I’m not witty enough to write a funny comment or successful enough to boast about my life. But at least I’m happy. I am easy going and love meeting people from around the world and the internet gives that advantage of meeting and keeping in touch with great people from wonderful countries. I also love writing.

22 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thanks Christina for your kind comment, glad you enjoyed the poem. Have a read of my other ones and feel free to comment. Will definitely read some of yours too. Take care. Julius

  1. HI there!
    You write pretty well! i Like it!
    you might as well like to check my blog on shrutitrivedi.wordpress.com!

  2. Second day in a row topic search brought me here.

    Think my search topic was Karma. Now instead of just doing a topic search I added your blog.

    You have a good blog julius

  3. Just stopping by to thank you for visiting my blog! I’m glad you ‘liked’ what you read there as much as I liked your poetry. Keep it up!

    All the good things to you!

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