One Simply Heart.

I have a heart, that’s full of care,
It’s gold to some and cold to few,
I hope you’ll fine, a heart to friend,
This heart in me, is all I give.

I’ve seen the floods, you keep outside,
The gates to hate, you lock with tape,
The wondering mind, you wish to bind,
The frame you bear, with tales of fear.

The earth is large and we its pear,
The fruits of life, a welcome taste,
The friends we keep, reward our sleep,
We want to feel, we want to heal.

Within myself, I learned to trust,
That’s life’s a gift, so please do lift,
Your hands and try, to be the best,
That all He ask, that you possess.

So please allow, me to protest,
I have a place, you might find rest,
It’s in my heart, I hope you let,
Your stress to fly and love to bless.

By Julius Fa
© 2012


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