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The Brave Ones

We are the brave, no badge to show it,
We rule the waves, life’s hard you know it,
Our names the same, just say and own it,
We won’t be cages, you wait we’ll fight it.

The world in rage, pandemic and change,
Governments panicked, laws rushed,
Millions fell, their future stolen,
The present frozen, mental health rising,
In God we trust, our hope in vaccination.

We need to adapt, no rapture in tax,
Economics stalled, billions on loans,
Revival in furlough, struggling to borrow,
Bills and hunger, food banks our saviour,
Boredom and caged, longing for sane.

Stay strong not lame, find fame not vein,
Some connected, via zoom,
Soon forgotten, their doom,
Silence angry, be still,
Violence rising , more gloom.

Can’t defeat me, I’m proud,
Fear released me, hope found,
Courage within me, I’ll stand,
Happiness becomes me, let’s smile,
Brave and free, I’ll see you at three.

By Julius Fa

The View From Here.


I have a friend, in such a place,
The skies so clear, the oceans light blue,
The sun still high, shines on in beauty,
To warm our lives, its sense of duty.

I love the feel, the wind can bring,
A gentle reminder, of hope so splendor,
The sense of freedom, with no surrender,
To be alive, without a lie.

But distance declares, the miles between us,
I’m way up here, with you down there,
But near we are, with hearts so bound,
For faith lives on, our friendship so strong.

So wish I must, upon this blessing,
A friend so dear, our bond so rare,
To see her here, with grace so plenty,
With stars around, my joy is found.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

The Crow Within.


It wasn’t his fault, his life they took,
Away from love, the dark now hook,
A mask he wore, his face no more,
No eyes to see, a crow to feed.

He lived by rules, to play their game,
The crow so big, their fears now dig,
A hole beneath, their hearts of sin,
Revenge so sweet, they dare not win.

He sent them down, in graves so deep,
Without a chance, his wrath they glanced,
No green they’ll meet, just soils of black,
Their pain will grow, so said the crow.

It was the last, that spoke his name,
With tears of rain, he drove insane,
He saw the crow, and vowed in vain,
He plea his case, a life to save.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

The Hung Gloves.


We failed to save, her from this life,
Her bruises we saw, her pain held deep,
She faked each day, and cried each night,
No boxer was she, just a victim in distress.

We woke each day, to sounds of bangs,
Across the streets, our eyes would stare,
We heard her scream, our teeth grew fangs,
This dog she call, her husband was bad.

We called the cops, but they couldn’t stop,
The fights within, her house a ring,
She’ll press no charges, for love is blind,
But we accepted it, that was our crime.

She was a beauty, a lady with grace,
Her kindness infectious, her laughter so sweet,
The best we prayed for her, no fighting tonight,
But when night cometh, the boxer returns.

It was a Tuesday, a morning to mourn,
The cops everywhere, your battles was done,
The boxer arrested, his gloves to be hung,
Your life with angels, your rest you have won.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

The Heavyweight!


I am the heavyweight, this much you’ll know,
I’ll throw the punches, stand back in awe,
They’ll fall defeated, on grounds of dust,
My strength awaken, too fast for lust.

I’ll dance before them, my feet so quick,
Their minds unravel, sweat pours as rain,
Their eyes now flooded, my hands can tell,
I’ll smack their beauty, right off their faces.

I’m born the champion, my home the ring,
The belts I’ve won here, my show of sin,
The ropes around me, my cage for rage,
The battles fought here, my gifts to you.

So now to fight night, a hero appears,
My crowns to take now, no way my kin,
He throws good hooks, no fish am I,
I send him flying high, an uppercut my win.

By Julius Fa
© 2011