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Trapped behind this door.

Where is the days? Where is the nights?
Behind these walls, I sense all is lost,
Time forgot me, sanity denies me.
This pandemic haunts me, fear holds me.

I have no friends, I lost my job,
I hate to Zoom, I’ll rather die,
My boss was wrong, to end my furlough,
The greed of men, my mental self cries.

I weigh too much, I will not eat,
This room is ugly, inside am lonely,
My stomach aches, for food no doubt,
Leave me alone dad, and mum get out, This room is lovely, it’s me whose ugly.

This isn’t me, it isn’t fair,
I curse this Covid, for stealing my mind,
I had few friends, a job I loved,
Freedom to live, my life was good,
But now we’re caged, this lockdown my rage.

I walk this garden, I see this door,
It’s locked always, no key is found,
It’s covered with weed, am frozen with fear,
My mouth is sealed, I can’t call out,
The number beside, the date I died.

By Julius Fa

Broken Friendship

This is the end, of us it seems,
We use to hang, but now depends,
What time of day, what tales awaits,
You seem distracted, our union departed.

We ruled the world, back then it seems,
A friend for life, we always declared,
We did it together, each adventure united,
Our bond so tight, no air could divide.

We shared daily tales, of life and fear,
You pulled me up, when sickness set in,
I saved your job, your boss a slob,
We carried each other, without much order.

Cursed this day, when laughter too flight,
Cursed the ways, you listed my blights,
Couldn’t resist, you shattered my life,
Simply because, you taketh your life.

Suicide hurts, it broketh my friend,
Didn’t declare, the sorrows you kept,
Won’t reveal, the tortures of life,
Silent as time, a killer of minds.

This is the end, I declare it again,
Inside that box, my friend now resided,
Her spirit is free, I pray God receives,
Goodbye my friend, I stand now alone.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

Hidden Past.


I have a past,  I hope will pass,
It’s full of pain, it’s just like rain,
You see my tears, within your hears,
But I didn’t cry, so do not try.

When I was young, and they were old,
No love was shown, just shame at home,
I tried to hide, my cuts from eyes,
They wondered how, this youth still lied.

They called me names, I can’t repaid,
It burnt my skin, because I  sinned,
Against their ways, my life no gain,
A slap at nine, my face still mine.

You read my words, but feel at odds,
Within you try, to hold your cry,
My life of wonder, you frown and ponder,
A youth gone mad, from a past so sad.

Julius Fa

In Your Hands.


Ever wondered, beyond your slumber,
Ever owned the hands before you,
Ever smiled when fear surrounds you,
Ever held the life before you?

Life’s rough, our friends declare it,
Tears are tough, when hearts break open,
Pain runs deep, for love was stolen,
Birds will fly, when songs are spoken.

This the sun, we dream awakes us,
Be still you waters, that crush our homes,
Speak less of hope, for lies enthroned us,
Take leave you cheats, your thrones are frozen.

Take a glass and look inside,
Fill it up, of all you wish,
Watch and wait, your fate now spoken,
Tell no fool, your secret is broken!

By Julius Fa,

Loved By Faith.


I saw a film, about a guy,
In love with Faith, her name was great,
He grew up quick, but failed to see,
The good inside, because of dad.

He played with guns, before he’d run,
Away from trouble, his life a struggle,
The friends he knew, were cruel by two,
His daily living, a mystery unforgiving.

But then he met, this saint in red,
She danced in lace, her face with grace,
They talked till late, their date now fate,
He loved her deeply, beyond man’s keep.

He asked one thing, that she won’t lie,
She feared his past, and things didn’t last,
Away she went, with Steve from class,
He took a gun, his love now sleeps.

By Julius Fa

Turning Heads.


She’s tall and fly, her smell is fine,
Her hair is black, her dress is tight,
She’s smile at you, her flesh like wine,
She’s smart and skilled, you’re lost in time.

You can’t believe, the luck she finds,
She’s just too real, a gift to seal,
The sight you see, your mind won’t heal,
Just wish one thing, her name to steal.

Her hips don’t lie, her curves are wild,
Her legs so long, the skies her song,
She moves like ice, slow and still,
Seduction her vice, beauty her voice.

You look around, to catch her sight,
Your head full turns, your sense now tours,
A vision of beauty, an angel on duty,
You ponder the chance, an invite to dance.

By Julius Fa

Here Again, Gone Too Soon!

I’m here again, a point to make,
Before you turn, give me your time,
I will be heard, you look absurd,
I stamp my feet, you stand intense.

I sprout my load, without much breath,
You clap your hands, the show was great,
I must be mad, you seem to smile,
I show no blame, you think am vain.

I see you laugh, about my game,
Pretend with easy, your fame is tamed,
I cross my hand, you fold your fist,
I see the fight, you keep in sight.

It took one word, to set me off,
I roared alive, with hands and blows,
You duck and dodge, you waste no blows,
I stopped half way, you land your hook.

I fell down straight, my head now rolls,
The crowd sees red, your fame now grows,
They clap for you, my words not dead,
I crawl away, am gone again.

By Julius Fa
© 2014

How We Met.


I think it’s time, we shared with you,
A tale of two, that lived as one,
Let’s set the scene, a tower within,
Around the fence, right up that hill.

Their home was built, with love not guilt,
The fields of green, their joy with spring,
They lived to please, the hearts unseen,
A lesson was taught, when happiness was caught.

The storms of marriage, they battled with courage,
No temper to greed, fate planting it’s seeds,
They cuddled in sight, we huddled to see,
Love glistening tonight, we listened with hearts.

A secret revealed, our minds withered away,
We gathered to see, their lives glowing and free,
The sea battered the shores, their home stood up and froze,
We met at the door, it was four on the dot.

By Julius Fa

Much To Give.


There is much hope, we still must give,
Don’t hold back love, you’ll disappear,
Words don’t mean much, you failed to appear,
Things can get rough, be tough my dear.

They’ll test your fears, before you dare,
To take that walk, beyond your years,
Life has no rules, just fate and tools,
You must believe, God still exists.

Out here you’ll see, the sun will sleep,
The dawn of age, the sum of rage,
Bring light at once, don’t sit in heat,
Dig holes in sand, for hope still stands.

Before your eyes, you see the rise,
This tree shall grow, our souls shall know,
We came from dust, our date a must,
Prepared to go, I gave you much.

By Julius Fa
© 2014