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Stood too long.

The Chair

I have stood too long, with those that stand and are afraid of those too fearful to talk. Is the world what it seems or are we just part of a system that believes only in itself, trying so hard to understand the ways of the world, the struggles of those that have little, and the enjoyment of those that have too much. The strangulation of the better man is but a crime, no lesser a crime of the rich man feeding the poor, only to return to his mansion and feed himself on their wealth. Are we really so blinded to the cries of this world, the discrimination of races, the intolerance of indifference, the procrastination of governments. It is time the world gets it renewal, only this time who will cash in its cheque

By Julius Fa


The Sight Of Gold.


I’ll show you gold, if you were bold,
The weight of greed, upon man’s lead,
The cries for help, the poor were dealt,
The size of wealth, the rich now sleath.

I’ll let you smell, this thing called gold,
The stink of sin, when hearts give in,
For money they worshiped, their sanity in hardship,
The call of reason, the hurt of treason.

I’ll let you feel, the weight of gold,
The hungry shall fall, their burdens now raise,
The nations of third, with victims and birds,
In silence we’re closed, in thousands they die.

Can you hear, the tales of gold,
The rich are clowns, the poor are bound,
The noise of tears, besieged their ears,
With fate in hope, the rich smoke dope.

So now you know, this thing called gold,
The price is set, your cheque now let,
But up you stood, this deal my food,
“You keep your gold, for am no fool.”

By Julius Fa
© 2012

Act Your Age.


There was a time, I wished was mine,
To start again and with less rain,
The kid within, a chance to win,
To right the wrongs, I thought was gone.

I must confess, the pain I pressed,
Upon the weak, I passed my leaks,
I sold them bonds, that held no funds,
They took the bait, I took my pay.

These times are tough, to be the boss,
The banks must stand, throughout the rough,
I played the game, to cheat the lame,
I made the rich, without a hitch.

But on that day, when wealth will rot,
I hold much sin, because I win,
I pledge with time, to write my crimes,
I need a fresh start, this new year’s day.

By Julius Fa
(c) 2011

Stop and think..

Do you ever wonder what others think of you?
Do you often ponder the way you look in another’s eyes?
Are you too afraid to envision the words they will use to describe you?
Can you humble yourself to accept the reality of you through their perceptions?

Would it take a hardened heart to swallow pride and allow criticism to sink in?
Might you fight battles with hasten words from your accuser, or picture yourself in their assessment?
Will you cry with the tides or ride high the waves of trouble?
Have you ever stop to think that the person you are is totally new to yourself as well?

Would be wise to discover your true self first than inflict the masked face upon this world.
Do you care what other’s think of you or do you only sort advise from loyal companions?
Can you walk the tight rope of life only aware of you own needs and wants and forsaken all others?
Must you be first in every relationship and direct in all encounters?

Will you consider the needs of others and support the loner’s cause?
Stop and think……..do you really know whom you are to yourself?

By Julius Fa
© 2009

Dare I say it….

Here we are together at last, winter parting and spring visiting,
Calmer skies and happier times, gentle walks and close tides,
Joyous laughter and silence kisses, time so still we would not tell,
Love so real and heart so fast, dare I say those words I feel.

You look so good, I dare not faint,
You are a vision of beauty, and an angel of grace,
You smile so soft, you make me cry,
I want so much to make you mine.

Between these woods we toil and stare,
The sun so plain and nature so bare,
You let me in and drop your guard, your heart now mine, for this I see,
You plant a kiss upon my lips, you smell so sweet, we hug so tight.

I’ve learn to hold this course we take, to ride the waves of love and hope,
These humble hills and wind swept tree, can soon declare the love we air,
What tales they tell and moods they set, for time now lost to us we feel,
So look within and stop and think, you know the love I dare not tell.

And as we stopped to look around, we view this sun to bed it goes,
I hold you close and wont release, for love is thine and mine to make,
You lean on me and shed your wings, for now this love our home to stay,
Dare I say those words I feel, I love you so much, you make me whole.

By Julius Fa
© 2010


You have your role, to play in life,
You wear the chains, of chance and fame,
You boss around, the weak and lame,
You show the world, you live by its ways.

But then you met, my ways and thought,
I live my life, to please the rest,
I’ll show you kindness, in place of angry,
I helped the weak, and fed the poor.

You sort to prove, my life a sin,
You judged me guilty, was this your duty?
You stained my name, with mud and shame,
You won this round, not fair or sound.

I stand upright, after my plight,
I cast aside, the swords of woes,
My wounds shall heal, my friends now deal,
I smile and laugh, my ways will last.

You clench your fist, and made your list,
You fooled the world, with empty bliss,
I turned by back, they booed your sack,
You wished to fight, I prayed for right.

And so they came, with light and flame,
Your rage now caged, your reign to end,
Life’s weight uplifted, the storms to clear,
Your name declared, that name was greed.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

My Demands.


I have a demand, you must remand,
To be so kind, with open mind,
The crowd of nine, around this mine,
In search of one, who was left behind.

It was their greed, that made them weed,
They played the game, without a maid,
A mess they made, and could not fade,
Away from here, with spade and fear.

You claim to be, the boss with speed,
You wear the suits, without the fruits,
We shamed your fame, and named your game,
Your time us up, our play is rough.

You bring the law, we brought the saw,
You faked your move, we read you good,
A trap you set, without respect,
I stood my ground, against your hounds.

You called yourself, the leader of men,
I see a coward, dressed with power,
You say you’re polite, a servant with might,
I make my demand, your nature to remand.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

A Hint Of Grace.


I sort to be, a man of breed,
To help the lame, without a cane,
Bright hope to bring, in light of sin,
To heal the sick, and build the weak.

I find no fault, in men so lost,
A cloth to lend, to those in need,
This roof to house, the sleepers with mouse,
Fresh dignity restore, new hope reborn.

I need no prize, I sort no wage,
To please the rest, I helped the less,
I gave my all, to see them bless,
A hint of grace, they now must face.

So judge them not, these best kept less,
For rise they shall, with hearts now dressed,
With love relit, they will confess,
For grace was kind, to their distress.

By Julius Fa
© 2011