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Too Old.

“It’s been too long”, the old will say,

The steps of life, away they play,

They fought our wars, and died our deaths,

We play our phones, and curse their tones,

We disrespect these slow old men, that seem to think, inside we’re doomed,

We push them down, and make them wait,

They look so broken, with fragile weak eyes,

The youth show nothing, no matter their age, they rush and jump, no fear or pause, they talk of things, no root or cause, they worship their iPhone, Samsung and all,

This old man watches, and laughs at their ways, they are afraid, their courage is cowardly, their minds of technology, drives them towards insanity, broken and shameful, we fought for their freedom.

By Julius Fa,


Is It Time?

Is it time yet? I ask myself each day, what’s the world coming to. When lives are lost and creation resents itself for awhile at least. The air is cleaner and the silence deafening, people so few and streets staved. This new decade writes its own rules and commands respect, whilst denying human freedom. Sit at home rings the daily political briefs, save lives the common tone. Seems to me we have not long left, but that’s just doubt talking, hope gone walking and faith stilling holding. Is it time yet? The question we all one day will ask ourselves.

By Julius Fa


So Alone

Walking solo

I’m so alone, this Earth needs something more, or is it my life yawning for something more.

Each day feels strange each night looks doll, no time to reason, too much time thinking.

Why do I waste and struggle so much, why do I pretend that it’s all good when really am on fire inside.

Society only takes more advantage and the pride, greed and envy of so many now darken the modern age. Sanity is frail and weak, the era of strength now replaced by out own incapabilities.

What has gone wrong and what part did you play in this sunken future, where dreams die and love fades. On I walk this night, alone and full of fear and doubt.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020

Still Afraid.

I’m still afraid, to break this trust,
It feels so right, it can’t be wrong,
She holds my life, within her arms,
I feel so safe, I feel alive.

For ten long years, am blessed with love,
Within my heart, my past lays calm,
Each day my spring, each night our fun,
She is my bliss, each hour we kiss.

I shared it all, my fears and doubts,
To please her mind, I did not run,
I hid no sin, to her am done,
Complete and open, my world her throne.

I’m still afraid, to fail her heart,
I’ll go insane, if we should part,
Life won’t be same, she sort no fame,
Just honesty and truth, her pledge to me.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

The Dancer

We own this night, our bodies so tight,
Each move in tune, our souls unite,
This sound so sweet, it swings our hips,
The tango a delight, our joys brings light.

We ride the waves, the music now saves,
Our worries take flight, our hands holds on,
Each twist shows love, each bend we hug,
This night rains passion, his kiss my obsession.

The explosion of colour, reminds me his taller,
A gentleman of life, this lover of mine,
Am dressed in white, he is my black,
Into his heart, I seek my rest.

Our song now ends, the stars descend,
He holds my head, my heart and all,
His lips now claim, his prize my soul,
He is the Dancer, my pride and own.

By Julius Fa,

I Don’t Care

It’s hard to say, three words that tend,
To me it’s fair, because it airs,
My thoughts of you, your greed and care,
I won’t pretend, our doves are dead.

Love talked too much, and did too little,
It’s showed our difference, each day more tolerances,
Each meal we acted, each silenced distracted,
We faked each kiss, it felt dismissed.

Our friends rejoiced, in us they trusted,
Love showed them hope, and sold them comfort,
They laughed and worshiped, our imagine of duty,
False fame and games, I feel ashamed.

It took its toll, that day in May,
I broke your heart, fake smiles and thunder,
When on your knees, you tried to trap me,
Am not the wife, your dreams confirmed it.

So loud and clear, each breathe declares it,
I do not care, what hurt I caused you,
It’ll disappear, your heart wasn’t there,
Our date with fate, I’ll hold no hate.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

Me in 2018.

In all these words, I wrote for years,

Each poem released, mixed pain and emotion,

I sort an answer, to worldly questions,

Alone and broken, my words, my story.

I hid away, afraid to change,

Prepared for nothing, the future a danger,

High fears enfold me, sad times around me,

This city is broken, terror is now spoken.

I lower my pen, to hinder life’s crime,

Lesser torment from greed, no cash flow to ease,

Each bill to settle, grace cometh and met us,

Each debt now cancelled, family united and love it.

Away 2017, much blessings and glories,

Be still 2018, I long to rebuild me,

Words will help, God will save,

Here I surrender, life to find it.

By Julius Fa,


She sits alone. 

She sits alone, but not by choice,

Each day the same, no search for fame,

The world too big, it’s want too grand,

No fun in town, is she disowned? 
She’s just a girl, to some a child,

Her age not ten, her name unsaid,

Her hair like wheat, her will not seen,

This place her space, but wait no face.
Let’s ask her why, let’s learn her cry,

Which way’s her home, what case she owns,

What lies being told, keep calm and listen,

Think quick and question, each answer she hastens.
At last I approached, her face now glistening,

She smiles and watched, my feet much flatter,

Each step a discovery, each sound a blessing,

She see a duck, behold her angel.
By Julius Fa,


Life Stacked Too High. 

I’ve raises the bar,  this year a car, 

In search of more, afraid of foes, 

It’s all to claim, I am so lame, 

I’ll make a change, each year the same. 
I want so much, but greed got lost, 

It left me here, without much hair, 

I’m too darn nice, to start a fight, 

To please man’s ears, I stand and stare. 
Forget your cares, it now or never, 

The days tick by, from dark then light, 

Too short to think, too stressed to bless, 

My mind a pilot, depression a danger. 

It’s for awhile, we tell the few, 

But they didn’t care, and life laid bare, 

Each rock a step, each climb I struggle, 

Into this sun, my quest for heaven. 
By Julius Fa,