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A Father’s Silence.

It wasn’t her fault, she couldn’t cope,
I did my best, her health was pressed,
She failed to see, the beauty in three,
She opened that door, this family she left,
Our children were young, her feelings grew cold.

It was a test, I told myself,
To raise her kids, alone and poor,
No time for petty, no time for wishes,
I had to work, two feed them well,
I learned to cook, and sew and more.

The boys were tough, at times too rough,
They cried for mum, but learned to love,
They grew up quicker, by ten their men,
Without the norm, they stood by me,
They cherish my stay, surrending their youth.

My angel was tougher, a daughter so needy,
She hungered for mum, afraid of fun,
Bullied at school, she stuck to books,
Escaping the norm, learning to belong,
I gave her my all, attentions and hugs.

Many years past, two jobs my curse,
Higher they rose, brighter they shone,
Glory within, tears down my chin,
Burning with hate, given this fate,
Wasn’t her fault, she wasn’t their mum.

A soldier is born, a second commands,
At college they ruled, giving life a chance,
A father so proud, his daughter a nurse,
The children aged three, now adults at last,
I sit down to reflect, still tearful within.

Thank you my love, a mum you still are,
You gave us a gift, three angels of God,
The stresses of motherhood, made you depart,
I dare not reveal it, for these children are my heart,
In silence I suffered, in our daughter you stayed.

By Julius Fa

Too Old.

“It’s been too long”, the old will say,

The steps of life, away they play,

They fought our wars, and died our deaths,

We play our phones, and curse their tones,

We disrespect these slow old men, that seem to think, inside we’re doomed,

We push them down, and make them wait,

They look so broken, with fragile weak eyes,

The youth show nothing, no matter their age, they rush and jump, no fear or pause, they talk of things, no root or cause, they worship their iPhone, Samsung and all,

This old man watches, and laughs at their ways, they are afraid, their courage is cowardly, their minds of technology, drives them towards insanity, broken and shameful, we fought for their freedom.

By Julius Fa,


Is It Time?

Is it time yet? I ask myself each day, what’s the world coming to. When lives are lost and creation resents itself for awhile at least. The air is cleaner and the silence deafening, people so few and streets staved. This new decade writes its own rules and commands respect, whilst denying human freedom. Sit at home rings the daily political briefs, save lives the common tone. Seems to me we have not long left, but that’s just doubt talking, hope gone walking and faith stilling holding. Is it time yet? The question we all one day will ask ourselves.

By Julius Fa


Cost You Nothing


What does it cost, to let go of fear and love.

Too much taken, very little given back.

We are a product of doubt, longing to be freed within.

Society more complex and twisted, the norm of today was banned 30 years ago.

What the young celebrate now, was the shameful hindrance of yester years.

Acceptance is the new gang, wanting to belong to a group or any existence at all.

I want to be acknowledged and hate to be ignored.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020


You’re smarter than me, this much is true. You see things clearly and make answers easier to understand. The sky about the earth is round, the sun is a star, the moon a reflection. Such order out of complexity, so much beauty without the iPhone. Daily reminder than we are conquerors , capable of the greatest good, but also the darkest evil. If only we believe in ourselves and praise the stranger, feed the hungry, hug the lonely, visit the imprisoned, Free the slaves and simply Love.

By Julius Fa

© February 2020

Cry in your own time! 

I’ve had enough, of you it seems, 

You cry a lot, the sound obscene, 

Of what and how, I dare not think, 

Just shout your mouth, or feel my chin. 
I tried so hard, to keep my hands, 

Between my legs, but you won’t stop, 

You shout at me, I know not why, 

I boil inside, my temper will rise. 
It came one day, when out the box, 

You threw cruel words, about my socks, 

I had enough, I slapped you hard, 

I couldn’t stop, I’ve lost control. 
They smashed the door, I smashed your face, 

Five pulled me off, your broken frame, 

They cuffed my hands, It’s filled with blood, 

I hear a cry, this time it’s mine. 
By Julius Fa,


Played By Love!

I love the way, he looks at me,
It’s filled with passion, without reaction,
He’s calm as rain, his such a pain,
He’s cute and shines, before my eyes.

I’ll play it hard and make him sad,
His lines wont work, but they’re so soft,
I’ll cut my eyes and make him size,
I love this guy, but can’t show why.

He’s smooth and quiet, this prince of talent,
My friends adore, his scent and style,
I’ll let him chase, for am too laced,
I am his prize, but must be wise.

This night will be, our chance to see,
I’m dressed to impress, yet wild as sin,
He can’t resist this mood am in,
I dance all night, but he’s not bright.

I left alone, with friends we strolled,
He’s not around, I feel so down,
I played it right, but failed to sight,
He’s just a guy, I loved from far.

By Julius Fa
© 2012