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I wasn’t ready.

It’s no one’s fault, but mine alone,

The trials of life, soon disappeared,

Alone at night, put fear aside,

The bitter facts, that all men lie,

A bold denial, my tears flow miles.

I ran so hard, this race called life,

I spread my wings, grew up too quick,

Surrounded by friends, from college to graduation,

I grabbed each opportunity firmly, both hands gripped tightly.

It happened at three, that weekend it rained,

We gathered to party, after weeks of working,

Invited to Camden, a jazz bar and restaurant,

We totaled eight, four men with their lies.

Drinks flowed from the bar, mastercard on tap,

Men flirted with danger, women lingered in laughter,

Dinner deliciously digested, jazz smoothed our souls,

Sexy atmosphere around us, pretty drunk I sounded.

My boss stuck to my side, his hands wearing his vows,

He planted his hands, upon my knees,

I wasn’t ready and froze, his lips planted a kiss,

My mind lost in confusion, my body seeking translation,

This kiss opened a chapter, his lips broken my walls,

Sadness crept inside me, anger turned on and bite me,

I pulled away from him, the slap was well deserved,

I grew up way to quick, this story, his kiss was not my click.

By Julius Fa

Just A Kid!

I’m just a kid, so they say,
I won’t understand, they always state,
Just let him be, their abandonment of me,
Give him time, to disappear no doubt.

You think us less, and treat us best,
You try to mould, our minds won’t rest,
You raised us up, from infant to teens,
You are the Home, we’ve always known.

But in our teens, we start to fight,
We bite and rage, unafraid of age,
We speak our minds, we show no care,
You lose control, and fear the trolls.

We have the future, within our palms,
From Facebook to Twitter, the world so large,
We see the evil, within ourselves,
We start to stress, life’s pressured to oppress.

It was not smart, to gift me a phone,
The pain of porn, the violence on YouTube,
The ugliness of Instagram, self harm on Tictok,
I cannot breathe, within my skin.

I’m just a kid, that broke too soon,
I learned to lie, took drugs to die,
I drank more alcohol, black eyes on ice,
Few cuts to prove it, online they love it.

I posted this photo, taken by Kelly,
It shows my good side, without the dramas,
The masses adore it, inside I hate it,
He’s a good kid, my mum declares it,
Shame we don’t talk, why won’t they HELP ME?

By Julius Fa

If Night Could Talk.

It was a winter, just like this.

The days are long and the nights grew short.

If time could talk, it would have said,

what humans would do when hid in the dark,

Can you see through the dark of sin,

The stars that watch and turned away,

It seems at times that if we talked,

The world would listen and stars will fly.

I cannot seem to connect my thoughts,

My feet are cold, my hands are scared.

You look at me. They turn away.

It is too much for you to say, “good night, sweet dreams” . You humbled by.

But it’s not enough to stop my cries.

I scream.

I shout.

Will anyone listening.

Good night, Sweet dreams. I wish tonight.

By Julius Fa



Fear has a new name and it seems that name is a virus. People these days seem to be running around confused, baffled and dazed, by the effects of this new strain of virus that seems to be growing in the world and spreading across borders it does not discriminate against rich or poor white or black. On the country it seems only to want to dominate, populate and grow, this calls for obedience from humanity to remain self isolated, but human beings do not know what it means to be isolated. Our very fabric and existence is to be known for it is by being known that we become socially accepted and mentally adapted to the probability of Truth within ourselves.

By Julius Fa


Cost You Nothing


What does it cost, to let go of fear and love.

Too much taken, very little given back.

We are a product of doubt, longing to be freed within.

Society more complex and twisted, the norm of today was banned 30 years ago.

What the young celebrate now, was the shameful hindrance of yester years.

Acceptance is the new gang, wanting to belong to a group or any existence at all.

I want to be acknowledged and hate to be ignored.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020

So Alone

Walking solo

I’m so alone, this Earth needs something more, or is it my life yawning for something more.

Each day feels strange each night looks doll, no time to reason, too much time thinking.

Why do I waste and struggle so much, why do I pretend that it’s all good when really am on fire inside.

Society only takes more advantage and the pride, greed and envy of so many now darken the modern age. Sanity is frail and weak, the era of strength now replaced by out own incapabilities.

What has gone wrong and what part did you play in this sunken future, where dreams die and love fades. On I walk this night, alone and full of fear and doubt.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020

Her Cotton field picture.

I had a dream, about her past,
Those hard drawn days, she wished away,
Amongst the thorn, that cut her flesh,
The pain and insults, she called her own.

The year is old, too old to remember,
Equality a whisper, men dare not raise,
She stayed at home, owned by masters,
Raped and black, ashamed of that.

She worked the fields, collecting much cotton,
The hot day’s sun, sweating not fun,
The swell on her hands, blisters and blood,
Haunted by horrors, living in terror.

It wasn’t her fault, she told her spirit,
This wasn’t her world, the cruelty seems hell,
Each day a battle, each night much struggle,
Praying all night, chained in darkness.

He took this photo, her owner on earth,
Dressed her in plain, hungry and vein,
She lowered her head, hiding her tears,
Wishing for death, longing for help.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

Still Afraid.

I’m still afraid, to break this trust,
It feels so right, it can’t be wrong,
She holds my life, within her arms,
I feel so safe, I feel alive.

For ten long years, am blessed with love,
Within my heart, my past lays calm,
Each day my spring, each night our fun,
She is my bliss, each hour we kiss.

I shared it all, my fears and doubts,
To please her mind, I did not run,
I hid no sin, to her am done,
Complete and open, my world her throne.

I’m still afraid, to fail her heart,
I’ll go insane, if we should part,
Life won’t be same, she sort no fame,
Just honesty and truth, her pledge to me.

By Julius Fa
© 2018


It’s ten long years, since we’ve been there,
Each step a past, each memory a blast,
We chased the world, in search of fame,
We hunger for more, attracted by greed.

Our teens flew by, no time to cry,
We earned it quick, and spent it fast,
We did it all, drugs, drinks and calls,
Afraid to fall, We lived life tall.

It couldn’t last, we wouldn’t bet,
Each year we pushed, each month we trashed,
Several cars crashed, all houses sold,
We kept no photos, just told old stories.

Until that day, when death took home,
Each member that expiry, their tickets now called,
Years passed and time cast, an end to friendship,
Hello sweet freedom, goodbye my sorrow.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

The Dancer

We own this night, our bodies so tight,
Each move in tune, our souls unite,
This sound so sweet, it swings our hips,
The tango a delight, our joys brings light.

We ride the waves, the music now saves,
Our worries take flight, our hands holds on,
Each twist shows love, each bend we hug,
This night rains passion, his kiss my obsession.

The explosion of colour, reminds me his taller,
A gentleman of life, this lover of mine,
Am dressed in white, he is my black,
Into his heart, I seek my rest.

Our song now ends, the stars descend,
He holds my head, my heart and all,
His lips now claim, his prize my soul,
He is the Dancer, my pride and own.

By Julius Fa,