Not Smart.


I’m not that smart, I’m not that brave,
I think too much, it must be March,
To sink or swim, I seek to prove,
I’m worth the chance, just save the dance.

It’s strange to feel, the way I do,
My words once heard, but now absorbed,
It must be right, the air now tight,
I loose my bow, it’s not my show.

She left me here, without a care,
I’m disillusioned, because she couldn’t,
Reveal that truth, in hearts so real,
I had the hunch, but she’s no lunch.

So on I drank, my mind is sank,
Beyond my tears, inside my fears,
I gave it all, but she’s didn’t fall,
In love with me, this life is mean.

By Julius Fa
© 2013

A New Ray.


I see the light, that brings a smile,
It’s full and high, and yet so dry,
It stands alone, beneath the skies,
It’s blessed with life, a tree so ripe.

We start again, a year that brings,
The trails and speed, we look unease,
The ups and downs, our turnarounds,
Our lives all go, when do we grew?

We pan this sight, afraid to fight,
The empty space, beyond our face,
A mix of rays, we hope will stay,
A tree so bright, are we all right?

So on we march, with eyes that search,
The year ahead, prepare our bed,
Hold fast your ways, relax and praise,
For God is love, we are His rays.

By Julius Fa
© 2013

Walking & Thinking.


You seem to know the drill,
My time is beneath your grill,
This life is all we feel,
Try hard to make it real.

Each day we start again,
Each night we lose our gain,
For want we must depart,
Our hearts begin to pair.

I see the Saint in you,
It’s kind and filled with bliss,
It shares the joy within,
With all that suffer sin.

So stop and turn around,
I’m here to hold your hands,
This world is not out work,
But walk together we’re found.

By Julius Fa © 2013