105. Handsome Guy

She was so late, to wake that day,
She did things quick, no time to fix
He hair a mess, no makeup to flex,
Just her true self, without the masks.

At the bus stop, outside her house,
She read her email, upon her phone,
A crowd of six, waiting as well,
But one watched on, her focus not there.

He said “hello”, so quiet and calm,
She looked up quick, all stunned to respond,
Just the smile, that hide her hello,
He’s handsome alright, her thought surprised.

The bus arrived and on they got,
Packed and full, they stood so close,
She looked at him, he smiled at her,
She brushed her hair, still shy and wondering.

Ten stops left, she noticed his book,
“I love Dan Brown,” her words now hooked,
He looked at her, his eyes so blue,
She heard no words, but he spoke on.

He’s so beautiful, she pinched herself,
A simple thought, that made her soft,
Her beating heart, alive at last,
But then she remembered, no makeup on her.

She tried to hide, her bareness and pride,
He leaned closer and whispered the answer,
She felt so free, this guy gets me,
Now calm and loved, she relaxed and talked.

By Julius Fa

104. He Did Not Lie.

He told his dad, “I did not lie,”
He told his mum, “I did not lie,”
He told his sister, “I did not lie,”
He told himself, “I’m still alive.”

He played it cool and broke no rules,
He hid away, the pain that stayed,
Within his home, he had no say,
He lived by time, that was his tool.

At school he was, that kid that was,
Too norm and quiet, his teachers didn’t worry,
He’s smart and quick, he’s friends with Steve,
He stayed within, this world of sin.

It shocked us all, when Steve jumped off,
A bridge not far, from school this May,
They all came knocking, upon his door,
In search of truth, behind Steve’s mind.

He was the friend, that Steve loved most,
They played in two and ate lunch quick,
Each day with laughter, their bond true bliss,
Not much to say, their friendship was great.

Now faced with questions, he didn’t know why,
Steve was so happy, to live his life,
He knew Steve best, but not the rest,
He did not lie, Steve told him nothing.

By Julius Fa

103. True Cost.


I’m tired of hearing, tired of fearing ,
Tired of trying and hearing you lying,
Can’t take the fakeness, no sign of weakness,
Just plain pretending, love so demanding

Shame on your venting, seem so relenting,
Gave all I held dear, to see you bail here,
So bitter and wanting, our lives denying,
The light before me, this darkness is passing.

Embrace the future, rewrite the new me,
You out and far gone, no more of us now,
Enjoying the new me, make up of old Lee,
Worn out by love, mind numb like doves.

So here I pledge me, to build a new self,
More time to know me, investing beyond free,
Can’t fake the here now, inside I know fear,
Life takes my all dear, to end our love here.

By Julius Fa

102. Unkind

It’s so unkind, the way you speak,
You find just faults, in every person,
You don’t listen, when others reason,
It cost you nothing, to be this person.

You showed disgust, to what is just,
You blame the world and shamed the rest,
You can’t belong, to those that press,
For truth at best, you found them less.

You show no care, for those that try,
You won’t believe, in those that live,
To help the weak, you curse their keep,
You cut them down, your words wound deep.

You have no reason, to bare this treason,
You know the love, your youth a dove,
No sadness or angry, just softness and longing,
To be just kind and share your time.

By Julius Fa

101. Explain It?

I woke at night and saw this chair,
It’s old and creaks, just standing there,
I can’t explain, why it’s here,
It’s not my own, that much I know.

I know this room, it feels like home,
It’s so bizarre, the walls are bare,
Still in my bed and looking round,
What’s going on? Why’s there no sound?

I take the drink, beside my bed,
A glass of water, half full it seems,
The seating chair, commands my focus,
The light above, beams out the dark.

It starts to walk, towards my bed,
The room is spinning, my mind convinced,
The talking chair, besets my fears,
I hide behind, the sheets I find.

I can’t make out, what words it speaks,
The flicking light, now chills my bones,
I’m frozen and still, unable to move,
Can you explain, why am sitting in the chair?

By Julius Fa

100. Angry Dog.

He is the dog, that hates his own,
He barks and barks, no light in dark,
He’s wild and mean, his teeths so big,
Stand back, he warns, am not your slack.

His eyes beams, with fear and rage,
He’s trained to fight, we know it’s not right,
He growls insanely, his stance intensely,
You are the victim, he hopes to meet you.

They can’t control him, within the collar,
He’s way too strong, no chains can bind,
He thrusts and charges, each target that past,
No fear avails him, pure rage within him.

That day he lost it, escaped his cage,
The time was early, the streets were calmed,
He charged the neighbors, that shot and killed him,
He barked in horror, they ended his terror.

By Julius Fa

99. Facing Grace

Much is seen, much I’ve been,
You’re the best, to me I’ve seen,
Love to feel, lust is real,
Knowing you, is so cool.

We both grew up, together as one,
You rest in me, my heart in you,
We are complete, without the fools,
That cheat and trick, your past still hurts.

I am the calm, that stills your soul,
You are the kid, that wins my all,
I love your eyes, so green and wise,
We are the tree, that stands so free.

You are the lotus, sweet Grace my own,
You try and distance, your past the reason,
I’m not the pain, that men have gained,
I am the fence, that guards your sense.

With you each day, brings joy to faith,
Each time we talk, rewrites our walk,
Can’t stop the love, I’ve kept for us,
Let us be first, just leave the rest.

By Julius Fa

98. Throwing Stars.

I saw a boy, throwing Stars,
At the sky, dark at night,
In his hands, held them tight,
Up he threw, them one by one.

He’s just a kid, young as ten,
From this sight, he looked all right,
He made no sound, just swung them round,
He took his aim and off they go.

Far and wide, he threw each one,.
I can’t explain, his strength seems real,
The stars he threw, soared and grew,
Into much more, than we’ve been told.

We couldn’t see, how smart he was,
He didn’t wear, fake clothes or hair,
Beyond our realm, his home’s not here,
He’s from a time, our space draws near.

Make a wish, my mind release,
Look way high, above the skies,
Burning bright, our stars of light,
Looking like, an angel in sight.

By Julius Fa

97. Shouting!

Why’s she shouting? Sitting in silence,
What’s the matter? Looking all glum,
I can’t control me, seeing you waiting,
Speak to me, shouting like crazy.

You’re in my head, puzzled in absence,
Stop the games, still not talking,
Am I to blame? She sits motionless,
The silence is loud, frying my brains.

State the problem, she looks the same,
Move your lips, am waiting in vain,
You can’t do this, she’s clearly insane,
I’m bore of talking, making me strain.

You keep doing this, losing my name,
Stop annoying, wishing me pain,
Stand and own it, making no moves,
You keep attacking, seeking her change.

By Julius Fa

96. Leaving Tonight.

Bags packed, ready for change,
Leaving tonight, starting afresh,
Hated this life, losing myself,
Chasing the norm, forgetting the fun.

Gave up the job, gave up my home,
Seeking new bliss, out there alone,
Wondering the earth, seeing the new,
Breaking the mould, stuck in one zone.

Wanting to meet, different cultures await,
The beauty of earth, ready to greet,
Exploring the spaces, further away,
Touring the continents, counting the stars.

Fed up of wasting, the time we’re blessed with,
Hungry for more, other than norm,
The nine to five, blinded our sights,
Working and struggling, caged and crumbling.

Behold the tracks, starting my journey,
Feeling relieved, stresses break free,
Watching the sunset, writing my journal,
Freedom awaits me, goodbye the old me.

By Julius Fa

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