Her Cotton field picture.

I had a dream, about her past,
Those hard drawn days, she wished away,
Amongst the thorn, that cut her flesh,
The pain and insults, she called her own.

The year is old, too old to remember,
Equality a whisper, men dare not raise,
She stayed at home, owned by masters,
Raped and black, ashamed of that.

She worked the fields, collecting much cotton,
The hot day’s sun, sweating not fun,
The swell on her hands, blisters and blood,
Haunted by horrors, living in terror.

It wasn’t her fault, she told her spirit,
This wasn’t her world, the cruelty seems hell,
Each day a battle, each night much struggle,
Praying all night, chained in darkness.

He took this photo, her owner on earth,
Dressed her in plain, hungry and vein,
She lowered her head, hiding her tears,
Wishing for death, longing for help.

By Julius Fa
© 2018


Not for me.

It’s not for me, this world called work,
Each day the same, fake smiles the game,
Each hour I seat, life’s joys take flight,
I’m bore of this, mind gone insane.

If this is life, then take my seat,
I won’t return, this desk kills dreams,
No joy in working, just pain and talking,
I’m for the walking, my spirit is docking.

It starts at 5, when bells start ringing,
I take a shower, hot water my healing,
The journey to work, rekindles my youth,
Packed busses with noises, unhappy faces and mobiles.

I need help, the mindset within,
The silence around, hastens my nerves,
The screen is blank, my mood so frank,
I hate this life, it not my own.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

Still Afraid.

I’m still afraid, to break this trust,
It feels so right, it can’t be wrong,
She holds my life, within her arms,
I feel so safe, I feel alive.

For ten long years, am blessed with love,
Within my heart, my past lays calm,
Each day my spring, each night our fun,
She is my bliss, each hour we kiss.

I shared it all, my fears and doubts,
To please her mind, I did not run,
I hid no sin, to her am done,
Complete and open, my world her throne.

I’m still afraid, to fail her heart,
I’ll go insane, if we should part,
Life won’t be same, she sort no fame,
Just honesty and truth, her pledge to me.

By Julius Fa
© 2018


It’s ten long years, since we’ve been there,
Each step a past, each memory a blast,
We chased the world, in search of fame,
We hunger for more, attracted by greed.

Our teens flew by, no time to cry,
We earned it quick, and spent it fast,
We did it all, drugs, drinks and calls,
Afraid to fall, We lived life tall.

It couldn’t last, we wouldn’t bet,
Each year we pushed, each month we trashed,
Several cars crashed, all houses sold,
We kept no photos, just told old stories.

Until that day, when death took home,
Each member that expiry, their tickets now called,
Years passed and time cast, an end to friendship,
Hello sweet freedom, goodbye my sorrow.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

The Dancer

We own this night, our bodies so tight,
Each move in tune, our souls unite,
This sound so sweet, it swings our hips,
The tango a delight, our joys brings light.

We ride the waves, the music now saves,
Our worries take flight, our hands holds on,
Each twist shows love, each bend we hug,
This night rains passion, his kiss my obsession.

The explosion of colour, reminds me his taller,
A gentleman of life, this lover of mine,
Am dressed in white, he is my black,
Into his heart, I seek my rest.

Our song now ends, the stars descend,
He holds my head, my heart and all,
His lips now claim, his prize my soul,
He is the Dancer, my pride and own.

By Julius Fa,

Open it.

I wasn’t sure, if I should knock,
Beyond this door, my life or war,
Prepared for both, I seek no votes,
I brave my nerves, I stand and pause.

I wasn’t sure, which sense will win,
The noise within, this room a sin,
The shouts and smash, of glass and flesh,
I won’t ignore, the cries for help.

A crowd had gathered, concerned and bothered,
They stood a distance, afraid to enter,
Some called for help, others looked unfazed,
Shock froze their feet, rage wages within.

I bang on the door, and harden my fist,
The distance between, this door begins,
To open ajag, the locks now unhinged,
A giant revealed, taller than men.

He beckoned me come, I silently pray,
He’s covered in blood, a sight on the flour,
A lady so weak, her body is torn,
Battered by hate, blinded by love.

I wanted to swing, but halted by fear,
Ordered aside, when officers arrived,
Onto his knees, handcuffed at last,
Freedom for her, my battle to save.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

My kingdom

This is my joy, this is my bliss,
I can’t deny, how blessed I feel,
Each day I cherish, what God provided,
Each night I thank, this space I own.

I found my place, my purpose clear,
My wife so kind, her heart is fair,
A house now home, my son declares,
I’ll keep you safe, my vow they hear.

I work so hard, to keep us there,
The bills stack high, each night I try,
To share a smile, and keep them calm,
Money seems to talk, credits out for walks.

Working class to poverty, each day a letter,
Each bill in red, life grew too quick,
Risks just got real, fear sets in quick,
Wife now feels scared, son still plays on.

Worked twice as hard, food twice the cost,
Sold all my stuff, still bills to sort,
Lights now cut, reality so cruel,
Dad fell short, son not your fault.

Ten years on, way down these tracks,
Wife packed and gone, son still the one,
I broke my vow, couldn’t keep them safe,
I’m all alone, but they’re still my own.

By Julius Fa
© 2018

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