Our Greed. 

It isn’t fair, it wasn’t right,

To take his light, that shone on bright,

It leaves him bare, no skin to wear,

Alone in thought, afraid of not.
We striped his fate, it wasn’t hate,

He knew too much, a wish upfront,

Out in this cold, we laid his toes,

About our ways, we put his case.
Call it greed, call it seed,

Here we stood, there he froze,

Winter blues, in our twos,

Dark as black, in his night.
But out one eye, saw a light,

Bright as suns, blind our minds,

Up he stood, bold and free,

Spread his wings, too his flight.
By Julius Fa,


The Race of Coy. 

I need a place, to calm my race,

They want too much, demands and requests,

Prepared for war, they fight with fear,

Unfazed by hate, they march with faith.
The years all tough, each era was rough,

Their faces bruised, their hearts well bleed,

Each day a blessing, each death a curse,

But on they went, in search of right.
There was a few, prepared to strike,

A bitter tale, of love and fate,

Each stood their place, each space they took,

With tears and sweat, they ripped our case.
We wore our skin, dark tones of brown,

They stood real tall, and spat like rain,

We shouted loud, give back our rights,

They gunned us down, displayed their crowns.
Without much hope, Coy took their gun,

Ashamed of losing, heart tired of loving,

Towards those cops, he raised his sword,

They saw a threat, and shot him died.
By Julius Fa,


She sits alone. 

She sits alone, but not by choice,

Each day the same, no search for fame,

The world too big, it’s want too grand,

No fun in town, is she disowned? 
She’s just a girl, to some a child,

Her age not ten, her name unsaid,

Her hair like wheat, her will not seen,

This place her space, but wait no face.
Let’s ask her why, let’s learn her cry,

Which way’s her home, what case she owns,

What lies being told, keep calm and listen,

Think quick and question, each answer she hastens.
At last I approached, her face now glistening,

She smiles and watched, my feet much flatter,

Each step a discovery, each sound a blessing,

She see a duck, behold her angel.
By Julius Fa,


The Hack

It’s just a code, a random thought,

To some its truth, without the logic,

Each line designed, to answer a question,

Intuition exposed, my smartness composed.

It breaks through wall, the rich still guards,
Each vessel a virus, they wrestle to confine it,
They battle behind space, each letter defines ways,
To steal and mend ways, the data becomes life.

I’ll bleed them dry, before they find me,
I’m quicker than zero, to some a hero,
The loot was shared, their walls knocked down,
The download begins, their system is owned.

I’m silent within, their carelessness now seen,
Each document reveals, all secrets unlocked,
An email was sent, your passwords now sold,
Your identity misplaced, the bidding begins.

By Julius Fa

Keep Calm .

Wish people would Keep their words,

Wish peace could break their curse,

Wish words don’t sound so cheap,

Wish pain would take its flight.
Can’t take this path once more,

Can’t make them like me more,

Can’t fake the hurt they caused,

Can’t stay cause life’s worth more.
Sometimes we try too hard,

Sometimes hate makes us wait,

Sometimes things just aren’t right,

Sometimes just leave me be.
If hearts can talk, they’ll call my name,

If all you give, was just your time,

To see these words, for what they say,

Don’t stress too much, am lost again.
By Julius Fa