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I see no sense, I can’t pretend,

The days are short, and the hours fly past,

I saw some snow, after five long years,

It melts my heart, I shed some tears,

Within these walls, my sanity lies broken,

Each memory is daunting, each day I suffer,

This lockdown won’t stop, each nightmare I make,

Dreams fail me, and words torment me,

My past neglects me, my present abuses me, don’t ask about the future,

Time is lost, for me it seems,

Hours and years, feels much the same,

Should I beg, should I wait,

Nothing but longing, hoping for Grace.

By Julius Fa


Here we are.

We are together again after months of self isolation, and longing for freedom to be able to go outside and walk the walk of modern times. The streets are quiet, the way is long. It feels like eternity on hold and life reborn. The scary journey to the supermarket, the long queues of masked faces and glove wearing hands. The look of confusion and trying to understand this new age of humanity, fought with death and mental health challenges. I am fearful for the victims of domestic violence, now locked in with their abusers and with very little freedom within. The air now we fear for the virus it carries, the world in isolation has countries and economies stand still. The rich still rich and the poor even poorer and beyond desperate. Here we are in this 2020, where are you?

By Julius Fa


Counting Stars.

Counting Stars

You are a star, this much is real, helping others to reach, their fullest brightness. Never doubting and always praising, saying prayers and sharing sorrows.

I never wanted this struggle, I was good and kept out of trouble. Others were fake and lived by their selfishness, smoking herbs and downing shots.

On the roof, I leave it all behind, up I stare never wanting to lose the count, passed two thousand and still thousands more to count, take a seat could take a while.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020

My Shelter

My bed

It’s just a bed, so some may say, that truth is real, to me it’s more.

It’s the safety net that keeps me sane, the shelter that boasts my brain.

It’s happiness and comfort when I feel down, can heal the wounds this world dishes out.

It holds me tight and feels so right, it is my delight and Friend when all seems lost.

I’ll find my way back home, just to be with you.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020


It’s not the same, those wise men said, it’s all renewed, the walls we built, for years we broke down the walls hate built, desperate for freedom, two millions did die.

We take things for granted, these modern times fail, to learn from the past, wars still now rage. More bodies have fallen, too many now broken, leaders still stand lying, humanity sits down dying.

What truth do you believe, which side did you vote for, our planet is crying, our climate is changing, my people are hungry, your landfills are full. My continent is trapped, your democracy is crap.

They said it couldn’t happen again, the weapons of old renewed and tested, the dictators have fallen, arise the conquerors, just one push of the button sends everyone running.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020


You’re smarter than me, this much is true. You see things clearly and make answers easier to understand. The sky about the earth is round, the sun is a star, the moon a reflection. Such order out of complexity, so much beauty without the iPhone. Daily reminder than we are conquerors , capable of the greatest good, but also the darkest evil. If only we believe in ourselves and praise the stranger, feed the hungry, hug the lonely, visit the imprisoned, Free the slaves and simply Love.

By Julius Fa

© February 2020

Rollercoaster Ride

I have always been afraid of heights and the need for speed. Why do they exist I once ponder over a daydream seesion, sat in a boring work meeting that achieve nothing but kills time. We spend our lifetime rushing around so desperate to tick all of life’s goals, get that dream job, marry that princess, have two kids before forty. Then look in the mirror at fifty and wonder how did you get here?

That’s the rollercoaster ride effect folks, care for a ticket anyone. Still spaces available.

By Julius Fa

© February 2020