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I see no sense, I can’t pretend,

The days are short, and the hours fly past,

I saw some snow, after five long years,

It melts my heart, I shed some tears,

Within these walls, my sanity lies broken,

Each memory is daunting, each day I suffer,

This lockdown won’t stop, each nightmare I make,

Dreams fail me, and words torment me,

My past neglects me, my present abuses me, don’t ask about the future,

Time is lost, for me it seems,

Hours and years, feels much the same,

Should I beg, should I wait,

Nothing but longing, hoping for Grace.

By Julius Fa


My Shelter

My bed

It’s just a bed, so some may say, that truth is real, to me it’s more.

It’s the safety net that keeps me sane, the shelter that boasts my brain.

It’s happiness and comfort when I feel down, can heal the wounds this world dishes out.

It holds me tight and feels so right, it is my delight and Friend when all seems lost.

I’ll find my way back home, just to be with you.

By Julius Fa

© March 2020