A Hero To Him.


He had a dad, who drank too much,
Who fell down fast, and could not last,
He showed no love, to this his son,
Just took his time, and drank till nine.

He felt alone, in this here zone,
Without a dad, to show him how,
A harden life, he grew to know,
A bitter taste, of love unknown.

He picked him up, this dad he got,
To bed he laid, his simply shade,
In search of more, he wished and poured,
A single glass, of tears and hurt.

We did not see, this life he led,
Or hear the cries, he bleed with red,
For fear to show, the pain he’d known,
He hid away, the shame of home.

But do not judge, his fate with haste,
He’ll turn you round, without a sound,
A hero around, his life so bound,
To this his dad, whilst others found none.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

The Selfless Act.


Without a care, I met a deer,
Within these woods, I wore a hood,
The time was mid, at noon to you,
I had to act, without a mat.

You’ll question why, my mood was shy,
I took a jog, in woods of fog,
The sun came up, and cleared my rug,
With eyes renewed, the deer once stood,
In finest greens, its food to eat.

I made one noise, a grasp of air,
The deer jumped up, with fear lumped high,
It charged away, its horns in rays,
I turned and ran, on soils of sand.

It took a while, to find my style,
But at a tree, I smacked in three,
I fail down hard, without a mat,
On ground I sat, and ate my hat.

A selfless act, I can’t deny,
To lose my way, I cannot stay,
The deer my guide, without a slide,
And now alone, in need of clones.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

A Reflection Of Self.


What do you see? My humble friends,
A pet to stroke, within your home,
A second look, you’ll make again,
A tired lion, your eyes unfooled.

It aren’t that hard, to second guess,
To see it clear, yet complicated,
You know the answer, but stall in wonder,
A trick you think, you’re unconvinced.

You’ll name some places, I don’t require,
You stare with hungry, yet  uncontested,
With mirrors revealing, your doubt be leaving,
You still can answer, my question still festers.

It wasn’t a trick, I played today,
I muttered a question, you guttered in chatter,
“A reflection of life”, your answer compounds,
I flicker the thinker, a lion to be feed.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

A Kingdom Beyond!


Take this chance, and pause awhile,
See this place, and find your space,
Look not down, for up we go,
Life all new, around this mews.

Make your play, your prize awaits,
Can’t believe, your home was here,
What a view, my eyes confused,
Sun so fresh, our souls undress.

Light so bright, the mountains appear,
Sea so blue, the sharks are clear,
Sand so hot, our feet are tanned,
Food so good, you’ll go for more.

A world apart, beyond the seas,
Filled with beauty, rises in love,
Dawn shall carry, your hope with easy,
Now to render, your kingdom so splendor.

By Julius Fa
(c) Sept 2011

I Read You Wrong!

Stake your game, forget your fame,
Seek no pain, just go plain,
Think no gain, once insane,
Look not round, what’s been found,
Stake or play, what’s your game?

Think aloud, not so proud,
Life in vein, once your dame,
Weak as sin, wild as rain,
Can’t go wrong, time too strong,
Stake a chance, break a dance.

Stack it high, make it right,
Hands surprise, fate reserved,
Will he win, count his kin,
Cards or cash, lead with ash,
Build hope high, light as flies.

House see red, dark as Fred,
Ace so high, dry as rye,
Take your loot, free from steal,
Life to right, bright as white,
Fame your game, all the same.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

The World As Changed.


The world as changed, and I’m still here,
Lives undone, and hope so frail,
The air so smog, our lungs can’t breathe,
No purity in drinking, the water so foul.

The rich are bored, the poor still cry,
For nations collapse, and nature is punished,
Many lives are lost, many angels rise,
With faith we pray, better days we seek.

The brave lay low, the proud won’t speak,
With riots and fire, their anger unleashed,
The law looked on, our cells all booked,
But did they ask, what madness caused this?

But on we march, my friends of few,
A life lived well, is all we cooked,
No passion in thinking, only joy in hours,
For time can’t give, what time’s not got,
To God I trust, His Love our all.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

An island so beautiful.


My wonderful friend sent me this as she walked around her island.

A Question Asked?


Where do we stand in a world so tough? The hungry still starve, the rich get richer.

The Words We Speak!

I’ll lead them north, behind the sun,
I’ll feed them sin, they’ll know no rest,
They’ll fight their best, against our worse,
The world will grasp, my way will rule.

I am their leader, these fools my soldiers,
We raid all towns, without a sound,
We’ll rain down bullets, against their tulips,
They’ll harvest metal, we’ll sing to petals.

I’ll work them hard, with grains of sand,
They’ll feel the rot, of soot and mud,
Their face will mend, the case they send,
No victory in crying, only glory in flying.

On we marched, against the right,
I heard no sounds, I turned and found,
Behind me stood, no face or race,
I killed them all, with words so small.

By Julius Fa
© 2011

I Need Your Help?

Like the way, your make me feel,
Love the smile, you shine at me,
Can’t resist, the love you show,
Won’t give up, on us this day.

Years have past, but we still young,
Things have changed, our love still strong,
Friends have gone, but am still here,
Needs have changed, our hope held high.

A friends I am, to you my Grace,
For long I’ve held, my love inside,
I can’t reveal, for fear holds on,
The truth within, my heart so frail.

My days are bright, when spent with you,
Our troubles are weaken, when shared in two,
For grief absconds, when am around,
And life renews, when close we stay.

So now I ask, my readers today,
What say you all, about my case,
True love reveal, upon my lips,
Or save our friendship, and hold thy tongue.

By Julius Fa
© 2011