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Daughter’s request of a father.

It’s time to ask, this dad of mine,

To set it straight, my wounds to heal,

What truly happened, to mum that Summer,

To walk away, from us her family.

For twenty long years, my life on hold,

Seeking answers to questions, to one dare ask,

Dad raised a family, my brothers and I,

Never wanting to say it, her name that is.

I’ve heard his tears, and seen his scars,

Each night he broke, his heart couldn’t sleep,

He wore a smile, to show he’s brave,

He worked two jobs, to keep us safe.

Each birthday a cake, each milestone was bliss,

Never hurting to show, the love he gave freely,

He wanted us whole, never lacking a mother,

He raised two soldiers, and I a nurse.

It was this Easter, within this pandemic,

I braved the cold, he’s now so old,

What truly happened? That made her leave?

He looked at me, and said “she’s still here.”

by Julius Fa


Is It Time?

Is it time yet? I ask myself each day, what’s the world coming to. When lives are lost and creation resents itself for awhile at least. The air is cleaner and the silence deafening, people so few and streets staved. This new decade writes its own rules and commands respect, whilst denying human freedom. Sit at home rings the daily political briefs, save lives the common tone. Seems to me we have not long left, but that’s just doubt talking, hope gone walking and faith stilling holding. Is it time yet? The question we all one day will ask ourselves.

By Julius Fa


I’m Back.


I’ve been away, but now to say,
The time and space, just fade away,
The up and down, I think to stay,
I thought of you, but missed your play.

I took a walk, around this bay,
The tree of life, I dream of wife,
The air and feel, the mind will heal,
The words you told, I am not cold.

I wrapped the present and dined on pheasant,
The wondrous color, beneath the heavens,
A sense of calm, away from norm,
I found no noise, just peace and choice.

I turned my back, because of Jack,
The push and pull, of greed and tool,
I am the fool, that lived for cool,
I hurt inside, but glad am back.

By Julius Fa
(c) 2012