My Voice

This may take awhile, trying to say what’s on my mind. Letting go of the cannot, and turning it into a can. I have a voice, so quiet it can be mistaken for a whisper. It is a humble voice that gently declares the words I wish to say, it isn’t a boastful voice that commands an audience to listen. Often feel my voice gets overlooked and within a group, I am given little existence. I dare not shout, because I fear the impact it had on others. I try to stand close to the listener, praying they hear my humble cry. Maybe it is a cry for help, but from whom and from where? Understanding the inside of myself, was never something I was good at. Just seems like a struggle for release and breaking free of the cages I built over so many a years. But still I have a voice, can you hear it?

By Julius Fa


Try Again

He knows this space, it’s called my home,
The crowded streets, the noisy horns,
The hassle and bustle, the need for more,
The weak don’t last, the rich don’t stay.

Why me again, this day in spring,
The bitter truth, my peace with sin,
He broke my heart, he left again,
You’d think I’d learn, it hurts so deep.

He cheated again, same woman, same shame,
Shattered my dreams, dirty my sheets,
Stolen my hope, broken our future,
Chasing only pleasure, kisses and treasures.

You did it before, longing for all,
I paid the price, stained like mice,
Claimed to love, me with flames,
Burning within, turning with lust.

Packed a bag, left your note,
Explaining your case, words I detect,
Looking for more, leaving my home,
Why do I care, he’s gone without fear.

By Julius Fa
©May 2022

Go For Launch

I see the clock, upon that wall,
It’s moving hands, reveals my chance,
No time to wait, make hast my waist,
Side steps the flocks, my focus now locked.

I’ll set the pace, and make them ace,
This life of one, all high and fun,
Too late to fail, twice lived in veins,
Hands high and wide, hope feels so real.

Sight starts to fade, just one more take,
Friends old and gone, age seems to bet,
Skin fralie and loose, face shaped like goose,
Cast love aside, take aim and pride.

All cause we did, youth like a treat,
Lived fast and wide, seek fame and bye,
Chase dreams within, time set to lift,
All good to launch, yourself indeed.

By Julius Fa

The Dream Above.

I have this dream, beyond our realm,
It’s full of light, with colours all bright,
It has no sound, and feels all round,
It’s above the skies, no birds or flies.

There is a chair, without a name,
It faces the west, or is it east,
There is no north, and south is gone,
The air is warm, this space so real.

The clouds are huge, vibrant and seen,
They hold no rain, but full of stars,
Each sparkle and shine, each star never dims,
The longer you gaze, the younger you are.

Within this dream, I do not age,
I am fifty-one, outside this realm,
I see this girl, take that seat,
The girl is me, I gazed too long.

By Julius Far
©March 2022

Look Away.

Its been too long, for me to stay,
I want no part, where art still lies,
The streets of youth, now old and cold,
This silent night, my walk for right.

I know this town, its peaks and tuffs,
The stain glass windows, its seats of power,
The lies men told, to keep their coal,
It stinks of guilt, they abused our youths.

We’ll keep it secrets, their hearts of greed,
They lived for money, they sinned for oil,
They run the governments, no tax to give,
The Panama papers showed it, hidden wealth they stole it.

A thousand shells, riddled with numbers,
The poor still died, hungry and naked,
The rich smiled on, stealing with innocence,
The good earth dying, they polluted us with their lying.

So look around, and smell the freedom,
The sun still shines, the news depressing,
Corporation still rule, the lives of many,
They call it social, but whoses watching their media?

By Julius Fa,

Feeling Inside

I feel wild and fearless, wanting to explore more the self within I have hidden for ages.

The freedom rider and brave warrior, never one to hide or turn away from opportunity and chance encounter.

The self that walks straight and talks transparently, never guarded or afraid to get hurt and speak ones mind.

The self that shares more love than can absolve, gives of all and never wanting anything back.

The self that would chase and hold Grace happily and never lets her go, the self that would tip her back wards and plant that long lingering deep French style kiss. Only to drawing breathe when needed.

The self that declares I am here, see me if you want but don’t curse me out nor plant your negative energy onto me.

I have this wild self inside…. Longing for that person to break it out.

By Julius Fa


I wasn’t ready.

It’s no one’s fault, but mine alone,

The trials of life, soon disappeared,

Alone at night, put fear aside,

The bitter facts, that all men lie,

A bold denial, my tears flow miles.

I ran so hard, this race called life,

I spread my wings, grew up too quick,

Surrounded by friends, from college to graduation,

I grabbed each opportunity firmly, both hands gripped tightly.

It happened at three, that weekend it rained,

We gathered to party, after weeks of working,

Invited to Camden, a jazz bar and restaurant,

We totaled eight, four men with their lies.

Drinks flowed from the bar, mastercard on tap,

Men flirted with danger, women lingered in laughter,

Dinner deliciously digested, jazz smoothed our souls,

Sexy atmosphere around us, pretty drunk I sounded.

My boss stuck to my side, his hands wearing his vows,

He planted his hands, upon my knees,

I wasn’t ready and froze, his lips planted a kiss,

My mind lost in confusion, my body seeking translation,

This kiss opened a chapter, his lips broken my walls,

Sadness crept inside me, anger turned on and bite me,

I pulled away from him, the slap was well deserved,

I grew up way to quick, this story, his kiss was not my click.

By Julius Fa

Just A Kid!

I’m just a kid, so they say,
I won’t understand, they always state,
Just let him be, their abandonment of me,
Give him time, to disappear no doubt.

You think us less, and treat us best,
You try to mould, our minds won’t rest,
You raised us up, from infant to teens,
You are the Home, we’ve always known.

But in our teens, we start to fight,
We bite and rage, unafraid of age,
We speak our minds, we show no care,
You lose control, and fear the trolls.

We have the future, within our palms,
From Facebook to Twitter, the world so large,
We see the evil, within ourselves,
We start to stress, life’s pressured to oppress.

It was not smart, to gift me a phone,
The pain of porn, the violence on YouTube,
The ugliness of Instagram, self harm on Tictok,
I cannot breathe, within my skin.

I’m just a kid, that broke too soon,
I learned to lie, took drugs to die,
I drank more alcohol, black eyes on ice,
Few cuts to prove it, online they love it.

I posted this photo, taken by Kelly,
It shows my good side, without the dramas,
The masses adore it, inside I hate it,
He’s a good kid, my mum declares it,
Shame we don’t talk, why won’t they HELP ME?

By Julius Fa

The Brave Ones

We are the brave, no badge to show it,
We rule the waves, life’s hard you know it,
Our names the same, just say and own it,
We won’t be cages, you wait we’ll fight it.

The world in rage, pandemic and change,
Governments panicked, laws rushed,
Millions fell, their future stolen,
The present frozen, mental health rising,
In God we trust, our hope in vaccination.

We need to adapt, no rapture in tax,
Economics stalled, billions on loans,
Revival in furlough, struggling to borrow,
Bills and hunger, food banks our saviour,
Boredom and caged, longing for sane.

Stay strong not lame, find fame not vein,
Some connected, via zoom,
Soon forgotten, their doom,
Silence angry, be still,
Violence rising , more gloom.

Can’t defeat me, I’m proud,
Fear released me, hope found,
Courage within me, I’ll stand,
Happiness becomes me, let’s smile,
Brave and free, I’ll see you at three.

By Julius Fa

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