His Prison.

He sits and waits, he knows he can,
The walls of time, are all he’s found,
The cage around him, he thinks of rage,
He’s not himself, his mind once said.

It wasn’t long, before he tried,
To harm himself, his wish to die,
The mind inside, is all but fries,
They saved his skin, but not his pride.

He tried to talk, but could not walk,
The life he led, was not so bless,
From young he failed and thought he sailed,
He could not read and grew to hate.

The teens were painful, his life still same,
The love of parents, just wasn’t there,
He grew without love, his heart is torn,
How can we blame him? When here he sits.

But wait and listen, he chose this path,
He’s not in prison, just in the park,
His mind inside him, is what you see,
He’s still a prisoner, within himself.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

You Saved Me.

I like the way, you found me there,
I wont deny, that you are King,
The saints adore, the love you bring,
I still believe, You are with me.

The years are long and I have sung,
The songs of angels, to easy my run,
The life around me, is now so dark,
I need the peace, before am done.

I try to hide, the shame that’s me,
The world before me, is got the gun,
I can’t defeat, the norm they say,
This life we live, is got me pain.

I look above and found you near,
The stars of night, are all so bright,
The sun you sent, to free my vent,
With grace about me, I am still here.

So here I stand, on legs so faint,
I knee to You and pray and thank,
You saved this wretch, that is still me,
But grace has told me, “you are His son.”

By Julius Fa
© 2012

The Power Within!

I have the power, to make it right,
The change will come, when I have won,
The world tonight, is out of sight,
I’m in the zone, he holds his guard.

The fans are nuts and scream with guts,
They want to see, the fight of kings,
I wont disprove, the belt am in,
I mark his nose, my win from sin.

I take his hits, my sides in bits,
He’s fast as rain, but moves the same,
I dance around, his mind now frowns,
I’m still the greatest, my fans demand.

The round is over, we take our sits,
The coach is worried, that I will bin,
This match now over, my mind now sees,
The key to winning, is found in me.

The bell is rung and up we sprung,
He throws his punches, I laugh at some,
I mark his jaw and made my play,
He’s down and out, I won this day.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Take Your Pick.


So here they met, these friends of old,
No eyes shall see, what form they be,
No ears shall hear, what words are spoken,
Just friends of time, to old to bind.

To the left is Pride, that sin so cold,
He wears a cost, to hide his wins,
He sips is gin, he seems so keen,
To prove his king and turn you in.

To the right is Grace, that saint we seek,
She’s dressed in white, clothed in light,
She fears no ill, just longs to heal,
The weak in life, a chance to right.

But Time is here, to our surprise,
He holds a clock, to steal your locks,
He’s bold and old and teaches the fold,
He’ll kill them all, before their told.

And last is Wrath, that prince of war,
He’ll bring you hate and make you bait,
The heart and mind, will fight with lime,
He claps his hands, his joy in rage.

We choose the mood, we wear with age,
It’s wise to live, a life of change,
Hold no regrets, just bliss and face,
Each day you breathe, renewed with Grace.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

The Woods.

I like these woods, to think of things,
To write the words, to poems and tales,
To see the plays, I wish to sway,
To plan the right, before it’s night.

The warm of day, will charge your grey,
The soften soil, your legs implore,
The gold leaves, the scent of cheese,
The flying birds, release your toils.

I’m not the same, when here I stay,
I feel restored, with grace and more,
The will to live, a just reward,
I’m in too deep, with nature I leap,

The air is clean, the sound obscene,
The silence around, what joy I’ve found,
I wish you’ll come, and take this tour,
But do not talk, just stroll that’s all.

The sun now dips, beneath it’s tip,
The sight is bliss, the peace I’d kiss,
I stand and stare, relieved and clear,
I’ll come again, to this place here.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Help Me See!!

I feel used, do not fuse,
I gave too much, you stole my trust,
I failed to see, the hole you’ll be,
I hate this face, I need you Grace.

You shut me out, I need no help,
You cut me deep, my heart will bleed,
You show me things, I saw your think,
You hid your nature, to my displeasure.

My friends once said, that you will fled,
This home I made, for you to stay,
I curse them hard, we fell out fast,
But they were right, to my distress.

I wear this mask, to shield my blast,
Away from you, I now must last,
I feel this pain, within my veins,
I’m choked of life, I hold a knife.

But then it came, from up and far,
The light so bright, it lit my night,
It broke my chains and freed my pains,
She touched my face, with Grace am saved.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

I’ll Fly, You Watch!

I’m in the zone, that has no place,
I’ll disappear, before your face,
I’m made of gold, you look disgraced,
I aren’t the fool, so leave me space.

The time is now, for me to shine,
I wont hold back, so do not bark,
You look so lost, my job now done,
You know me not, I’ll feed you nuts.

I hide a secret, so please believe it,
I have no heart, so fear no part,
The hurt you send, will cause no end,
I told you once, I’m in the zone.

They chased me high, I stood so tall,
The edge is near, the fall is there,
The cries to stop, I’ll look above,
I see them try, to save me why?

So here I stand, to their surprise,
I have no heart, you played your part,
I spread my arms, my wings are formed,
I took a leap, the saints I’ll keep.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

We Fight With Fists!

You broke the rule, I want to fight,
I will not bite, if you will smite,
I’ll bring it all, just hope for dark,
I see you fall, am on your back.

The ground is rough, we roll in dust,
I played it cool, I hold your tools,
You swing with hate, I wish I ate,
I feel your blows, my hands are low.

The blood we spit, is but a feast,
For pest on earth and those that cut,
I field your weight and pluck my shame,
I can’t defend, this mouth that offend.

So up and down, I tried my hand,
To run away, is not my sway,
I see the chance, to set it right,
I launched my punch, it crunched your brunch.

Your jaw went up, I turned to cup,
The dart you threw, was just the brew,
I heard the sirens, I turned in silence,
It’s much to late, to shake this fate.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Your Side.


I’m on your side, you need not cry,
I have your back, so do not track,
The heart you guard, I’ll hide from harm,
You’re not alone, I’m in your zone.

I know it hurts, when love is tossed,
The mind goes blank, you start to bank,
The way things were, when you were two,
You must let go, your heart now cold.

I’ll fend then off, these snakes that charm,
You must get up, your life’s no flop,
The time will come, when hell is gone,
I see you break, its just too late.

You doubt the head, you wear instead,
You start to harm and cut your arm,
I snatched the knife and hugged your thrift,
You screamed with pain, I held your vein.

Your face was torn, your shame now born,
The shade of grey, now full insane,
You lay in bed, your fate in red,
You open your eyes, my blue surprise.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

A Night For Fun.

I’m out for fun, so do not run,
The mood am in, is full of sin,
I wont deny, the way I feel,
I have a cause, to be the boss.

The bar is packed, the night still lacks,
The single lady, that I must chat,
I toss my hat, the crowd is sat,
I’m in my vest, my heart now rest.

I drink a rum, to smooth my thumb,
The girls wave bye, am just to fly,
I hit the floor, my moves are raw,
I catch her eyes, Is she my prize?

My feet are snow, she moves up close,
She can’t resist, the way I fizz,
Her lips she bites, my hands her hips,
This dance is slow, we are now close.

We danced till late, it’s time we ate,
I hold your hands, you smile and send,
A kiss my way, my fate is baked,
At last am boss, this night was fun.

By Julius Fa
© 2012