What’s It Like? 

What’s it like, on the other side?

Didn’t you hurt, when doves dies, 

Couldn’t you lie, when ears stood, 

Ringing my phone, when nightfalls. 
Never the pain, always the same, 

Hitting my veins, healing your pride, 

Longing for calm, inside your head, 

Drawing my blood, silencing my screams. 
Wasn’t the first, never the last, 

Laying your hands, under my skin, 

Throwing my heart, into the sun, 

Burning our love, pretending we’re swell. 
Another day, another beating, 

Never crying, now planning, 

Under my hands, holding the knife, 

Into his heart, ending his life. 
Inside my cell, writing my notes, 

Thinking of him, ending our love, 

Violence our norm, broken our part, 

Questions arise, what’s it like on the other side? 
By Julius Fa 


A Beautiful Planet. 

Just close your eyes, and take a minute, 

Time won’t mind, a break you need it, 

A deep breath, to relax your muscles, 

Slow your heart beat, no need for rushing. 
Raise your eyes, and see the light, 

Dim your mind, no need for explaining, 

See true beauty, each sight a blessing, 

Allow a smile, no need for faking. 

We often think, our world is darker, 

We criticize each place, that bleeds, 

We forget the nature, now lost in war, 

We change the channel, our peace disturbed. 

We must surrender, the daily tenders, 

The need for more, regrets on call, 

We can not see, the riches at sea, 

We killed the land, despair our fun. 

I chose to change, this year won’t run, 

Ahead of me, the sights and sounds, 

A wonderful planet, prepared for all, 

Let’s take care of it, appreciate it more. 
By Julius Fa, 


I have regrets, of things long done, 

I said and did, the things I hid, 

Without much fear, or guilt in tears, 

I hurt myself, was I at fault? 
I made this bed, and here I lie, 

Afraid to risk, my pride is fixed, 

Beneath these sheets, the weight of sin, 

I close my eyes, and hear the rain. 
It’s cold outside, my youth returned, 

I’m now a boy, no stress but play, 

Each days a gift, more time well spent, 

Without a care, my joy complete. 
A simple mind, I have when young, 

No nine to five, no burden to bear, 

A friend or two, each laughter was bliss, 

But now alive, more time to reflect. 
By Julius Fa, 


Life Stacked Too High. 

I’ve raises the bar,  this year a car, 

In search of more, afraid of foes, 

It’s all to claim, I am so lame, 

I’ll make a change, each year the same. 
I want so much, but greed got lost, 

It left me here, without much hair, 

I’m too darn nice, to start a fight, 

To please man’s ears, I stand and stare. 
Forget your cares, it now or never, 

The days tick by, from dark then light, 

Too short to think, too stressed to bless, 

My mind a pilot, depression a danger. 

It’s for awhile, we tell the few, 

But they didn’t care, and life laid bare, 

Each rock a step, each climb I struggle, 

Into this sun, my quest for heaven. 
By Julius Fa, 


What Am I Really! 

What am I? This world seems lost, 

Opinions fly and people talk, 

But that’s all they do, talk! 

Thousands die each day, but no one mentions them. 

Journalists rave about the developed world, no care for the undeveloped plenty. 

It cost too much to care and act, better to silence their cries and let them die. 

Governments change daily but American’s all the world focused on. 

What good did Obama do? What dreams will Trump fulfill? 

Questions fill the air, answers buried in disguise. 

Ever wonder what the future holds? Nothing much cause your present being bold. 

From youth I’ve searched the skies, looking for a better tomorrow. Seems like today’s worth taking a chance on. 

Still questioning what am I truly, think better left to the faceless monsters to decide. 
Am still me my beloved few, but wait a second, who are you again? 

By Julius Fa,