79. His Question?

He talked for hours, about his powers,
His got the time, to blind our eyes,
The lies he told, took us for fools,
He’s just so bad, how can he last.

We gathered here, in search of help,
To pay the bills, we’ve cut it all,
The food and joys, no time for fun,
We gave it up, to float on top.

They fed us lies, about the crisis,
They crafted it all and rejected our calls,
They gave us little, we cried in bitter,
Denied the basic, we striked for wages.

So at this meeting, they gathered to greet us,
They sat up front, afraid we’ll taunt,
They make small speech, to please their ego,
In jest we teased them, they fear we’ll beat them.

Then at the back, a hand was raised,
The room fell silent, the crowd now stilled,
The leaders watched, their faces pale,
And from his mouth, the question revealed.

By Julius Fa


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