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Stood too long.

The Chair

I have stood too long, with those that stand and are afraid of those too fearful to talk. Is the world what it seems or are we just part of a system that believes only in itself, trying so hard to understand the ways of the world, the struggles of those that have little, and the enjoyment of those that have too much. The strangulation of the better man is but a crime, no lesser a crime of the rich man feeding the poor, only to return to his mansion and feed himself on their wealth. Are we really so blinded to the cries of this world, the discrimination of races, the intolerance of indifference, the procrastination of governments. It is time the world gets it renewal, only this time who will cash in its cheque

By Julius Fa



It’s hard to say, that word that states,

My mind so clear, no chain of fear,

I lived life fast, afraid to stop,

In search of comfort, I moved to Suffolk.

Each day was bright, no thoughts too bad,

I ate and drank, within my rank,

My friends of few, no match for Grace,

I am renewed, pressed jeans my style.

To those around, no tears was found,

Just life lived well, my sanity so swell,

I did my job, a roof well kept,

No sign of doubt, men’s work is hard.

My mental state, was like a child,

I didn’t see the hurt within,

Each day so fast, inside am blast,

No strength was mine, just shame all round.

To make it stop, I drew a blade,

Each cut relief, more proof I bleed,

At night I’ll cry, because am scared,

My mind is haunted, the insanity of one.

So into the system, they sectioned my freedom,

Into this cage, my days now rage,

Protected from society, depression they said,

Doctors of wickedness, angered my norm.

By Julius Fa


I Want Nothing!


I want nothing, to do with you,
You seem to find, your place in kind,
Away from me, your strength is seen,
But when so close, you seem so lost.

I am the fool, that gave so much,
I let you walk, without a talk,
Your needs met first, my needs still thirst,
I want out now, in rage I shout.

Your friends you keep, their ways your sheep,
There minds are dull, cheap as a doll,
They laughed at me, you shared their wit,
I saw how wrong, our ways now hung.

How did it come, to this dismay,
When lies you told, and fate got sold,
I choked inside, you faked outside,
I want no more, now use the door.

By Julius Fa
©  2011