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Just Saying.

It’s good to question and ask the few,

Each word you use, reflects your thoughts,

What wisdom you draw, sends hints of your kingdom,

You express and demand, no answer will you command,

Human nature isn’t a game, human minds aren’t your fame,

Stay close and watch, no peace on earth.

Just gravity and fragility, just saying you are not smart.

By Julius Fa


Just Saying

What’s It Like? 

What’s it like, on the other side?

Didn’t you hurt, when doves dies, 

Couldn’t you lie, when ears stood, 

Ringing my phone, when nightfalls. 
Never the pain, always the same, 

Hitting my veins, healing your pride, 

Longing for calm, inside your head, 

Drawing my blood, silencing my screams. 
Wasn’t the first, never the last, 

Laying your hands, under my skin, 

Throwing my heart, into the sun, 

Burning our love, pretending we’re swell. 
Another day, another beating, 

Never crying, now planning, 

Under my hands, holding the knife, 

Into his heart, ending his life. 
Inside my cell, writing my notes, 

Thinking of him, ending our love, 

Violence our norm, broken our part, 

Questions arise, what’s it like on the other side? 
By Julius Fa 



I have regrets, of things long done, 

I said and did, the things I hid, 

Without much fear, or guilt in tears, 

I hurt myself, was I at fault? 
I made this bed, and here I lie, 

Afraid to risk, my pride is fixed, 

Beneath these sheets, the weight of sin, 

I close my eyes, and hear the rain. 
It’s cold outside, my youth returned, 

I’m now a boy, no stress but play, 

Each days a gift, more time well spent, 

Without a care, my joy complete. 
A simple mind, I have when young, 

No nine to five, no burden to bear, 

A friend or two, each laughter was bliss, 

But now alive, more time to reflect. 
By Julius Fa, 


What Am I Really! 

What am I? This world seems lost, 

Opinions fly and people talk, 

But that’s all they do, talk! 

Thousands die each day, but no one mentions them. 

Journalists rave about the developed world, no care for the undeveloped plenty. 

It cost too much to care and act, better to silence their cries and let them die. 

Governments change daily but American’s all the world focused on. 

What good did Obama do? What dreams will Trump fulfill? 

Questions fill the air, answers buried in disguise. 

Ever wonder what the future holds? Nothing much cause your present being bold. 

From youth I’ve searched the skies, looking for a better tomorrow. Seems like today’s worth taking a chance on. 

Still questioning what am I truly, think better left to the faceless monsters to decide. 
Am still me my beloved few, but wait a second, who are you again? 

By Julius Fa, 


Bringing Light.


Bring me your masses, frightened with cases,
Hungry and bold, wondering in cold,
Walking for miles, searching for peace,
Weary and heavy, dangers await them.

Hundreds have crossed, thousands have died,
Children of light, playing with dice,
Prayers unite, darkness their sight,
Crowded in boats, where is their rights?

They couldn’t predict, waves that dip,
Under the boat, hundreds unfold,
Into the sea, sinking with ease,
Screams for help, linger then silent.

I won’t forget, the visions of horror,
Bodies amassed, floating like rice,
Death delights, hundreds denied,
Freedom from wars, peaceful at last.

By Julius Fa,

Finding Love.


There is a place, that’s filled with lace,
A taste of love, inside with doves,
The grass is greener, the air much cleaner,
It’s littered with hope, so loosen your woes.

I won’t disgrace, this place of face,
It holds much truth, without a case,
I’ll share with you, the stories of love,
Just lend a ear, your heart won’t fear.

The few will doubt, this heart I wear,
They failed to see, the tears it leaks,
I’ve felt much pain, they curse the rain,
It’s not their fault, they’re blind inside.

The sun now sets, with strength to return,
I sit and watch, am blessed with all,
Just trust and stay, you won’t regret,
A taste indeed, you smile with ease.

By Julius Fa