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The Brave Ones

We are the brave, no badge to show it,
We rule the waves, life’s hard you know it,
Our names the same, just say and own it,
We won’t be cages, you wait we’ll fight it.

The world in rage, pandemic and change,
Governments panicked, laws rushed,
Millions fell, their future stolen,
The present frozen, mental health rising,
In God we trust, our hope in vaccination.

We need to adapt, no rapture in tax,
Economics stalled, billions on loans,
Revival in furlough, struggling to borrow,
Bills and hunger, food banks our saviour,
Boredom and caged, longing for sane.

Stay strong not lame, find fame not vein,
Some connected, via zoom,
Soon forgotten, their doom,
Silence angry, be still,
Violence rising , more gloom.

Can’t defeat me, I’m proud,
Fear released me, hope found,
Courage within me, I’ll stand,
Happiness becomes me, let’s smile,
Brave and free, I’ll see you at three.

By Julius Fa

Undo My Credit!

I have a bank, so full of credit,
I look around and fill the debit,
A top I’ll buy, to fill my pride,
A smile of envy, to show am wealthy.

I walk with cards, to match my style,
The poor will see, the riches in me,
I buy with easy, unfazed by price,
The cash will flow, for I am bold.

My bills ran high, my mind not fussed,
I spent it all, without one thought,
My credit in life, no taker in death,
I pleased them all, my vanity can say.

I made friends quick, but all by sight,
They shared my joy and spent my credit,
They loved me more, with all my debit,
I was a prince, no man can edit.

But soon not long, my credit became debit,
I hit hard times and flashed no pride,
I lost friends quick, just like my credit,
I was now broke, this life now debits.

I begged the few, with hints of shame,
No food to eat, for fame I blame,
I sold my heart, for wealth on earth,
A life of debts, my reasons for kneeing.

I walk now low, with head hung down,
I wear these rags, to show pride’s work,
With holes in shoes, I brought in vanity,
The rich now poor, my curse with sanity.

So can you see, the lies I led,
I walked with sin and spent it well,
I showed you all, the beauty of credit,
But didn’t you see, my soul of debit?

By Julius Fa
© 2010