It’s just not fair, she screamed in care,
The way she feels, was just unreal,
The cut was deep, her wounds to keep,
The shame of hate, she caught it late.

Her cries were loud, but mum was proud,
She wont embrace, her child with grace,
She throw her arms, across her palms,
No sense of peace, this child is weak.

With red in sight, she cursed her fright,
The pace of change, was not her plight,
No help we gave, she must be brave,
With rage in mind, she burnt mankind.

She tore in two, the men of few,
Her heart remained, the cause of pain,
We wished her well, but not in vain,
And from afar, her twin returns.

She held her tight, and showed her right,
The dark within, now dwells in light,
The heart of sin, now heals with gin,
The bond of twins, unite to win.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

A Friend That Cares.

A simple hug, was all it took,
To make me feel, my heart was healed,
The need for space, with each embrace,
A gift from God, a friend that’s real.

Without my friend, I would pretend,
That all is well and life is swell,
The hurt inside, would be my prize,
For love is bold, when hearts are cold.

I am no fake, so do not stake,
A bet on me, when you are free,
The boys in town, are just like clowns,
They hide behind, a smile that’s kind.

It was my fault, with tears in hand,
The tale I told, my friend was fine,
She gave me much, her ears and touch,
The warmth of love, a friend like dove.

So up I got, with fear behind,
Our road now one, her strength is mine,
My tears for love, she wiped with cloth,
A sense of bliss, for friends are this.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

I Lost My Words.

I cannot write, the words wont flow,
My mind is numb, the plan is dumb,
The page is blank, you look so spanked,
I try and try, but failed to apply.

You must forgive, this child in me,
The will to tell, the tales that fell,
The cold is hard, my hands are bad,
I squash my face, in search of ways.

I must confess, I have been stress,
The heart in me, is all complex,
My words are mixed, I lack the fix,
I failed you here, I wailed in tears.

I tap the floor, in hope for more,
The words are clear, my mind can’t bear,
It holds no clue, to easy your cool,
I still can right, the wrong of night.

So in the air, I throw my spear,
The page is filled, with fear and spills,
The poem I sort, to tell was brought,
So out I screamed, my heart now beams.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

Am I The Fool?

There is a zoo, I like to school,
Behind the clue, that men are fools,
The day was cool, we marched in two,
Prepare our case, we need our tools.

The seats are few, when lunch was stew,
We ate with hands, washed with sand,
The trails of life, we piled with strife,
We made our plans, in need of fans.

The judge was new, we thought to used,
The laws of old, he could be cold,
But right we were and bright he found,
Our reason is bound, to honor the sound.

So here we greet, the school we built,
The minds of all, prepared for more,
The zoo of life, is full of fools,
So name no one, for you are cool.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

Her Vengeance For Us.

At last they’re here, the law we fear,
The streets are filled, our bloods were spilled,
The madness we see, when gladly she killed,
To bait all men, her heart’s intent.

Her hands now grip, the tools she whipped,
This kid is quick, her fate not weak,
No tears in her, this one we keep,
What wrong we did? That we must bleed?

She brought her justice, when men were slaughtered,
The will to live, our legs revealed,
With haste we ran, when she descends,
The rain of bullets, the fall of hundreds.

Make the call, our wish of Paul,
We need the law, this kid to fall,
Our legs grow weak, our hopes now leap,
She must be stopped, her heart was flopped.

She cursed all men, her guns defend,
Her heart will mend, our pray to send,
The noise we hear, behind her tears,
At last they’re here, the law we fear.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

The Broken Home.


Since five he’d know, his pain like stone,
His mum was drunk, most days on rum,
The dad he wanted, packed up and departed,
The house he knew, now torn in two.

He build up hate, when slaps he ate,
The days were long, when food were none,
The bills weren’t paid, his mum wasn’t made,
To give a damn, she drank with Sam.

The nights were loud, with parties and fights,
The smell of crack, now fill his sack,
The drugs were plenty, their scents were dirty,
His age now ten, his bald and thin.

His dad didn’t care, he’s glad he wasn’t there,
He had his life, a man on bikes,
He had a son, that was not fun,
So out he moved, his life now smooth.

I am a curse, he wrote in blood,
He had no friends, his life now bend,
His mum on drugs, her friends would spend,
Many night with him, his aged fifteen.

His life was broken, his fate unspoken,
From house to house, he moved with doubt,
The mum he loved, was not his dove,
He hurts inside, this child now cries.

He grew too quick, his mum once said,
When out one day, her son couldn’t stay,
He stood so tall, upon that wall,
He toiled with death, and off he leapt.

The news once read, awhile ago,
A man had jumped, to free his dump,
It’s was a bridge, the wall he stood,
Now peace we pray, he finds with saints.

His mum now bitter, her mind of litter,
A son she killed, when drugs and pills,
Controlled her life, her child so bright,
She mourned him not, her joy of sort.

By Julius Fa
(c) 2011

A Horrible Dream!

I cannot roll, I must be slow,
I see my legs, but feel no arms,
The breath I take, is but a fake,
The lungs inside, are full of tides.

The sound is clean, I wish to beam,
Away from here, my mind seems clear,
The clothes I wear, are torn with care,
I’m in a boat, I feel like rope.

I sense with air, the light up there,
I roll towards, the path of jaws,
I move with haste, my mouth like paste,
I can’t slow down, is that a town?

I’m gripped with fear, and doubt my tears,
The sounds of water, silenced in butter,
The skies is grey, I think am crazy,
To tell this story, no horror in glory.

Can’t look behind, can’t turn to find,
The noise of hawks, erodes my thoughts,
My heart is cold, my throat now folds,
I scream so loud, but none can hear.

I’m struck in time, this place I find,
I can’t escape, this dream in kind,
I hope to break, this horrible state,
I open my eyes, the paddles beside!

By Julius Fa
© 2011

Wake Me Please!!

If up is down and down is up,
The twist of life, will spin around,
The floor will rock, our heads would roll,
The strength to stand, will fade to black.

The time to think, would be a blink,
The dirty you hide, will fall outside,
The hope you store, is gone by four,
The need for help, is all you’re dealt.

You start to cry, from fear or why?
The world you know, now cracks with snow,
You close your eyes, to stop the flies,
The ups and downs, the skies now drowns.

The clouds are torn, you seem to run,
Your feet in space, you are a case,
This horror conforms, to the mind of one,
You must away, this dream is grim.

You scream for order, is that your bother?
The crash of thunder, around your blunder,
The crush of sounds, yet here you’re found,
You’re now a bird, your fate was heard.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

She Settled For Less!

I’ll stick with him, I think we click,
The flick we watched, as got me weak,
The thought of life, without the time,
To find true love, no peace in doves.

The years are few, I can’t amuse,
The fate of men, to hold my hands,
To crowd me queen, without a plan,
The risk is time, which wants no dime.

The trick is settle, when life’s a petal,
Forget the prince, you dreamt to rinse,
The mind you own, is now so prone,
Make me his wife, he seems alright.

The pace of life, is full of strife,
The rush and go, without the slow,
The case of love, renewed and tough,
The here and now, my need for sound.

I answered “Yes”, I know am blessed,
I found my guy, so time goodbye,
You lost this race, to steal my grace,
But doubts in mind, was I so blind.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

I Walked, Her Crush!

I can’t compete, with Jim it seems,
You find him nice, I think of mice,
You laugh at jokes, that seem so old,
You stare in hope, is Jim your rope?

I watch the show, with Jim and you,
You act so well, he tends to smell,
You make him lunch, and Jim can munch,
You wear your best, I feel compressed.

The truth be told, I have a cold,
I mean a crush, on you so much,
I tried so hard, because I care,
You seem intended, am not dependent.

We talk each day, I think I’ll stay,
The smiles and laughs, we share are blasts,
You are so pretty, you are my sweety,
But fate seems baked, for Jim is your cake.

I wont compete, I said before,
You’re hooked on Jim, am not your bin,
So chase his down, and let love sound,
But don’t you know, that Jim’s with Kim?

By Julius Fa
© 2011