Not My Day.

I need to think, without much noise,
To clear my head, away from toys,
I feel so faint, because of paint,
To save my brain, I’ll leave my gains.

The truth is raw, it holds not back,
The sand of thoughts, caress my back,
The fate I hold, released and stacked,
I curse this fold, I won’t be told.

The sun is out, so why the pout,
The air is thin, your lungs go dim,
The sweat you feel, because of heat,
Enjoy this bliss, you seem to kiss.

I’ll lick the cream, beyond the ice,
My time is short, so don’t be Paul,
I give a damn, about your call,
It’s not my style, so take my file.

It’s not my day, so walk away,
I’ll trash your smile, so do this mile,
I need to vent, because my strength,
Has got me mad, it’s why am sad!

By Julius Fa
© 2012

There War, Not Ours.

Let’s pretend, am just this good,
Filled with love and pleased to sing,
Happy to be, the person you see,
Longing for life, praising this peace.

Clear my mind, hoping for spring,
Looking above, seeing the stars,
Shining so bright, closer than night,
Feeling the grace, happiness still brings.

Letting the rot, slowly decay,
The silence around, quieter than sound,
Seeing the joy, others do implore,
Lowing my guns, seeing no bombs.

Open my eyes, the horrors are real,
Muddy my face, covered in filthy,
Fingered my trigger, ready for school,
Darkness around, gathered my strength.

Flashes of sin, failing beside,
Colors of green, gases their wings,
Hundreds descend, into the mud,
This is there war, onwards to death.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Just Mad.

He wears a robe, he thinks he’s Jobe,
Truth be told, he has no hope,
They stare in doubt, with no respect,
He’s far from home, these streets are cold.

He starts to sweat, from fear except,
He owns no light, to put things right,
He wings the bills, these fools will kill,
The lonesome man, who frowns with clowns.

His laugh was short, because he thought,
He’s plagued by sights, that do not fight,
The sane once said, “that life is work,”
But they didn’t meet, this bomb that ticks.

He had few friends, but cared to spend,
The nights alone, his mind in zone,
With time long past, he changed his lane,
His pace now quick, you’re still his creek.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

My Other Life?

I’ve lived a double life,
Leaving pains and spinning tales,
Driving fast and slowing last,
Being wild and roasting sane.

Doubting self and wanting fame,
Shooting first and growing vain,
Thinking quick and nearly peak,
Sinking low, but feeling good.

Running hard and walking not,
Seeing red and darting past,
Greeting freaks and seeking meek,
Out my mind, but healing fine.

Broken heart and shattered dreams,
Glowing bright, whilst others bite,
Seeking danger and faking peace,
Living the double, life’s starting to trouble.

Then the crash, you’ve all be waiting,
Thunder bashing, ears popping,
Body falling, hands bleeding,
Double or nothing, living for something!

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Above The Waves

I have no rules, just need for fuel,
To ride these waves, without your say,
I feel alive, but tend to hide,
Beneath the sun, I am its gun.

I twist and turn, you seem to yawn,
The need for more, a just deserve,
I please the few, the sea is blue,
My arms like wings, to fly and sing.

The noise is loud, behind this wave,
The chase is on, to knock me down,
I easy my board, between its run,
I dance on water, I look much hotter.

I see the crowd, applause with pride,
I bow and ride, unfazed by tides,
I’m king out here, where stress is less,
I bow to boast, my hosts are close.

I have a thing, for nature it seems,
To be this close and not get toast,
The ride of life, at times with strife,
I grab my board and ride it still.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Fake People!


I have a date, with chance of late,
To show the world, I won’t be hate,
Must share the fate, of love in state,
To be revived, I hold my gate.

I’ll give you time, to come and dine,
A roast to eat, before we greet,
The hearts we guide, because we’re sad,
Don’t tease my back, I’ll fight like Jack.

We spread our pleasantries, in spite of laughter,
We wear deep masks, that hide the glass,
I wear my makeup, to save my fake cough,
It’s lies we swim in, beside we’re still in.

But truth be told, I think am bold,
I lack the strength, to make you bend,
In love with me, I seek to breathe,
I drop my guide and show you red.

You jumped and freeze, in shock am pleased,
You drop you tool, I save your pull,
A slip to give, your date a trip,
I stand and smile, you’re gone for miles.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Their Race & Pain.


It has a name, this game we play,
It’s full of wants, needs and race,
It seeks to hold and self impose,
You make your play, it’s me you tuant.

I’ll bleed you dry, just run and hide,
I am no lady, go seek your baby,
I want no ring, you sting like kings,
I’ll show you fear, you think I care.

I am the boy, she wish to kill,
Her heart is cold, from men that sin,
I hold this gun, to end her run,
She hates all men, for this I’ve seen.

He’s such a fool, I’ll break his cool,
I run with speed, he’s laps behind,
A smith and western, my choice of vengeance,
I send him rain, of bullets and pain.

I duck and fight, her tears of night,
I see her thunder, with flashes and wonder,
Her bullets wizz by, her precision is chilling,
I’m out of breath, she is my stress.

I hear him fall, beneath the wall,
My bullets mull, in search of his call,
I load my beast and aim due east,
I’ll stand and wait, for he’s now bait.

I sense her pause, my thoughts are lost,
I kiss this gun, because am done,
I count to three and rise with speed,
She rain down death, upon my flesh.

I cut him down, this dog that thought,
He’ll end my reign, his plans in veil,
I walk up to him, his blood around him,
He smiles at me, I end his will.

By Julius Fa

© 2012

What I Like?

I like to sing, the songs that bring,
A sense of joy, with words that ring,
The mood is light, it feels so right,
I like to sing, for you my spring.

I like to dance, with legs that chance,
The awkward steps, we try our best,
The zest in me, to you I bring,
We smile and laugh and swirl till dawn.

I like to hide, the words that show,
The way I feel, inside this soul,
The heart that loves, my mind that’s sure,
I like to hide, but you are fine.

I like to write, not cause am right,
The page that’s filled, with tales and trills,
The eyes that see, the mind that breathe,
I like to write, so wait with me.

I like to be, that friend to you,
The joys we’ll share, the press will stare,
To hide my steps, we’ll dance till ten,
A song I’ll sing, for you my queen.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

An Interesting Point!

He has a point, he wish to state,
It’s full of holes and smells of grass,
He hopes to prove, that life’s a fool,
He stands alone, outside our zone.

I heard he cried, when all say bye,
He did not stand, the test of time,
They stole his show and left his phone,
To make that call, before he falls.

His past was good, I’ll share with you,
He had a wife, with kids so bright,
He kept a dog, to chase the log,
A house well built, on stones that tilt.

But pride too hold, his life now bold,
He turned his back, on friends that last,
He slept at work, in search of more,
His wife and kids, denied their bliss.

So now he blames, this thing called life,
A case he’ll bring, to show them bling,
He had it wrong, for life’s not born,
To be the fool, this was his pool.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Do You See Me?


I’m still right here, in front your care,
The crowd around, deny my chance,
They are your friends, my thoughts now send,
A gift to you, to let you know.

I’m not your norm, so do not sum,
My ways are different, just wait you’ll see them,
I give from within, the love that sings,
You still don’t see, this self that’s me.

If birds could talk, they’ll tell of us,
The gentle lovers, that walk with feathers,
The joys of spring, refined to bring,
A bed of roses, for you are worth it.

But day by day, we pass this bay,
I look the fool, you are the cool,
I try to meet, but tend to sit,
You do not see, am I a seed.

There is a reason, to close this season,
It does no good, when love’s in prison,
Lock in such hearts, that hide in part,
You see me not, so love departs.

By Julius Fa
© 2012