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Too Old.

“It’s been too long”, the old will say,

The steps of life, away they play,

They fought our wars, and died our deaths,

We play our phones, and curse their tones,

We disrespect these slow old men, that seem to think, inside we’re doomed,

We push them down, and make them wait,

They look so broken, with fragile weak eyes,

The youth show nothing, no matter their age, they rush and jump, no fear or pause, they talk of things, no root or cause, they worship their iPhone, Samsung and all,

This old man watches, and laughs at their ways, they are afraid, their courage is cowardly, their minds of technology, drives them towards insanity, broken and shameful, we fought for their freedom.

By Julius Fa,


A Word!


There is a word, that bears your name,
It tells your way, and would not sway,
It has two vowels, and sounds so proud,
It shares your joy, and fears your tears.

It’s found so deep, it knows your keep,
The world around, your place is found,
The heart you wear, will break men’s stare,
Your humble feet, will march through heat.

This word is kind, its has no signs,
I see the plus, and minus too,
No mask to wear, no need to fake,
The nature within, a beauty to win.

So time to tell, this world your word,
Drums beat, around your seat,
The crowd awaken, your word is spoken,
The word is real, for the word is You.

By Julius Fa
© 2011