Cry in your own time! 

I’ve had enough, of you it seems, 

You cry a lot, the sound obscene, 

Of what and how, I dare not think, 

Just shout your mouth, or feel my chin. 
I tried so hard, to keep my hands, 

Between my legs, but you won’t stop, 

You shout at me, I know not why, 

I boil inside, my temper will rise. 
It came one day, when out the box, 

You threw cruel words, about my socks, 

I had enough, I slapped you hard, 

I couldn’t stop, I’ve lost control. 
They smashed the door, I smashed your face, 

Five pulled me off, your broken frame, 

They cuffed my hands, It’s filled with blood, 

I hear a cry, this time it’s mine. 
By Julius Fa,


Behind the Face! 

Behind the face, lies the truth,
It’s buried deep, no signs of where,
Each eye looks on, no sight of right,
A smile uneven, am filled with rage.

He leads the few, his name in papers,
Each day he lies, each hour he devours,
We rise and sink, he’s rich from sin,
We are his votes, his job’s no joke.

He started a fight, we gave him green light,
In thousands they matched, their homes now destroyed,
He bombed them for us. We watched in disgust,
For war was their blight, new refugees be our gain.

Each protect was loud, Ten thousand feet stood,
The public unite, their leader to oust,
His face now with tears, our ears stopped to hear,
No sound from his lips, just truth lock inside.

By Julius Fa

War Heroes, My Heroes. 

​It’s been too long, their tales of war, 

They played their part, and fought the fight, 

For right or wrong, the few did stand, 

Afraid of cages, they gave their lives. 
Those days were dark, with death and mud, 
Each gun was fired, minds drew denial, 

The stench of death, now cloud their norm, 

Tomorrow a gamble, today our final. 
We owe so much, but did so little, 
They paid the price, we breathe free air, 

They took our place, we showed no care, 

They gave respect, we disrespect. 
So once a year, in silence to stand, 

A mark of remembrance, to honour the fallen, 

No money we seek, no thanks we heed, 

Just grant us your moment, in silence we’ll meet. 
By Julius Fa, 

Wonderful News! 

It’s just the news, we yearned to hear,

A big bright day, no rain in sight,

The singing birds, what joy to listen,

The simple new, gives life its meaning.
We toast that news, with friends around us,

Delight we felt, then tales enlightened us,

Sweet smell of summer, the sun above us,

It’s heat sinks deep, this news fills us.
I wish them well, they leave before dawn,

We’ll meet again, a promise to save us,

A tear or two, love dwells within us,

Goodnight and good luck, their news still freed us.
By Julius Fa,