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Trapped behind this door.

Where is the days? Where is the nights?
Behind these walls, I sense all is lost,
Time forgot me, sanity denies me.
This pandemic haunts me, fear holds me.

I have no friends, I lost my job,
I hate to Zoom, I’ll rather die,
My boss was wrong, to end my furlough,
The greed of men, my mental self cries.

I weigh too much, I will not eat,
This room is ugly, inside am lonely,
My stomach aches, for food no doubt,
Leave me alone dad, and mum get out, This room is lovely, it’s me whose ugly.

This isn’t me, it isn’t fair,
I curse this Covid, for stealing my mind,
I had few friends, a job I loved,
Freedom to live, my life was good,
But now we’re caged, this lockdown my rage.

I walk this garden, I see this door,
It’s locked always, no key is found,
It’s covered with weed, am frozen with fear,
My mouth is sealed, I can’t call out,
The number beside, the date I died.

By Julius Fa

Cost You Nothing


What does it cost, to let go of fear and love.

Too much taken, very little given back.

We are a product of doubt, longing to be freed within.

Society more complex and twisted, the norm of today was banned 30 years ago.

What the young celebrate now, was the shameful hindrance of yester years.

Acceptance is the new gang, wanting to belong to a group or any existence at all.

I want to be acknowledged and hate to be ignored.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020


I dare you all, to enter here. Choose a spot and sit now still. You will pretend it’s not in you. You will defend it, even kill for it.

Yet you deny it’s very existence and the power it holds over. It is your friend, it is your best friend, it is the you that you yourself know that you want to be. It is your only friend, always true and there, never misses a day of your life.

You will find it in the very last place you expected to be, it is the Angel that sits on your shoulders, it is the hidden strength you need to get through each day it is the silent voice that whispers in your ears do this and I’ll do that all for you.

It has a name, a beginning and an end but for now, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Ego.

By Julius Fa

© February 2020