The Shot


I’ll take that shot, you bet I will,
I aren’t afraid, to end this raid,
It’s just a life, to some a strike,
This is man’s game, no time for fame.

He’s in my sight, I have no fright,
I take one breath, to still my hands,
It’s half a mile, I start to smile,
Make me king, my thoughts now sing.

It gave a kick, my gun so slick,
My eyes collide, with dirt and ride,
I see the shot, it’s far away,
I hold my spot, it feels so hot.

I fall awake, as if I break,
This sleep of mine, with dreams of dime,
It felt so real, as if I killed,
It’s just a shot, I stir my pot.

By Julius Fa

A Gift.


I have a gift, or so said I,
It’s full of holes, just like the pole,
I’m full of goals, before am old,
It’s just a phase, I like the chase.

I’m pass the age, to care and cage,
The rage inside, long gone and fades,
Full of flower, my boost is lower,
I look around, these youth look sound.

I dump my pride,  I seek to try,
A welcome smile, my face alive,
It’s just a play,  am still the same,
Can’t fake my hate,  so book your date.

I say again,  I have a gift,
You just don’t know, if it is real,
I won’t say much,  just this my hunch,
You disapprove, I disappear!

By Julius Fa,

Hidden Past.


I have a past,  I hope will pass,
It’s full of pain, it’s just like rain,
You see my tears, within your hears,
But I didn’t cry, so do not try.

When I was young, and they were old,
No love was shown, just shame at home,
I tried to hide, my cuts from eyes,
They wondered how, this youth still lied.

They called me names, I can’t repaid,
It burnt my skin, because I  sinned,
Against their ways, my life no gain,
A slap at nine, my face still mine.

You read my words, but feel at odds,
Within you try, to hold your cry,
My life of wonder, you frown and ponder,
A youth gone mad, from a past so sad.

Julius Fa



I found my queen, that love to last,
Past was clean, still no win,
Reached inside, pulled out my pride,
Released and free, two now three.

Around her norm, I found some rum,
Risen and given, two gifts for leaving,
Relations that sink, no ship to swim,
Intense with emotions, my reason for treason.

It did not hurt, but tears did cut,
Deep pits of sorrow, around tomorrow,
Reached high confused, my mind confused,
Passed on today, couldn’t care for days.

It takes a hero, to say what blows,
She tore my heart, because of words,
It’s all so simple, her pride a symbol,
No victory in loving, dry rust and breaking.

By Julius Fa

Answer Me!


I have a task, that I must ask,
If art was fast, why don’t we mask?
The faceless twin, a deed not sin,
I tried and failed, look up it’s hail.

The storm will pass, was I the ass?
I questioned once, with doubt in ounce,
Withdrawn within, how deep my past,
Surrendered to win, a gift to bin,

Still fishing for answers, respect for wishing,
The thought for more, in search of ore,
Is life the dream, or just man’s stream,
These clouds will cover, my pains in thunder.

I fear no man, just all that gather,
They look the same, with ears that beam,
No face with lace, just fakes that make,
My mind to question, was I that task?

By Julius Fa

My Becoming – My Right To Choose.


I’ll take that door, before it’s late,
I made the choice, no room for nice,
To walk straight through, regret won’t hold,
My fearless fate, tested by hate.

You see the door, but can’t go on,
Because of fear, or lack of care,
The mass will frown, the bold went cold,
It’s just a step, to dreams untold.

I see the room, it’s bright with air,
The steps of four, I count ahead,
The walls of cream, could be my dream,
It’s filled with love, was that a dove?

But here and now, this beach I found,
The sight of night, the waves rush near,
The sun soon set, my stars burn bright,
What shall I do, to wait or go?

You see the door, before me stand,
You wonder why, it’s here for me,
Am no angel, just man inside,
I draw much closer, no choice is made.

By Julius Fa

Trying To Write.


I tried and tired, it did not come,
It’s far to late, to disappear,
Prepared to fail, a welcome thought,
But when I fail, I might just cry.

It’s all about, my will and way,
It makes no sense, what I can’t change,
Life’s just too full, to chase that bull,
I’ll play the fool, just you be cool.

My friends of plenty, turn out too few,
A lie on Facebook, no ground rule,
Contempt has found me, denial my food,
In search of family, I still can’t move.

So here surrendered, to you my words,
My pen forsaken, you take that too,
My ink fails me, my noise is stilled,
At last to freedom, my rise is done.

By Julius Fa

The Voice Within Won’t Win.


Can you hear me, my mind ask,
They don’t care about you, the noise inside screams,
My eyes searches for contact, or my missing sanity,
You need me, this demon controls my fears.

I feel trapped, inside myself,
Breaking out, an option now expired,
They won’t stop, the crowd walks on by,
Beneath their pace, I stop and bend.

No one saw the fall, strangers ignored my call,
The few turned in disgust, the many dared not stop,
My head knocked against the floor, the bang too intense to raw,
My rage grows with every breathe, denied by my sunken will.

My back feels cold, these pavements consume my soul,
Why don’t they help, a plague on these soul-less fouls,
My mind draws a smile, this battle I cannot win,
I close my eye, still to awake from this dream.

It took a scream, to crush this mind,
I committed one crime, to silence my fear,
Call it murder, I do not care,
My lungs burn with fury, my voice yells down my confusion.

By Julius Fa
© 2015