Shouldn’t Have Said It!!


I’m sorry I spoke, the last three words,
It’s all my fault, this was the pulse,
I should have known, its not your throne,
Forget the pause and go your way.

What have I done, to stop this fun,
The age of love, beyond our thumb,
I woke too quick, in heat I sweat,
With madness inside, I spoke with pride.

Forgive me Grace, I need to race,
Away from here, my mind in fear,
I made it clear, but failed to stir,
To fly from you, my needs in tune.

It’s such a weight, I did not lift,
I made things worse, with too much care,
I should have lied, or faked my try,
But now to face, this self I hate.

“So bye” I lied, to leave your heart,
I said the opposite, of what I felt,
To save this face and less my hate,
“I loved you Grace,” my words she ate.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

My Nature.


I have a nature, I can’t define,
It has its rules, its ways and wiles,
It stands for self and cares for me,
It begs to differ, are you the giver?

I light a smoke, and curse the world,
I hate the poor, the rich and vain,
I long for air, that’s not profane,
It’s just my nature, to split my veins.

I’m dressed in black, in search of death,
I fear the journey, I need no drama,
I kiss goodbye and blow my foes,
I’ll bring the glory, you keep the stories.

I’m made of greed and want and need,
I hate your face, so turn in haste,
I’ll take your blows, just don’t take hold,
I am not love, that fate you sort.

So bold I walked, your eyes like hawks,
Don’t talk to me, of life out there,
I want what’s mine, so don’t be kind,
I wear this nature, defined by humans.

I see you fake, what’s mine you take,
You played me well, this game untamed,
You danced on ice, made thin by mice,
We seem to have swapped, you’re now my nature.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

I’m Fine!!

I’ll wait just here, I sat and stare,
The world out there, filled with fear,
The way it was, I thought I knew,
Things aren’t the same, I start to view.

The few that rush, blew their fuse,
The daily shame, we watch in news,
The beaten wife, we pity and muse,
It’s gone to pots, the drugs they brought.

I see the addicts, that crack and abuse,
The tools of life, they charge for rent,
The rich live well, the poor aren’t fed,
“Who gives a damn?” their masks revealed.

I look above and wonder why?
The blame of life, we blamed on right,
They made a stand, others tried to ban,
I’m just too kind, they hate my find.

You came back wet, I laughed and said,
“The day is rough,” you smiled instead,
You ask of mine, I thought to say,
But smiled back too and said “just fine.”

By Julius Fa
© 2012

This King Of Mine.

I’ll show them king, around these bins,
The streets that is, to you my kin,
The cash will roll, the guns will blow,
The blood will flow, the bins I own.

From north to south, we talk about,
The tales of old, about the cold,
The lengthy nights, when thugs command,
The clubs and bars, the cash they trashed.

The fights we started, became our parties,
We smoked the joints, before they point,
Away we flashed, the cars we lashed,
But do not tell, the code out here.

The cops would stare, like girls with hair,
They cried for help, we smiled and felt,
We rules all things, the prize we’re dealt,
So watch this space, we ride with lace.

I told you once, I’ll show the king,
Death smiled with easy and marked my skin,
I walked outside and lit my smoke,
I heard the shots, the king has come.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

It Came To This.

It’s not your fault, I hate to blame,
The way things are, I doubt you’ll stay,
To meet with me, is not your thing,
I’m pushed for time, you sense I’d lie.

We grew too quick, with such a speed,
The rush to be, the guy you’ll free,
For life was bait and love got ate,
I leaned on you, to save my fate.

I pushed too hard, to make things right,
The empty house, was all I feared,
The need for two, to make things real,
I seek in you, the gift of doves.

You held your cards, closed and played,
You chose to lose, the weight you pull,
I gave you help, it seems I dealt,
The joker’s face, reveal the hell.

So end it now and let me be,
I can’t rejoice, because I feel,
You took my joy and that’s no ploy,
I trusted you, but it’s okay.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Hell Found Me, But God Saved Me.

She found me here, beside the light,
The dark surround, has got its bark,
The stench of death, as got me whence,
My head in hand, my fear inside.

I hear them growl, they want to feed,
The smell of fear, as got them here,
They call my name, they’re in my head,
I scream with rage, to their advantage.

The light is fading, my faith is swaying,
I prayed too long, but got no sign,
I sense the hell, around this night,
My soul feels crushed, am I this strong?

I feel a scratch upon my back, the drip of blood,
Their fangs now surge, to rip my flesh,
I think am done, because they cut,
My life now flash, I see their eyes.

Help me please, I pledge with easy,
The light I bear, now thin with faith,
Their eyes is red, I cry in stress,
I close my eyes, these beasts will feast.

The lonesome sinner, sits down with demons,
Alias my descent, to free this saint,
From high He heard, his prayers and calls,
I’ll bring His Light and break hell’s dark.

They stilled their attack and drew back quick,
The light of truth, their eyes now blind,
I see him floored, beside these dogs,
My sword to strike, the beasts of hate.

Away you demons, rebuked to free him,
I lift his soul, his face is cold,
Into his heart, his burdens depart,
It was his prayer, that brought him Grace.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

This City, My Story.

I have a story, that holds much glory,
About a girl, I met with bells,
She rode a bike, I saw her hike,
The lengthy hill, she conquered with skill,

She stopped to rest, I smiled at best,
I gave a drink, to which she thinks,
I am a flirt, I try to but,
She smiled and joked, I sipped my coke.

She talked for long, about what’s wrong,
The lengthy hill, we thought to peel,
She laughed so sweet, I want her kiss,
Our eyes locked on, our mind in doubt.

I sense in her, a life before,
Perhaps we met, in times ago,
It felt so right, with years that write,
The life we have, if we are bound.

Day now night and time so gone,
I gave my jacket, to warm her bliss,
She looks so happy, I seem to carry,
Her hands in mine, our love to find.

So what a feeling, to see this beating,
The heart I mean, inside my wings,
I got her number and fall to slumber,
When up I looked, I saw this view.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Where Are They, Sir?

It’s up ahead, I tell them low,
They look so dead, the heat they’re fed,
Their legs are worn, from mud and thorns,
I must give hope, before their gone.

The sounds of blast, shakes our hearts,
The blood stained fields, our senses feel,
The cold out here, the death we smelt,
I long for home, but must be bold.

They’re still my guys, these men that fought,
For death drew near, their minds not there,
They stood their ground, when hell was found,
Around their souls, their burdens blow.

They screamed and yell, when bombs now fell,
They thought was rain, that touched their veins,
But bullets that fell, from skies above,
They cut them down, before my brow.

I’m soaked in blood and still go on,
I fired into, the dark of night,
The pit is near, I sense the fear,
Of boys now men, that face this war.

When back I got, into this wall,
The blood on me, is not my own,
They lit my smoke, to calm my nerves,
I lost them all, those boys I loved.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Cool Didn’t Win.


He’s king of cool, to some a fool,
He fakes the prize, inside his heart,
His life pretends, to shine and mend,
The fear he hides, the tears his cried.

The club is buzzing, the floor is calling,
He’s dressed in brown, because he’s tanned,
He spreads the love, without a cough,
He’s blessed with blink, because he sings.

His lines were cheap, the ladies now leap,
Away from him, his tongue a sin,
He must slow down, he drinks a clown,
The fight will come, before the dawn.

So it did, with voices raised,
A fight ensued, without a clue,
He run inside, this loo they queued,
He’s cut and bruised, his lips abused.

He looks a mess and tries to blend,
Around the bar, he iced is neck,
His head is soar, his side is torn,
She smiled at him and helps him heal.

A cab she called and took him home,
To his surprise, he didn’t disguise,
The guy he was, without a pause,
She liked this guy, because he cried.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Cat Eyes.


I’ll bring the ice, to cool this heat,
The night is dark, my eyes now glow,
The streets will know, our noise is low,
Into this bank, we take our chance.

The world recessed, we need not stress,
We have a job, to some a test,
To break the pest, that stole our best,
To get our pay, we drill the bay.

The guards alive, we run and hide,
We killed the lights and stand in night,
Our masks with eyes, our cats will show,
We reach the volt, before we’re caught.

They drew there guns, these guards of fun,
We played there game, they rained down bullets,
They did not tame, our lives still nine,
We froze the bolts and cracked the volt.

We left a trail, when out we bailed,
The car is Benz, our ride will send,
The cops behind, with speed we find,
Our chances green, our eyes now beam.

So here tonight, they robbed a bank,
The guards tied up, their guns now smoke,
They saw three guys, with eyes that glow,
But could not stop, these cats that stole.

By Julius Fa
© 2012