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A Father’s Silence.

It wasn’t her fault, she couldn’t cope,
I did my best, her health was pressed,
She failed to see, the beauty in three,
She opened that door, this family she left,
Our children were young, her feelings grew cold.

It was a test, I told myself,
To raise her kids, alone and poor,
No time for petty, no time for wishes,
I had to work, two feed them well,
I learned to cook, and sew and more.

The boys were tough, at times too rough,
They cried for mum, but learned to love,
They grew up quicker, by ten their men,
Without the norm, they stood by me,
They cherish my stay, surrending their youth.

My angel was tougher, a daughter so needy,
She hungered for mum, afraid of fun,
Bullied at school, she stuck to books,
Escaping the norm, learning to belong,
I gave her my all, attentions and hugs.

Many years past, two jobs my curse,
Higher they rose, brighter they shone,
Glory within, tears down my chin,
Burning with hate, given this fate,
Wasn’t her fault, she wasn’t their mum.

A soldier is born, a second commands,
At college they ruled, giving life a chance,
A father so proud, his daughter a nurse,
The children aged three, now adults at last,
I sit down to reflect, still tearful within.

Thank you my love, a mum you still are,
You gave us a gift, three angels of God,
The stresses of motherhood, made you depart,
I dare not reveal it, for these children are my heart,
In silence I suffered, in our daughter you stayed.

By Julius Fa

Counting Stars.

Counting Stars

You are a star, this much is real, helping others to reach, their fullest brightness. Never doubting and always praising, saying prayers and sharing sorrows.

I never wanted this struggle, I was good and kept out of trouble. Others were fake and lived by their selfishness, smoking herbs and downing shots.

On the roof, I leave it all behind, up I stare never wanting to lose the count, passed two thousand and still thousands more to count, take a seat could take a while.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020

Keep Calm .

Wish people would Keep their words,

Wish peace could break their curse,

Wish words don’t sound so cheap,

Wish pain would take its flight.
Can’t take this path once more,

Can’t make them like me more,

Can’t fake the hurt they caused,

Can’t stay cause life’s worth more.
Sometimes we try too hard,

Sometimes hate makes us wait,

Sometimes things just aren’t right,

Sometimes just leave me be.
If hearts can talk, they’ll call my name,

If all you give, was just your time,

To see these words, for what they say,

Don’t stress too much, am lost again.
By Julius Fa


A Word!


There is a word, that bears your name,
It tells your way, and would not sway,
It has two vowels, and sounds so proud,
It shares your joy, and fears your tears.

It’s found so deep, it knows your keep,
The world around, your place is found,
The heart you wear, will break men’s stare,
Your humble feet, will march through heat.

This word is kind, its has no signs,
I see the plus, and minus too,
No mask to wear, no need to fake,
The nature within, a beauty to win.

So time to tell, this world your word,
Drums beat, around your seat,
The crowd awaken, your word is spoken,
The word is real, for the word is You.

By Julius Fa
© 2011