My kingdom

This is my joy, this is my bliss,
I can’t deny, how blessed I feel,
Each day I cherish, what God provided,
Each night I thank, this space I own.

I found my place, my purpose clear,
My wife so kind, her heart is fair,
A house now home, my son declares,
I’ll keep you safe, my vow they hear.

I work so hard, to keep us there,
The bills stack high, each night I try,
To share a smile, and keep them calm,
Money seems to talk, credits out for walks.

Working class to poverty, each day a letter,
Each bill in red, life grew too quick,
Risks just got real, fear sets in quick,
Wife now feels scared, son still plays on.

Worked twice as hard, food twice the cost,
Sold all my stuff, still bills to sort,
Lights now cut, reality so cruel,
Dad fell short, son not your fault.

Ten years on, way down these tracks,
Wife packed and gone, son still the one,
I broke my vow, couldn’t keep them safe,
I’m all alone, but they’re still my own.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

Dinner for us.

It’s just us two, and so it should,
A hard drawn day, forget and stay,
Close to my heart, our hand now touch,
My ears tune in, my love so smitten.

We ordered the red, rioja from Spain,
Dark grapes that fuse, excitement that’s smooth,
Our meals was delightful, scented candles an eyeful,
The music so soft, our spirits like doves.

We cherished the moments, love united us bone heads,
Sweeter than honey, your lips my journey,
Feeling your skin, lessen my sin,
Wonder and rapture, we discovered each other.

We sort no fame, and built no walls,
You surrendered your secrets, all wager now fall,
I gave you my all, with seconds to spare,
With happiness around us, our future secured.

Our table arises, no fear befalls,
Above the clouds, we settle and talk,
The stars above us, bear witness to beauty,
The love between us, so gentle and true.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

The city

It is a jungle, this much is true,
No time to sit, no rest from stress,
It’s fast and big, each street seems clean,
The air so thick, the noise extreme.

This is the city, we dream to conquer,
We ride its buses, its trains like thunder,
It’s flows with wealth, its gold well guarded,
Each face we pass, lays claim to its future.

Within its walls, equality honours the few,
Crime rages beneath, social media for fame,
Life lingers shorts, health battles longer,
Hope holds no reason, each obstacles a treason.

The sights and sounds, grow louder by night,
The lights of joy, with food for thought,
The enthronement of tolerance, the fusion of cultures,
The world outside, now joined together inside.

I love this city, each day not same,
The people around, bring laughter and smiles,
Silence the anger, widen you arms,
I’ll bring you that hug, this London my home.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

Broken Friendship

This is the end, of us it seems,
We use to hang, but now depends,
What time of day, what tales awaits,
You seem distracted, our union departed.

We ruled the world, back then it seems,
A friend for life, we always declared,
We did it together, each adventure united,
Our bond so tight, no air could divide.

We shared daily tales, of life and fear,
You pulled me up, when sickness set in,
I saved your job, your boss a slob,
We carried each other, without much order.

Cursed this day, when laughter too flight,
Cursed the ways, you listed my blights,
Couldn’t resist, you shattered my life,
Simply because, you taketh your life.

Suicide hurts, it broketh my friend,
Didn’t declare, the sorrows you kept,
Won’t reveal, the tortures of life,
Silent as time, a killer of minds.

This is the end, I declare it again,
Inside that box, my friend now resided,
Her spirit is free, I pray God receives,
Goodbye my friend, I stand now alone.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

I Don’t Care

It’s hard to say, three words that tend,
To me it’s fair, because it airs,
My thoughts of you, your greed and care,
I won’t pretend, our doves are dead.

Love talked too much, and did too little,
It’s showed our difference, each day more tolerances,
Each meal we acted, each silenced distracted,
We faked each kiss, it felt dismissed.

Our friends rejoiced, in us they trusted,
Love showed them hope, and sold them comfort,
They laughed and worshiped, our imagine of duty,
False fame and games, I feel ashamed.

It took its toll, that day in May,
I broke your heart, fake smiles and thunder,
When on your knees, you tried to trap me,
Am not the wife, your dreams confirmed it.

So loud and clear, each breathe declares it,
I do not care, what hurt I caused you,
It’ll disappear, your heart wasn’t there,
Our date with fate, I’ll hold no hate.

By Julius Fa
© 2018


It’s hard to say, that word that states,

My mind so clear, no chain of fear,

I lived life fast, afraid to stop,

In search of comfort, I moved to Suffolk.

Each day was bright, no thoughts too bad,

I ate and drank, within my rank,

My friends of few, no match for Grace,

I am renewed, pressed jeans my style.

To those around, no tears was found,

Just life lived well, my sanity so swell,

I did my job, a roof well kept,

No sign of doubt, men’s work is hard.

My mental state, was like a child,

I didn’t see the hurt within,

Each day so fast, inside am blast,

No strength was mine, just shame all round.

To make it stop, I drew a blade,

Each cut relief, more proof I bleed,

At night I’ll cry, because am scared,

My mind is haunted, the insanity of one.

So into the system, they sectioned my freedom,

Into this cage, my days now rage,

Protected from society, depression they said,

Doctors of wickedness, angered my norm.

By Julius Fa