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A Father’s Silence.

It wasn’t her fault, she couldn’t cope,
I did my best, her health was pressed,
She failed to see, the beauty in three,
She opened that door, this family she left,
Our children were young, her feelings grew cold.

It was a test, I told myself,
To raise her kids, alone and poor,
No time for petty, no time for wishes,
I had to work, two feed them well,
I learned to cook, and sew and more.

The boys were tough, at times too rough,
They cried for mum, but learned to love,
They grew up quicker, by ten their men,
Without the norm, they stood by me,
They cherish my stay, surrending their youth.

My angel was tougher, a daughter so needy,
She hungered for mum, afraid of fun,
Bullied at school, she stuck to books,
Escaping the norm, learning to belong,
I gave her my all, attentions and hugs.

Many years past, two jobs my curse,
Higher they rose, brighter they shone,
Glory within, tears down my chin,
Burning with hate, given this fate,
Wasn’t her fault, she wasn’t their mum.

A soldier is born, a second commands,
At college they ruled, giving life a chance,
A father so proud, his daughter a nurse,
The children aged three, now adults at last,
I sit down to reflect, still tearful within.

Thank you my love, a mum you still are,
You gave us a gift, three angels of God,
The stresses of motherhood, made you depart,
I dare not reveal it, for these children are my heart,
In silence I suffered, in our daughter you stayed.

By Julius Fa

His Last Eve.



I have four eyes, you see just two,
I’m not surprised, you think am mad.
I choose this eve, to set things straight,
I have a gun, beneath my seat.
I choose a name, it’s not the same,
It’s full of fame, I hate my shame,
I’ll play no game, because of rain,
I find there’s pain, afraid of blame.

They think me wrong, but am not gone,
I walk alone, am in my zone,
They look around, unable to find,
I hide deep down, and make no sound.


I love the dark, it has an ark,
I see him move, the light is dome,
I take my aim, he sense no change,
A flash alert, he drops and bleeds,
This time I won, but on New Year’s eve.

Julius Fa,


The Shot


I’ll take that shot, you bet I will,
I aren’t afraid, to end this raid,
It’s just a life, to some a strike,
This is man’s game, no time for fame.

He’s in my sight, I have no fright,
I take one breath, to still my hands,
It’s half a mile, I start to smile,
Make me king, my thoughts now sing.

It gave a kick, my gun so slick,
My eyes collide, with dirt and ride,
I see the shot, it’s far away,
I hold my spot, it feels so hot.

I fall awake, as if I break,
This sleep of mine, with dreams of dime,
It felt so real, as if I killed,
It’s just a shot, I stir my pot.

By Julius Fa

My Becoming – My Right To Choose.


I’ll take that door, before it’s late,
I made the choice, no room for nice,
To walk straight through, regret won’t hold,
My fearless fate, tested by hate.

You see the door, but can’t go on,
Because of fear, or lack of care,
The mass will frown, the bold went cold,
It’s just a step, to dreams untold.

I see the room, it’s bright with air,
The steps of four, I count ahead,
The walls of cream, could be my dream,
It’s filled with love, was that a dove?

But here and now, this beach I found,
The sight of night, the waves rush near,
The sun soon set, my stars burn bright,
What shall I do, to wait or go?

You see the door, before me stand,
You wonder why, it’s here for me,
Am no angel, just man inside,
I draw much closer, no choice is made.

By Julius Fa

Your Bully.


I am a bully, that face I wear,
It’s not so silly, prepare to hear,
I wear no label, just guns in cable,
I’ll tweet your case, to other’s dismay.

I have my terms, deep down am dump,
No school can teach, what fools won’t eat,
I fight with hands, my rage in cage,
You hate my fate, I hate your fakes.

Prepare to pay, my fee with cake,
I take no break, collecting my make,
You work for me, you turn and smile,
Your brain won’t ask, for truth can’t dance.

I seek man’s glory, denied heaven’s story,
Am from the streets, you sleep in heat,
I have no rules, just stones and tools,
I am your story, deep down your glory.

By Julius Fa

Not My Style.

It’s not my style, to make a home,
I’m way too quick, I feel like silk,
You made the plans, for you and I,
Without my thoughts, your plans now fall.

I’m light as wind, no home my own,
I keep no files, on those I had,
Just clothes well pressed, to easy my stress,
I will depart, so ladies play your part.

She caught my eye, in rooms so high,
Her legs ran wild, her style like mine,
Her skin real smooth, her hair light mild,
I lost my thunder, to please her wonder.

Her kiss was real, my heart now deals,
A partner for life, a partner in kind,
She was my right, a light in sight,
I fell so quick, my love now bleeps.

You won’t believe, her game like Eve,
She stole my heart, it was her art,
I packed my bags, when out she jacked,
So long sweet Jade, you are sweet poison.

By Julius Fa

Her Place.


It was her dream, to tour the world,
In search of space, a place to face,
The noise outside, her peace inside,
She sort a ride, with kisses and pride.

If love could talk, she was surprised,
To find real faith, love takes its place,
Beside her heart, that walk won’t last,
Just thoughts of grace, her fate well paced.

At home she’s loud, her friends know well,
The sight of boys, her confidence subsides,
It’s just her dream, what pressure did seem,
Controlled by want, she’s lonely and front.

So here she lies, afraid to spy,
Beyond her nose, life dances on thrones,
Pursued by love, engaged by lust,
Her place inside, her safety in lies.

By Julius Fa,



It’s tough at times, to find the words,
To stress the sight, to show the fight,
Inside this heart, that’s full of parts,
You rip apart, the fun that’s art.

I paint the scenes, each one is beamed,
Before your eyes, you start to cry,
Your gut bowled down, you’re cut real deep,
We tried to stop, the bleed on top.

I like to mix, the tales I see,
Today announced, tomorrow’s decline,
To feel the fate, pray hard and state,
The words inside, surrendered outside

By Julius Fa

Melting Mind!


Had a plan, full of land,
Dreams and rum, still no fun,
Friends are gone, life seem cold,
Strength must find, to go on.

Keep the faith, share the news,
Thinking fast, race and task,
Looking on, but pulling hairs,
Lose the words, feel the sun.

Chasing her, round the bend,
Jack was right, saw the night,
Drinks will flow, sin now glows,
Break the habit, stop this rabbit.

Think am sane, guess again?
Try to write, right to left,
Turn your mind, back to front,
Then you know, am just like snow.

By Julius Fa