Fear has a new name and it seems that name is a virus. People these days seem to be running around confused, baffled and dazed, by the effects of this new strain of virus that seems to be growing in the world and spreading across borders it does not discriminate against rich or poor white or black. On the country it seems only to want to dominate, populate and grow, this calls for obedience from humanity to remain self isolated, but human beings do not know what it means to be isolated. Our very fabric and existence is to be known for it is by being known that we become socially accepted and mentally adapted to the probability of Truth within ourselves.

By Julius Fa


Keeping Face

It’s not often that I get scared and confused, this worldwide panic got me thinking things and freaking out. My dreams don’t match and my head hurts from seeing masses desert city centers and shops stripped bare. We have become a nation of tissue buying champions, too afraid to confess that we are lost and this stress and weight is unbearable for just us. Our families are hurt and longing for a new day and fresh faith of calmer times and virus declining. Pray that this might take hold soon.

By Julius Fa



The world laughs, when people fear. They hunt for a better tomorrow, during this fearful present, the news of virus feels every city and country. Nations stand alone, the world stands divided. All seems lost, minds are tired and the will to fight wasted. The vulnerable are forgotten and help seems far and wide, loneliness has now become their Master. Help only limited to the broken few, almost 200,000 infected, feels like a million to be real. Governments now exposed, their failures laid bare. Who do you follow, who will help you? I am but gone, gone too far.

By Julius Fa


Not The Same

You changed my nature, with all your crap. Each day a trail to cope and bear, no sanity in you. Just anger and bitterness, I don’t understand you, because all you do is strange to me.

You shout when talking and command when losing, afraid to moan I lower my voice and watch. You are apart from time and space, I know nothing you say.

You scheme like your name. I am not like you, and will never cave in my name. Let God decide, which date our fate presides.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020

Cost You Nothing


What does it cost, to let go of fear and love.

Too much taken, very little given back.

We are a product of doubt, longing to be freed within.

Society more complex and twisted, the norm of today was banned 30 years ago.

What the young celebrate now, was the shameful hindrance of yester years.

Acceptance is the new gang, wanting to belong to a group or any existence at all.

I want to be acknowledged and hate to be ignored.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020

Counting Stars.

Counting Stars

You are a star, this much is real, helping others to reach, their fullest brightness. Never doubting and always praising, saying prayers and sharing sorrows.

I never wanted this struggle, I was good and kept out of trouble. Others were fake and lived by their selfishness, smoking herbs and downing shots.

On the roof, I leave it all behind, up I stare never wanting to lose the count, passed two thousand and still thousands more to count, take a seat could take a while.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020

So Alone

Walking solo

I’m so alone, this Earth needs something more, or is it my life yawning for something more.

Each day feels strange each night looks doll, no time to reason, too much time thinking.

Why do I waste and struggle so much, why do I pretend that it’s all good when really am on fire inside.

Society only takes more advantage and the pride, greed and envy of so many now darken the modern age. Sanity is frail and weak, the era of strength now replaced by out own incapabilities.

What has gone wrong and what part did you play in this sunken future, where dreams die and love fades. On I walk this night, alone and full of fear and doubt.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020

My Shelter

My bed

It’s just a bed, so some may say, that truth is real, to me it’s more.

It’s the safety net that keeps me sane, the shelter that boasts my brain.

It’s happiness and comfort when I feel down, can heal the wounds this world dishes out.

It holds me tight and feels so right, it is my delight and Friend when all seems lost.

I’ll find my way back home, just to be with you.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020


It’s not the same, those wise men said, it’s all renewed, the walls we built, for years we broke down the walls hate built, desperate for freedom, two millions did die.

We take things for granted, these modern times fail, to learn from the past, wars still now rage. More bodies have fallen, too many now broken, leaders still stand lying, humanity sits down dying.

What truth do you believe, which side did you vote for, our planet is crying, our climate is changing, my people are hungry, your landfills are full. My continent is trapped, your democracy is crap.

They said it couldn’t happen again, the weapons of old renewed and tested, the dictators have fallen, arise the conquerors, just one push of the button sends everyone running.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020


I dare you all, to enter here. Choose a spot and sit now still. You will pretend it’s not in you. You will defend it, even kill for it.

Yet you deny it’s very existence and the power it holds over. It is your friend, it is your best friend, it is the you that you yourself know that you want to be. It is your only friend, always true and there, never misses a day of your life.

You will find it in the very last place you expected to be, it is the Angel that sits on your shoulders, it is the hidden strength you need to get through each day it is the silent voice that whispers in your ears do this and I’ll do that all for you.

It has a name, a beginning and an end but for now, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Ego.

By Julius Fa

© February 2020