Top Of The World.



I told the world, I have the Word,

It’s full of life, I have the light,

Around the sight, the climb by right,

I’ll stay my ground, you claim the fight.


The skies will turn, the sounds will run,

The joy of kings, the beauty of queens,

The news will come, the fun will stop,

Prepare to fly, stand clear for some.


You see the world, with eyes of fear,

I see the world, with hope and stare,

Around the top, I’ll scale the heights,

Free at last, my heart rejoices.


By Julius Fa

© 2014

My Case.


I state my case, around this place,
Full of face, in search of ace,
A place to stay, in fields of hay,
Behold my space, keep up your pace.

Fresh water installed, a nature insured,
Take rest to drink, stop faking your haste,
Dark thoughts arise, gentle steps awake,
Visions appear, mountain awake.

Objections declared, hope now clear,
Seeing is believing, thinking with reasoning,
Looking at treason, writing my feelings,
Stating my case, pleading with race.

By Julius Fa