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Too Old.

“It’s been too long”, the old will say,

The steps of life, away they play,

They fought our wars, and died our deaths,

We play our phones, and curse their tones,

We disrespect these slow old men, that seem to think, inside we’re doomed,

We push them down, and make them wait,

They look so broken, with fragile weak eyes,

The youth show nothing, no matter their age, they rush and jump, no fear or pause, they talk of things, no root or cause, they worship their iPhone, Samsung and all,

This old man watches, and laughs at their ways, they are afraid, their courage is cowardly, their minds of technology, drives them towards insanity, broken and shameful, we fought for their freedom.

By Julius Fa,


Made Tonight.


Tonight’s the night, he gets his badge,
His waited long, and kept the code,
He’s hands now sweat, no tears inside,
He’s tall and proud, no shout out loud.

These streets could talk, but most just walk,
Each post a story, past fights of glory,
His friends are family, with guns and drama,
Stay calm and silent, don’t twitch in violence.

They wear their suits, tight fits and boots,
Their classy with style, deep tans and smiles,
Sharp eyes with details, each shake for retail,
This gang aren’t known, their names all known.

They crowned his Made, this tag won’t break,
Respect is shown, his fame will grow,
He stands and greets, each suit that meet,
They call his Boss, to you its Mr. Ross.

By Julius Fa

Freezing Cold!


It’s freezing cold, but here I am,
The reason why, is hard to buy,
I played it well, or so I thought,
They put me here, to freeze and swell.

They were my friends, the few would say,
Trust reigned with us, I think more me,
We cheered and shared, with beer in hands,
I knew them well, my best to invest.

But like a storm, they trapped me once,
Bound my hands, cut my hair,
Fear took hold, sanity now cold,
Blacken my sight, awaken by night.

They dumped me near, a lake too wide,
The moon draws close, with mountains up there,
My feet still bound, the sound so clear,
I’m frightened to speak, it’s morning I seek.

By Julius Fa

A Smart Plan.


To this day, a plan is forged,
To get rich quick, no need to work,
He picked his crew, without a clue,
This move so smart, he knew by heart.

The score was gold, stored safe with mold,
Within a bank, locked in a tank,
They dressed up smart, clean as a cat,
Behind their masks, minds race intact.

The stage was set, their fame was kept,
They owned the scene, with guns and beans,
They stayed till four, to us in minutes,
The gold now load, this event was bold.

But fate ran out, with luck in toll,
The cops drew in, their guns to win,
These thieves to catch, they met their match,
The law was cold, without a hold.

The crew laid low, changed dress so slow,
He sent them out, in crowds with doubt,
Behind he stayed, without a maid,
The cops undone, the tank now gone.

A switch he pulled, the cops were fools,
They rushed the bank, without a plan,
To kill a thief, their minds were fixed,
He dressed like them, and left in ten.

The cops now grieve, in shock deceived,
How dump they were, when in they came,
They found a cop, laid on a tank,
They wheeled him out, right out the bank.

I told you once, he had a plan,
That plan was smart, just like the man,
No tales be told, just gold be sold,
His name to know, a Fox am told.

By Julius Fa
© 2011