You Made Me!


You do not care, you throw your stares,
I’m just a case, you tend to share,
My life you plate, yours friends to dish,
I am a toy, you think to deploy.

You made me cry, to show you can,
You knock me down and tried to drown,
You stuck a knife, into my back,
Your friends laughed on, it seems am dumb.

You picked on me, because am different,
I don’t fit in, am far from norm,
You spit with hate, my face you maze,
My sight is dimmed, my heart implore.

It wasn’t long, before I snapped,
Your hate destroyed, the guy I was,
Now dark my tears, with blood mixed in,
You created me, now face my wrath.

I lost my cool and plot with easy,
A bomb to blow, you up in trees,
I hate myself and hate you more,
You should have left, me by myself.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

The Cost Of Bliss.


I’m not the same and not that lame,
It was my fault, I hate adults,
You tore my heart, because I doubt,
This love you teach, is out my reach.

I tried to settle, before the petal,
Declare the spring, I long to bring,
Was love so great, it lacked the taste,
Of sweet delight, I am not bright.

I gave my heart, she did her part,
We walked for miles, inside we smiled,
The world around, amass by sound,
I did not see, you let me down.

I cried for weeks, till tears grow weak,
I hurt and tried, denied but why,
I sort no ill, just strength to peel,
You from my heart, because you depart.

The phones were silence, the air so violent,
I wished to heal, I know you feel,
I crushed this us, because of dust,
I am to blame, we’re not the same.

Look deep and read, my words will speak,
The truth is bold, i write with cold,
Reverse the old and free my soul,
To love is risk, it is such bliss.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Forgive Me.


I have a song, I’d like to share,
About a girl, I use to care,
We built our lives, for three long years,
But failed to bridge, the gap between.

I loved her so, but couldn’t complete,
The bond of two, in one with peace,
She grew too quick, to love my wit,
I paced the beat, within my heart.

I cared too much, what dad would say,
If home I brought, this part of me,
She too couldn’t bear, her folks to see,
This guy she found, new strength and being.

We talked so much, about life’s stuff,
We’re good together, inside your feathers,
You shared your son, with me his fun,
I saw the family, I long for sanity.

But deep within, you saw my sin,
The world around, as cut me down,
I’m not myself, I shall not love,
You tried to change, my nature in vain.

It was a day, much like this rain,
I cut away, from you like stain,
You cried no doubt, my heart went south,
My smile is gone, you was the one.

By Julius Fa
© 2012

What I’m Made Off!


I’m made of steel, that will not rust,
It’s full of strength, that’s meant for lent,
My knees wont bow, to those that growl,
My heart is hard, because I’m strong.

I have in mind, the sights you send,
Your talk is cheap, your tongue will keep,
The lies you mix, beneath your feet,
I see the fake, you think is real.

I hate to wait, I am no bait,
I’ll start the fight, you turn and run,
The streets my code, the cops my foes,
The light they beamed, to curb our sins.

This night is young, with tales of fun,
It holds its own, without a phone,
To seal the deal, they beat our heels,
I knee in pain, I am insane!

By Julius Fa
© 2012

I Am Human After All!


I told a lie, I tried to hide,
It was my fault, I could not talk,
The sweat that fell, revealed my fears,
I told a lie and now must fly.

I hid the truth, I was so rude,
I did not want, the few to doubt,
The self they see, this me is real,
I hid the truth, they are my wolf.

I am the fool, they search with tools,
That cut the tongue, of those that rant,
About their lives, they hold such pride,
I am the fool, they look with eyes.

I should have cried, because I tried,
To be the saint, I think I’ll faint,
I hold no right, am filled with fright,
I want to cry, just let me die.

I am all things, to those that bring,
The truth in spring, a fool to sing,
The lies I form, will taint me some,
But I wont cry, because am fun.

By Julius Fa
© 2012