Open it.

I wasn’t sure, if I should knock,
Beyond this door, my life or war,
Prepared for both, I seek no votes,
I brave my nerves, I stand and pause.

I wasn’t sure, which sense will win,
The noise within, this room a sin,
The shouts and smash, of glass and flesh,
I won’t ignore, the cries for help.

A crowd had gathered, concerned and bothered,
They stood a distance, afraid to enter,
Some called for help, others looked unfazed,
Shock froze their feet, rage wages within.

I bang on the door, and harden my fist,
The distance between, this door begins,
To open ajag, the locks now unhinged,
A giant revealed, taller than men.

He beckoned me come, I silently pray,
He’s covered in blood, a sight on the flour,
A lady so weak, her body is torn,
Battered by hate, blinded by love.

I wanted to swing, but halted by fear,
Ordered aside, when officers arrived,
Onto his knees, handcuffed at last,
Freedom for her, my battle to save.

By Julius Fa
© 2018