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Just A Kid!

I’m just a kid, so they say,
I won’t understand, they always state,
Just let him be, their abandonment of me,
Give him time, to disappear no doubt.

You think us less, and treat us best,
You try to mould, our minds won’t rest,
You raised us up, from infant to teens,
You are the Home, we’ve always known.

But in our teens, we start to fight,
We bite and rage, unafraid of age,
We speak our minds, we show no care,
You lose control, and fear the trolls.

We have the future, within our palms,
From Facebook to Twitter, the world so large,
We see the evil, within ourselves,
We start to stress, life’s pressured to oppress.

It was not smart, to gift me a phone,
The pain of porn, the violence on YouTube,
The ugliness of Instagram, self harm on Tictok,
I cannot breathe, within my skin.

I’m just a kid, that broke too soon,
I learned to lie, took drugs to die,
I drank more alcohol, black eyes on ice,
Few cuts to prove it, online they love it.

I posted this photo, taken by Kelly,
It shows my good side, without the dramas,
The masses adore it, inside I hate it,
He’s a good kid, my mum declares it,
Shame we don’t talk, why won’t they HELP ME?

By Julius Fa

A Father’s Silence.

It wasn’t her fault, she couldn’t cope,
I did my best, her health was pressed,
She failed to see, the beauty in three,
She opened that door, this family she left,
Our children were young, her feelings grew cold.

It was a test, I told myself,
To raise her kids, alone and poor,
No time for petty, no time for wishes,
I had to work, two feed them well,
I learned to cook, and sew and more.

The boys were tough, at times too rough,
They cried for mum, but learned to love,
They grew up quicker, by ten their men,
Without the norm, they stood by me,
They cherish my stay, surrending their youth.

My angel was tougher, a daughter so needy,
She hungered for mum, afraid of fun,
Bullied at school, she stuck to books,
Escaping the norm, learning to belong,
I gave her my all, attentions and hugs.

Many years past, two jobs my curse,
Higher they rose, brighter they shone,
Glory within, tears down my chin,
Burning with hate, given this fate,
Wasn’t her fault, she wasn’t their mum.

A soldier is born, a second commands,
At college they ruled, giving life a chance,
A father so proud, his daughter a nurse,
The children aged three, now adults at last,
I sit down to reflect, still tearful within.

Thank you my love, a mum you still are,
You gave us a gift, three angels of God,
The stresses of motherhood, made you depart,
I dare not reveal it, for these children are my heart,
In silence I suffered, in our daughter you stayed.

By Julius Fa

Too Much Data

We live each day surrounded by data, we give our names and dates and all. Your happy Facebook and sweet Instagram profiles, unaware the dangers they pose. We absolve the many images and information they give, the sights and sounds of every bit around our world. The sad and twisted sights of hate, the dreamy lies of love, the dark side of desperation. Depression never too far behind, loneliness pulled over your eyes. We live each day with data, maybe time to turn that data away.

By Julius Fa

© February 2020

Tea for winter.

What does it mean, when you put so much effort into every bad decision you make. You try to distance yourself from the acceptance of society and strive for a quieter life, alone and unafraid of failure. In truth failure scares me more than self, it’s the label by which you identify yourself when huddled together with friends and work colleagues. A modern world and a modern mess, a virus here and death there. Care for tea anyone?

By Julius Fa




I found my queen, that love to last,
Past was clean, still no win,
Reached inside, pulled out my pride,
Released and free, two now three.

Around her norm, I found some rum,
Risen and given, two gifts for leaving,
Relations that sink, no ship to swim,
Intense with emotions, my reason for treason.

It did not hurt, but tears did cut,
Deep pits of sorrow, around tomorrow,
Reached high confused, my mind confused,
Passed on today, couldn’t care for days.

It takes a hero, to say what blows,
She tore my heart, because of words,
It’s all so simple, her pride a symbol,
No victory in loving, dry rust and breaking.

By Julius Fa

Stop and think..

Do you ever wonder what others think of you?
Do you often ponder the way you look in another’s eyes?
Are you too afraid to envision the words they will use to describe you?
Can you humble yourself to accept the reality of you through their perceptions?

Would it take a hardened heart to swallow pride and allow criticism to sink in?
Might you fight battles with hasten words from your accuser, or picture yourself in their assessment?
Will you cry with the tides or ride high the waves of trouble?
Have you ever stop to think that the person you are is totally new to yourself as well?

Would be wise to discover your true self first than inflict the masked face upon this world.
Do you care what other’s think of you or do you only sort advise from loyal companions?
Can you walk the tight rope of life only aware of you own needs and wants and forsaken all others?
Must you be first in every relationship and direct in all encounters?

Will you consider the needs of others and support the loner’s cause?
Stop and think……..do you really know whom you are to yourself?

By Julius Fa
© 2009

Dare I say it….

Here we are together at last, winter parting and spring visiting,
Calmer skies and happier times, gentle walks and close tides,
Joyous laughter and silence kisses, time so still we would not tell,
Love so real and heart so fast, dare I say those words I feel.

You look so good, I dare not faint,
You are a vision of beauty, and an angel of grace,
You smile so soft, you make me cry,
I want so much to make you mine.

Between these woods we toil and stare,
The sun so plain and nature so bare,
You let me in and drop your guard, your heart now mine, for this I see,
You plant a kiss upon my lips, you smell so sweet, we hug so tight.

I’ve learn to hold this course we take, to ride the waves of love and hope,
These humble hills and wind swept tree, can soon declare the love we air,
What tales they tell and moods they set, for time now lost to us we feel,
So look within and stop and think, you know the love I dare not tell.

And as we stopped to look around, we view this sun to bed it goes,
I hold you close and wont release, for love is thine and mine to make,
You lean on me and shed your wings, for now this love our home to stay,
Dare I say those words I feel, I love you so much, you make me whole.

By Julius Fa
© 2010


You have your role, to play in life,
You wear the chains, of chance and fame,
You boss around, the weak and lame,
You show the world, you live by its ways.

But then you met, my ways and thought,
I live my life, to please the rest,
I’ll show you kindness, in place of angry,
I helped the weak, and fed the poor.

You sort to prove, my life a sin,
You judged me guilty, was this your duty?
You stained my name, with mud and shame,
You won this round, not fair or sound.

I stand upright, after my plight,
I cast aside, the swords of woes,
My wounds shall heal, my friends now deal,
I smile and laugh, my ways will last.

You clench your fist, and made your list,
You fooled the world, with empty bliss,
I turned by back, they booed your sack,
You wished to fight, I prayed for right.

And so they came, with light and flame,
Your rage now caged, your reign to end,
Life’s weight uplifted, the storms to clear,
Your name declared, that name was greed.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

Against The Tides!

Must make the bridge, without a hitch,
In this here boat, my life in toll,
I paddle hard, against the tide,
The view ahead, so dim and fresh.

Against the odds, I broke the rules,
To be myself, I fled the rest,
I showed the best, my love for less,
They show me chains, to bind my veins.

I hear the nose, beyond this ride,
The signs of dawn, around the spawns,
I up my pace, my sweat now laced,
Can’t look behind, for fear to dine.

My eyes go blare, with speeds I glare,
The tides are tough, but I am rough,
I see the bridge, the sun in sight,
My heart sings joy, my mind implores.

Suddenly I awoke, from this my dream,
With sweat and cough, and eyes so rough,
I wash my face, to clear my thoughts,
But in that boat, I learned to row.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

Look upon my face…

Look upon my face, do you see the trademarks of this bitter life etched into my skin,
Does my eyes tell of the toils and troubles I have endured,
Will you take time to befriend the land I call my home or will the flies chase you away to the fisher’s net,
Can you offer me a way out of my insanity or shall you stand and take your photos of my sweat.

I am a doctor by birth and a giver of hope by name,
I have seen the suffering of the weak and heard the laughter of the rich,
God blessed these lands with oils and the few blessed themselves with its wealth,
I am an imagine of this cruel world, hungry for tomorrow and forgetting today’s many blessings.

Can you wait and watch as children died from hunger whilst rain clouds cry with thunder,
My eyes have lost their brightness yet you can never steal my spirit to live,
I will bow my knees and dig the earth, clean water to find and a million to feed,
Lowers your grace and stop your boasting, bend your knees and start your praying.

I have slept with dogs and danced with death, not stranger am I to poverty’s class,
You have mastered your receiving and gather your materials of living,
You are the imagine of acceptance, health, strong and always beaming with perfection,
When you sleep in your bed tonight, do you think of the thousands that will call it a night.

Take a good look at my face, I wear your debt around my neck,
I do not hide the angry deep within, but only seek to educate the rich beyond,
This land may died the blower’s death, but life shall still fight to survive,
So take your photos and spend your wealth, but forget us not, nor forsake us……

By Julius Fa
© 2009