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I see no sense, I can’t pretend,

The days are short, and the hours fly past,

I saw some snow, after five long years,

It melts my heart, I shed some tears,

Within these walls, my sanity lies broken,

Each memory is daunting, each day I suffer,

This lockdown won’t stop, each nightmare I make,

Dreams fail me, and words torment me,

My past neglects me, my present abuses me, don’t ask about the future,

Time is lost, for me it seems,

Hours and years, feels much the same,

Should I beg, should I wait,

Nothing but longing, hoping for Grace.

By Julius Fa


Keeping Face

It’s not often that I get scared and confused, this worldwide panic got me thinking things and freaking out. My dreams don’t match and my head hurts from seeing masses desert city centers and shops stripped bare. We have become a nation of tissue buying champions, too afraid to confess that we are lost and this stress and weight is unbearable for just us. Our families are hurt and longing for a new day and fresh faith of calmer times and virus declining. Pray that this might take hold soon.

By Julius Fa


Keep Calm .

Wish people would Keep their words,

Wish peace could break their curse,

Wish words don’t sound so cheap,

Wish pain would take its flight.
Can’t take this path once more,

Can’t make them like me more,

Can’t fake the hurt they caused,

Can’t stay cause life’s worth more.
Sometimes we try too hard,

Sometimes hate makes us wait,

Sometimes things just aren’t right,

Sometimes just leave me be.
If hearts can talk, they’ll call my name,

If all you give, was just your time,

To see these words, for what they say,

Don’t stress too much, am lost again.
By Julius Fa


Behind the Face! 

Behind the face, lies the truth,
It’s buried deep, no signs of where,
Each eye looks on, no sight of right,
A smile uneven, am filled with rage.

He leads the few, his name in papers,
Each day he lies, each hour he devours,
We rise and sink, he’s rich from sin,
We are his votes, his job’s no joke.

He started a fight, we gave him green light,
In thousands they matched, their homes now destroyed,
He bombed them for us. We watched in disgust,
For war was their blight, new refugees be our gain.

Each protect was loud, Ten thousand feet stood,
The public unite, their leader to oust,
His face now with tears, our ears stopped to hear,
No sound from his lips, just truth lock inside.

By Julius Fa

How Do I?


How do I feel,  when others surround me?
Watching my steps, studying my mood,
Look to fault, things I do,
Jealous or not, hateful they stare,

Wishing and praying, never to please them,
Longing and waiting, saving for more,
Blessing and wonder, steady my ship,
Loving the feeling, walking in two.

It does hurt, I do cry,
I’m not dumb, am just shy,
I won’t bite, I want love,
You keep hating, am just me.

By Julius Fa
© 2016

Speak My Mind.



It’s still in me, to be direct,
To speak my mind, without a dime,
To curse the world, because am old,
I’m tired of pain, there is no gain.

I work each day, for less it seems,
To feed the best, I get no rest,
My soul is strong, my body weak,
I need a million, I’ll settle for peace.

I drive each day, a mile or two,
It cost a lot, to me not you,
The work is hard, the hours long,
A must to live, the bills won’t cease.

I see no joy, the wage the same,
For three long years, my mortgage the same,
I need your help, sweet grace my friend,
I am alone, it feel the same.

By Julius Fa


His Last Eve.



I have four eyes, you see just two,
I’m not surprised, you think am mad.
I choose this eve, to set things straight,
I have a gun, beneath my seat.
I choose a name, it’s not the same,
It’s full of fame, I hate my shame,
I’ll play no game, because of rain,
I find there’s pain, afraid of blame.

They think me wrong, but am not gone,
I walk alone, am in my zone,
They look around, unable to find,
I hide deep down, and make no sound.


I love the dark, it has an ark,
I see him move, the light is dome,
I take my aim, he sense no change,
A flash alert, he drops and bleeds,
This time I won, but on New Year’s eve.

Julius Fa,


Raining Grace.


It’s been awhile, her name unsaid,
It’s deep within, these clouds in mind,
It fades with sin, for she’s so clean,
I need renewal, in her it’s free.

She’ll cleanse this pain, our world so strained,
Each turn a war, some child is slain,
The leaders are vain, society in shame,
We struggle for gain, inside so plain.

We judge the poor, and praise the rich,
We follow fame, because we’re lame,
For happiness we sold, to sons of old,
The future is great, the lies we told.

Each day a curse, each breath with dust,
Our wallets are empty, our pride unending,
We swallowed each story, that shows no glory,
Together we drown, alone we frown.

Enough is enough, my rebellion for more,
Greed commands it, the public consumes it,
Wash me clean sweet grace, save my skin from space,
It rains all day, is this her face.


By Julius Fa

I Can.


Yes I can, with conviction and pride,
No time to hide, let tonight die,
Bind thy hate, wait for fate,
Set that date, soon to break.

Before the storm, a curse for fun,
This rain won’t stop, my pain goes pop,
Insane from shame, am I so vain,
A tear for Kane, I need your cane.

Prepared to fail, before I walked,
These years are long, each step absurd,
Bitter from lose, twisted and tossed,
Battered by life, freedom my prize.

Sooner than later, broken like feathers,
Seeking a future, lessened by hate,
Wouldn’t surrender, this is my case,
Into the storm, hidden by rage.

By Julius Fa

The Other Woman!


I love them both, it is my curse,
A separate heart, to hold two trust,
A man within, the heart of two,
It’s not for lust, I speak of just.
I shared my all, to make them smile,
Denied too much, afraid to fall,
What fate drew luck, towards my door,
I welcome both, to bold to fold.
A week apart, I kept their path,
Beyond this earth, a sense of love,
Blessed with hope, their joy in lope,
I need to change, this fate is mean.
I’m not that bright, I have no sight,
Is this a fling? I need to bring,
The need of two, my words now few,
They sense a change, my ways not same.
I broke two hearts, for life declares it,
I had to tell, them both of cheating,
I’m not the man, they see before them,
I need to fill, this hole inside me.

By Julius Fa

© 2015