
To help her find, new ways in mind,
Her kids play by, without their dad,
We can’t allow, her life to fall.

By Julius Fa
©  2011

Tired Of Me.


I give and give, and get nothing back,
The weight of life, as got me down,
With sin around, no time to rest,
The world gone mad, now all is sad.

It’s not like me, to feel so down,
My words can’t hide, the bitterness I’ve found,
With time so rushed, and greed so flashed,
Kindness took flight, wickedness now fights.

I blessed each day, they cursed my ways,
I held faith tight, your hate me more,
I showed no ill, for you’re so thrilled,
These days so dark, I pray light comes.

You caged my sanity, with rage you banished me,
You called me names, and displayed my shame,
For laughs and wine, you made me dine,
On grounds so vile, and food so cold.

I took your blows, with eyes now low,
Your way of life, so loud with spice,
I beg you daily, on kneels unsteady,
To grant me mercy, your pride said NO.

I’m falling real fast, without much grasp,
A life now lost, to a world so rough,
The game is fame, am tired and tamed,
I seek God’s grace, in a world so lame.

By Julius Fa
(c) 2011

Remembering Him…

I knew a boy, who did not grow,
He lived till ten, the story goes,
He saw the world, with haste and pace,
He caught a cold and slept by dawn.

They cried in anger, with tears of pain,
To rest they laid him, in grounds long old,
With love we loved him and miss him more,
His life shortcoming, within our veins.

He was born with gladness, to joy and love,
He made us laugh, with happiness around,
He made friends quick, for smart was he,
He sort love fast, for time was weak.

We made him cakes, to wish him well,
They celebrated his life, whilst still he played,
He showed us how, to chase pain away,
He did not fake, the fun he had.

With seasons changing, the years rolled on,
His spirit was young, his body now old,
We watched him sit and played no more,
His life now weak, his past now gone.

They cared and loved him, with hearts and minds,
His family around him, all day and night,
With angels near him, with wings spread wide,
No harm shall fall him, upon this night.

He asked one wish, to us it seems,
“To share love freely, and not to cry,”
The sun now setting, within out hearts,
Their son now resting, within mum’s arms.

With saints around him, we hoped and prayed,
For time has took him, away from us,
But life still lives in him, beyond this world,
Sorrow now lives in us, whilst we mourn.

With night around them, the moon shone on,
With silence undefined, they did not cry,
They marched outside now, to breathe free air,
With heaven rejoicing, their son his home.

By Julius Fa
© 2010

O My Sweet….

O Anna, O Anna, what joy I speak,
For locked in this heart, my love for thee,
What beauty I found, in the stars of your eyes,
Sweet wonders I saw, in the charms of your smile.

The sun as set, but O Anna you are my light,
My vision impaired, my tongue cannot speak,
The longing to touch your gracious lips with mine,
O Anna, O Anna, sweet Anna my bride…..

By Julius Fa
© 2010

Let my love grow….

What tales shall serve me, here beneath this twisted tree I call life,
Shall I wait awhile and dream the words of love to declare to her ears,
Will my tone be soft or tamed beyond the wild youth of my years,
Let love rain down and moisten this soil before me, this I hope will wear.

She is my inner strength and towering angel, no harm will I bring her mind,
I will lay down my pride of heart and gladly announce my love for her soul,
Let not the jealousy of men deny us, nor the wanting of queens un-roof us,
My hands may tremble upon her skin, put to flight this fear that grips me still.

And so this tree a vision of hope shall appear, so gifted it points to the skies at nine,
Its branches be twisted but it is the beauty your eyes now see and share,
The night skies that surround it, bring comfort to the setting sun,
For here it stands for generations to admire it and love to grow and arise.

So water my love and grant me the courage to look upon your face,
Let grace be mine and all be fine when tonight at this tree my soul to declare,
Happily your smile and all within a mile can share the stunning beauty before us here,
So I ask, can grace accept my love of heart before this tree I call life?

By Julius Fa
© 2010

The Gamer’s Plan!

He sets his marks, for the game tonight,
He bears no name, but talks their game,
His nature to prove, their riches to touch,
But will they ponder, his ways with a yonder?

A simple plan, was all it took,
To steal the show, no claim to fame,
He lead them left, when right was dull,
They smiled with joy, their wants intact.

With gold stacked high, they flashed their teeth,
No need to question, just cash to mention,
A price was set, these fools of greed,
They jumped in twos, their wealth to increase.

The truth was far, from them it seems,
He showed them how, their eyes said wow,
With hands now deep, their pockets release,
His fee today, their wealth and cash.

With hearts now blind, to greed and gold,
He walked away, no time to stay,
Their joy wouldn’t last, this truth they’ll know,
They took the bait, their greed now pleased.

Upon the hour, the clouds uncovered,
The truth revealed, their minds dismayed,
They cried like cowards, in open showers,
Their hearts of stone, now melt with guilt.

They turned in anger, his search to render,
But gone was He, in the mist of wonder,
They sort his death, with pain and thunder,
His path now hidden, their eyes still swollen.

They held pride high, with vanity close by,
He taught a lesson, their sanity to lessen,
They could not fake, the loneliness inside,
Their worlds of riches, no happiness in glitches.

They turned now blue, when shame grew roots,
He walked on by, his head held high,
They could not see, his face that day,
Their need for want, their fault and curse.

So learn to give, a gift or two,
See joy increase, your heart release,
Don’t seek to keep, earth’s riches in deep,
For soon you’ll find, the gamer behind.

By Julius Fa
© 2010

My Best??

Will try my best, this walk to please you,
Will smile and laugh, this air to suit you,
Won’t run too fast, this race you shall win,
Can’t think so far, this mind will amuse you.

Will hug you tight, my hands won’t leave you,
Can’t shy away, your heart might lose me,
Just me and you, this paradise our humble home,
So stop and wait, my life to please you.

With every step, our paths still untainted,
My hands to share, the life within me,
You happilness, my reason for living,
To you my love, this kiss to believe in.

By Julius Fa
© 2010