Let it burn.


I started young, when my teen begun,
It was a dare, to light my bear,
It burnt so quick, it smells so slick,
I feel alive, my life in fire.

I hate the dark, and made a pact,
To keep the light, burning bright,
The flame within, for all to feel,
My cry for help, my tears of red.

It wasn’t long, to earn my scars,
The toasted skin, my mark of pain,
I’m filled with rage, inside this cage,
I’ll burn it down, this zoo you crown.

I left a gift, to my old school,
They taught me hate, bullied by mates,
The smoke now thick, the air is rich,
They turn and run, I smile with tears.

By Julius Fa



I’m in my hood, to hide my mood,
These streets my home, their lights I know,
I’m in my zone, leave me alone,
I’m out for cash, my knife is stashed.

I sit and wait, and view my preys,
I’m just a hunter, deep down raw thunder,
They’ll pay the price, their suits are nice,
I mark the victim, the night surrounds him.

I pace my stride, each step to survive,
He’s on his phone, Samsung I know,
The case he holds, looks bold and old,
Inside my prize, he’ll fall like ice.

It’s over quick, with seconds to spare,
He lost his cool, I tooled that fool,
He held his leg, blood gushed I rushed,
I’m king, he’s say, my hood the same.

By Julius Fa,

Broken Trust.


He broke my face, but all for love,
It shows how deep, he cares for me,
It was my fault, I pushed him hard,
He had too much, and drank for two.

I shouldn’t question, he often mentioned,
He loves me so, my bruises show,
The depth of reasoning, my need for listening,
He slaps my face, because am late.

He’s all I have, within these walls,
I need no friend, to judge my man,
He buys me gifts, to bring me bliss,
I love his kiss, upon my skin.

I walk on by, the world looks hard,
My wounds I wear, my face is bare,
They look disgusted, I feel rejected,
But he’ll defend me, his hands around me.

By Julius Fa
© 2015

Your Goodbye.


You didn’t get, a chance to let,
The families know, you’ll soon let go,
Of all you had, and are to them,
A life put out, too soon to shout.

You talked of marriage, with bliss and carnage,
Your youth a gift, with sin so free,
It ended so sudden, two seconds no warning,
Death took those dreams, you cherished with easy.

You left a reminder, to us a burden,
We planned tomorrow, too often with sorrow,
Today’s the norm, we lived for none,
Shortsighted and foolish, our quest for more.

With sadness they cried, deep down it burns,
They loved you much, beyond words and touch,
But now you’re a star, this earth too far,
Take heed young ears, this day was his last.

By Julius Fa,
© 2015

Remember Him.


They told me to wait, and so I did,
I took a seat, no need for speed,
Prepared a drink, with peace inside,
Crossed my legs, for hope’s alive.

They kept me waiting, four long days,
No rush it seems, just tests and things,
I kept my cool, uncrossed my legs,
I drank now tea, in search of keys.

Their faces pale, I prayed for hail,
They broke the news, which cut in two,
My heart of fear, composed a tear,
Goodbye sweet world, don’t toast my past.

You look so sad, and try to hide,
The tears inside, afraid to cry,
If life could talk, my name in chalk,
I’ll disappear,  for you have cared.

By Julius Fa

Not My Dad.


He’s not my dad, or so he said,
His words are mean, am not to keen,
To give a damn, he’s not a man,
He sold his rights, his minds not bright.

He walks away, from all the pain,
He sold me short, my hands get hot,
To cut him down, I need a knife,
He’ll feel the pain, he caused my veins.

I had no guidance, inside subsidence,
I stayed out late, on streets and ate,
No school can teach, what fools won’t reach,
I earn my ranks, in gangs that fight.

You selfish cowards, turn back now Howard,
You failed me once, you son’s a pounce,
I bleed and cry, each day I die,
You are my father, I need you to matter.

By Julius Fa,

Got No Gun!


They stopped me here, without a care,
They drew their guns, hoping I’ll run,
Blue and red, cops with fear,
Aiming high, Death draws near.

It ain’t my fight, I got no plight,
They seek a reason, to cure my treason,
Cold outside, dark and light,
Here I’ll stand,  got my rights.

Shouts of thunder, behind I wonder,
Barking dogs, rage and hawks,
More arrive, dare I dive,
Feeling faint, where’s my saints?

On the ground, still they command,
Itching fingers, triggers linger,
Elvis watching, eyes burning,
Got no gun, time for fun.

By Julius Fa,



I have a story, to your glory,
A case I’ll state, you ate too late,
It starts with two, already a few,
A crowd by nine, prepare for more.

I kept a secret, about a stash,
It’s short for cash, made by Ash,
If walls could talk, I think I’ll walk,
But back to Ash, after the cash.

He’s five three tall, short and free,
He wears a gun, behind the fun,
He seeks one thing, I learn to run,
I hear my name, I froze like gum.

To fill you in, I sold his fame,
About the town, his name was mud,
I added the tales, how Ash got failed,
Now on the run, my face now numb.

By Julius Fa