Not Again


I saw the light, but failed to like,
The sight was bright, my mind with fright,
Without a doubt, I knew what’s right,
I turned my back, afraid to stay.

Prepared for what, my lack of trust,
Inside am brown, outside all white,
Denied by crowds, too strong to say,
The truth I’ll keep, deep down I weep.

I reached too far, my crown now torn,
Got lost out there, the world still young,
I feel so old, yet time still holds,
My life in codes, each tick feels cold.

I talk too fast, each breath my last,
I seek a pass, through death to life,
Was I so wrong, was I too strong?
Afraid to cry, I saw the light.

By Julius Fa

Your Ego!


I am the ego, you dare not try,
I will not break, so don’t cry out,
I’m filled with rage, because am right,
You look with hate, I dance on fate.

I am the ego, you seem to think,
The world is round, it’s just a sound,
You fear the light, I’m not that dark,
You seek to tame, the meek are famed.

You crossed the line, within your mind,
The words I say, are real with haste,
You doubt my purpose, your sense uncommon,
Prepare your mind, I am your ego.

Let words fly by and rain no more,
Take pain inside and build her shed,
Free love outside and don’t look back,
I said it trice, I am your ego.

Julius Fa
© 2014